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Asylum chapter 1 Asylum , meaning Asylum , genre Asylum , book cover Asylum , flies Asylum , Asylum fbe2c59da98cd A US Horror Chart Best Seller Voted On The Horror Novel Review S Top Novels Of A Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner Blackwater Heights Is A Building With A Long Dark History, Some Of It Is Well Known But Is Shrouded In Myth And Legend None So Than That Of Its Founding Father Horace WhiskerMartin Parcell Is An Ex Journalist With Shattered Dreams Of An Author S Career Sidelined Through A Car Crash S Injuries, He Finds Himself Forced Through Governmental Austerity Measures Having To Take A Custodians Position At A Private Mental Health Hospital A Writer With Undoubted Talent, But An Author Without A StoryHe Begins His New Job Deep In Depression And Drowning Under Waves Of His Lost Dreams On His First Night He Meets Jimmy, His Elderly Supervisor Who Has Spent Most Of His Life Within The Hospital Walls Jimmy Is Nearing Retirement Age And Desperate To Rest His Weary Bones Jimmy Offers Martin A Way Out For Both Of Them, Access To The Background Histories And Stories Of The Hospital S Patients A Collection Of Tales From The Darkly Disturbed Minds Of The Residents Of Blackwater HeightsAs The Long Night Unwinds, Martin Finds Himself Deeply Troubled As The Tales Unfold Before Him And Threaten To Drag Him Down Into Their Insanity

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    Asylum by Matt Drabble is an excellent collection of short dark fiction The wrapper for the stories reminds me a bit of a Night Gallery episode or something from an old school radio theater show I sometimes struggle with short story collections, because inevitably I am disappointed with a few of the stories not so with Matt s latest There is not one sour grape in the bunch Each one of the 13 stories grabs you from the get go and will keep you turning pages long into the night.So, take a tour of the asylum, with Matt as your guide, you will not be disappointed with the tales that are contained within.I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy of this book from the author and am happy to report that Matt gets better and better with each work and he has indeed become a writer to look out for.

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    First, what I liked about the book I really liked the way the stories were weaved into one tale I like a short story in a magazine, but rarely buy a collection because the stories tend to be disjointed from one another These stories were different ish from one to the next, but they were linked together by the sub plot Well played There were two big things I didn t like about this book I had the end pegged at about chapter three Bummer Worse than that, however, was the lack of a professional editor not just proofing, actual editing This is my biggest pet peeve about any self published work, and this book was no exception Using the same descriptor four times in the same short paragraph is not interesting Klunky transitions are not interesting Weird syntax is not interesting It s all distracting Your mom, spouse, friend, and English professor may all be telling you they love your bookand I m sure they dobut do not rely on them to edit your work.I may have rated 3 or 3.5 stars had I not been so distracted by the lack of editing.

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    After reading Gated, by the same author, I became an instant fan I love Matt Drabble s writing and find him to be reminiscent of Bentley Little and Richard Laymon His narrative is laid back and flows effortlessly, dragging you into his story and forcing you to feel something for each one of his characters, whether that emotion is positive or negative.I was pleased to be able to watch the creation of this collection take place and I know there is not one dud story among them Every story is original and individual Each story shows that Drabble can turn his hand to literally every genre, although every tale will make you feel as if you ve just entered the Twilight Zone The story which interlinks all the other stories is very cleverly done and creepy as hell This is sure to be as big a hit as Gated and no doubt will garner a whole new set of fans for Drabble.

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    Perhaps closer to 3.5 If you enjoyed the portmanteau films of companies such as Amicus in the 70s then this book will be just your cup of tea In fact the framing narrative is similar to the Robert Bloch scripted film also called Asylum The stories are nicely varied mixing supernatural with just plain sociopathic There are two problems with the book in my opinion first there are some very jarring word choices that break the suspension of disbelief, the book reads like an American trying to do British and it took me a while to realise that the problem is actually a Briton trying to write the UK for the US reader and it doesn t work, and second, and far important, the proof reading is appalling The book is littered with words which have passed the smell checker but are quite clearly not the right word for the sentence and this gets very irritating.

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    I was asked to review a story, not the whole book But after reading this one story.I will definitely read the whole book soon I read the story Finders Not Keepers It begins with an archeological team finding a tomb to be around 3,800 years old Well It all goes downhill from there When people start dyingbut not from the tomb, or the mummy they foundwell could be the mummy You got a crazy story I have never been a real fan of horror But this story is well written and intriguing For horror fansthis book is for you

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    Tales From the CryptFourteen stories in the vein of Tales from the Crypt or Creepshow All are decently written and varied enough to keep the pace and mood fresh If you are okay with reading stories written intentionally or not with a twist ending that you ll see coming halfway through, then it s worth a read.

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    Predictable stories but original way to link them.All the tales are the same pretty much and seems like the edition of this book is very cheap.Probably is just a teen mystery horrorBut I have big hopes in the writer.

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    Asylum 13 Tales of Terror by Matt Drabble is 13 tales of terror inside a tale of terror Asylum is a very interesting concept Matt Drabble starts his story by introducing Martin Parcell, the new assistant janitor at Blackwater Heights, a spooky looking old private mental health clinic Martin was reporting for his first shift a night shift, of course on his first job since he was seriously injured in an automobile accident 14 months earlier Just driving up the desolate, lonely road to Blackwater Heights was creeping him out, as he reflected over the circumstances which had derailed his intended journalism career He had to keep reminding himself to press down on the accelerator, because subconsciously his foot kept easing up, hoping to delay his arrival at the old, brooding structure Eventually, though, he found himself inside the building, in the company of Jimmy, the other janitor Jimmy was a real talker He liked to talk about the various residents of the clinic He told Martin there were 13 residents, and each one had his own story Martin thought to himself, maybe there s a book in this job after all He asked Jimmy to tell him the stories, so Jimmy took him to each room, one at a time, and told the story of the poor demented soul inside Martin took careful notes.Matt Drabble is a master storyteller himself Each of the 13 Tales of Terror is one of the stories from the 13 residents, all tied together with a brief bit of dialogue between the two janitors Some of the short stories are very creepy all of them are very good And, of course, what s a spooky story without a surprise ending Matt is faithful to that tenet, too, as is any good horror writer Asylum 13 Tales of Terror is an exceptionally captivating book If you enjoy having the spit scared out of you, you will definitely like this book I highly recommend it for all fans of the Horror genre.

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    Stories I liked okay Picking Up Strangers maybe it was obvious, but I didn t guess the ending at allNo Strings Attached it reminded me of a Twilight Zone episodeStories I disliked the most The VoiceMethod Acting Dish of the Day to be honest I was going to put this in the neutral category but I realized I have way too many questions about the story Also I guessed what the dish was just from the title which actually isn t a negative for me, though I know it would be for some people.To be honest, every other story including the main wraparound one I could probably find things I liked and disliked My main issue was that a lot of the stories had the same basic premise person is mean and cruel towards others or worse and then someone a group something punishes them in some way This only works for me if the person really, really deserves what s happening to them, the other person people thing is at least somewhat sympathetic or likeable, or preferably both Also I felt like a lot of the stories had the same ending I m keeping this spoiler free so I won t say what the ending was To be fair there were different variations on the theme, so it s not like the stories had the exact same ending Although with one story, Night Class, the ending caused me to change my view from like to neutral Though maybe that s because it was the last story in the book, and perhaps I would have liked it if I d read it earlier

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    Asylum 13 Tales of Terror is about a man named Martin who is starting his new job as a custodian at a mental health facility He is being trained by an older guy named Jimmy and, after Jimmy discovers that Martin is a writer, he suggests that Martin write a book about the residents I like that the short stories are part of the main story After each resident s tale, it goes back to the present where Jimmy gives Martin information about them and we get to see Martin s reaction and learn about things I really enjoyed that format and it worked well.My favorite stories were No Strings Attached and The Devil s Music No Strings Attached is about a poor kid who works at a toy store It could be an episode of Tales from the Crypt or a show like it The Devil s Music is about a teenage devil worshipper who plays guitar in a metal band Sure it s a clich , but Paul is a fun character and the last line is funny.Unfortunately, there were some editing issues and a lot of the stories, including the main one, were predictable It was still an enjoyable read, but it s not something that I would read again 3.5 5 stars

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