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    Hailey she s a blunt person, I found him in bed with my friend, I explained bluntly You Bennett is an honest guy, a cocky one but honest, it s not nearly fast enough, he growled I ve wanted you since I was sixteen He also doesn t hide the fact that he s a vampire, a vampire will only bite the woman he s going to spend his life with, he said quietly I m not going to let you go Your blood is mixed with mine, you belong to me So possessive Giles he s an a and I m kinda glad he got what was coming to him, why, I m going to rid the world of your who Then, I m going after the who Devlin mated with What an a He s also very picky of what his woman wears out of the house, I didn t seduce you You wore the black leather I had to help you change He is oh so helpful I do love this series these books are a quick fun read, that you can easily read while standing in a long a line for coffee or something.

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    Hailey just went through a breakup and like any other girl wants to stay home and curl up on the couch but her best friend has other ideas of going out and having fun She runs into an old classmate who just happens to be a copand a vampire What could be safer He has been in love with her since HS and has no intentions of letting her go this time, but with vampire hunters chasing him can he really keep her safe This book was another guilty pleasure with hot sex and true love A great twist on your ordinary vampire story I would recommend it to anyone.

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    Lana is just delightfulwhat a timid but strong woman to get to know She maybe be dealing with some heartache, but the cure may come from a source she never saw coming Cole, oh YUMMM , he is just super alpha maleness on legs The bump into one another at a club, well out side of the club, and he comes to her rescue from the cold and A very cute and sexy romance of second chances and reuniting friendships Great continuation to the series and would love to see come from this story line vamplove oneclick mustread series

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Once Bitten (The Hunted, #2) download Once Bitten (The Hunted, #2) , read online Once Bitten (The Hunted, #2) , kindle ebook Once Bitten (The Hunted, #2) , Once Bitten (The Hunted, #2) 12a758e8dbd7 Hailey Has Just Broken Up With The Jerk And Is Finding Her Way Again As A Newly Single Woman While Out With A Friend In A Bar, She Wants To Just Go Home And Curl Up With An Episode Of Stargate SG While Waiting For A Cab, She S Offered A Ride From An Old Classmate, Bennett Wilmont He S Even A Cop Now What Could Be Safer Their Chance At Happiness Is Endangered When She Realizes That Bennett Is On The Radar Of Vampire Hunters And They Will Do Anything Get To HimBennett Has Wanted Her For Years Since They Were High School Together Now, ONCE BITTEN, He Knows He Wants Her Forever But Will The Vampire Hunters Allow Them Their Happiness, Or Will The Danger Drive Them Apart