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A Killing of Angels (Alice Quentin, #2) chapter 1 A Killing of Angels (Alice Quentin, #2) , meaning A Killing of Angels (Alice Quentin, #2) , genre A Killing of Angels (Alice Quentin, #2) , book cover A Killing of Angels (Alice Quentin, #2) , flies A Killing of Angels (Alice Quentin, #2) , A Killing of Angels (Alice Quentin, #2) 719d60e08c2ea The First Death Looked Like A Suicide But Someone Had Tucked A Picture Of An Angel And A Handful Of White Feathers Into The Banker S Pocket Before Pushing Him In Front Of A Tube A Killer Is Stalking The Square Mile, An Avenging Angel Intent On Punishment But Why These Victims What Were Their Sins Psychologist Alice Quentin Swore She D Never Get Involved With Police Work Again Her Duty Is To The Living, Not The Dead But She Owes Detective Don Burns A Favour, And When He Comes Begging For Help, How Can She Refuse In Order To Find The Murderer, Alice And Don Must Dig Deep Into The Toxic Heart Of The City A Place Where Money Means Than Life, And No One Can Be Counted Innocent

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    This will be the last Quentin book I will bother to read which is too bad as the author has great plots Her characterizations are two dimensional and her main character is basically a nitwit She has a crazy drug addicted brother who she constantly enables She has a carping, frigid mother who spends her time constantly criticizing and blaming everything the Quentin does So instead of dealing with this she forces herself every two weeks to meet with her mother so that she can get blamed for everything that is wrong in the world, in her mother s and brother s lives This is just not normal She is not great therapist as in each book she is either too hot, too cold, too hung over, too sick, too bored, too headachy, too injured or just too busy with her personal police life to give a rat s ass about her patients She managed to get beat up, shot, knifed in every book and after being attacked her first reaction is to go for a run by herself while the attacker is still after her Still not normal What she needs is a ten year stay in a good institution with an excellent shrink that can deal with her manifold emotional and mental problems What I would like to see in the next book is for her to be killed in the first chapter while out running Lola becomes so incensed by this she takes over helping Burns discover the real killer who turns out to be one of Quentin s patients who is fed up with being ignored and having his sessions cancelled.In the end she joins the police force She is by far the most interesting entertaining character and I think she would be a dynamite detective This author has great ideas and great plots pity she has such a lousy protagonist PS Also Will will die of an overdose and her mother falls off one of her cruise shops and drowns leaving all her money to help abused women and children flee their spouses.

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    This is a 3.5 star book rounded up I liked the setting, many familiar places from my times in London with my husband and our family I liked the angel angle Loss of stars for therapist going back to work too soon, and doing too much, she is a danger to herself and her clients It was what I think of as the idjeet factor , writer creates intelligent, strong character, then has her do idiotic dangerous things for sake of plot Not organic, full of artificial motivations circumstances I enjoyed it less than the first book, but am forgiving enough to try next in series once my mild irritation passes My husband flew through it, apparently women throwing themselves into dangerous situations before they have recovered from previous dangerous encounters bothers him less.

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    Series Ratings Crossbones Yard

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    A half decent story set in a really quite bad book.The story was engaging enough to make me read to the end, but it did end up being a bit skimmy.Positives setting up an unusual MO for the crime, and creating a connection, whilst slightly misleading us on the core motive.The main protagonist, Alice, seems quite real and well fleshed out most of the time.Negatives Alice has a medical degree and works as a psychologist but doesn t seem to understand the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist As I wrote in my review of Crossbones Yard, all the real psychologists in Guys Psychology department are graduates in psychology or related subjects eg sports science There are several instances where a comment in thrown in that is supposed to make us see Alice as some sort of misfit eg she doesn t like bouquets, she doesn t like the hairdressers But they seem contrived The other characters are largely not believable Lola is just an Act, entirely self centred and self serving but somehow kind We have two instances of Alice rocking up at parties and instantly being treated as best buddies by someone who would instinctively distrust her Andrew, and then Sophie and Louise It didn t ring true.I half liked that it had a sense of place, but then it got really annoying, as if the writer was determined to show how much she knew of every wharf, restaurant and backstreet round Bermondsey and Rotherhithe There were these sidebar explanations that seemed contrived or forced, and reeked of tell, don t show just one randomly I felt a pang of guilt as I abandoned them in the rubbish bin, but it was part of my coping mechanism Fairly innocuous in itself but this sort of thing kept cropping up.There were too many pauses in the action so that the author could insert some post hoc research just to show she d done some Googling But, unfortunately, just as she didn t understand the difference between psychiatrist and psychologist, she also was really quite vague about city finance Conversely, she seemed bogged down in police procedure, again wanting to show how much she d garnered from police officer friend, it didn t ring true.And the climax is sort of great and also entirely implausible It s rendered possible by the contrived meeting at a party, but it lacks credibility Alice wasn t able to contact Burns on his personal phone number, so, rather than dialling 999 and waiting for the might of the Met, she thought she d charge into a suspected murder scene alone Because that s what every pretend psychologist does, right And just to cap it all she drove to West London, Burns gave her a lift back to the police station at St Pancras, and she got in her car at St Pancras in order to drive home As I say, the actual story is pretty decent, but I got increasingly annoyed at how bad the writing was I had my doubts after the first in the series, but, following this, I have no desire to continue with the rest Book no 3 is a reasonable 3.49 on Kindle, but book 4 and the upcoming one are both priced at 9.99, which is beyond a joke for what is essentially ephemeral disposable fiction.

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    I like the novel but it felt at times to be about the main character than the actual crime itself.She the character does get a little angst y at times and that distracts me from the flow of the plot.I would have liked it if there was actually exposition of the crime and less interior monologue.

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    It was lovely to find a contemporary crime author who is simply a fine writer at the end of last year, and it wasn t too long after finishing he first novel, Crossbones Yard, that I ordered this, her second.The opening scene is perfectly executed.A man is waiting for his train home on the London Underground The platform is crowded, and he is pleased that he is at the front of the crowd, that he will be one of the first to board the next train He can t react when he feels a hand near his pocket, but he is pleased that he had the wisdom to keep his wallet in his inside pocket, leaving nothing for the pickpocket to find But then he is pushed, hard, from behind and he falls onto the line, in the path of an oncoming train.It might have been assumed to be suicide, or a horrible action, but the man survives, horribly mutilated, for long enough to say that he was pushed And a postcard, reproducing a painting of and angel, and several white feathers are found in his pocket..The investigation falls to Don Burns Twelve months on from events at Crossbones Yard his personal life has suffered, and he has been transferred, to work for a boss who doesn t want him and with an ambitious and resentful assistant who had wanted Don s job It wasn t a good situation, but it was horrible believable.Don asked Alice Quentin, as psychologist who was also licenced to work as a forensic psychologist, to consult on the case She didn t really want to get involved, but she felt that she owed Don a favour, and she could see that he needed someone in his corner.There were murders and the link was clear the victims were all closely linked with the Angel Bank, the most successful, the notorious bank in the City of London.Alice could build a profile, she could use a friend who worked with the Angel bank, and her new boyfriend who had connections there, to find things out But the killer seemed to be uncatchable.The story follows Alice as she works with the police, meeting and evaluating key figures as she carries out her other professional duties, especially the case of a troubled young man who may have become a little too attached to her and as life goes on, supporting her bipolar brother, managing her difficult mother, being encouraged to be a little sociable by her wonderful Lola, and running through the streets of London, to prepare for a marathon and to leave the stresses of daily life behind.She s a wonderful, three dimensional character, and I was pleased to see her character growing a little There was a setback though, and I do hope that her creator won t let her get trapped in a loop Or become one of these superwomen, who always knows especially when the rest of the world thinks otherwise and who has to go that extra mile, and put herself in danger, to sort out every last thing herself I can t say that s a problem yet, but two books in I ve seen a couple of things repeat that I hope won t be the start of a continuing pattern.What I did appreciate is that Alice s personal life was the backdrop, rather than the main story The balance was right, and that is something that goes wrong far too often in crime fiction series.The characterisation of the city and its people was wonderful And the story was compelling There was a startling twist near the end, then a wonderful red herring, and the end itself and the identity of the killer was a complete surprise It made sense, and, though I do have one or two unanswered questions, I do think that they are answerable.And now I think about it the plot worked beautifully, with my only real issue being the authors occasional use of crime fiction clich Some crime writers need them, but crime writers who write as well and understand psychology as well as Kate Rhodes don t Though it didn t spoil the story at all.And now I m eagerly anticipating the next story

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    A Killing of Angels is the second book in the Alice Quentin series but I have previously read the others in the series You can see my review for the latest in the series, A River of Souls on the 18th June This is a now a must read series for me, and one that I very highly recommend In A River of Souls a killer is stalking the Square Mile, killing bankers and leaving behind a mysterious calling card, becoming known as the Avenging Angel Alice s expertise is called upon by the police to help them solve this quite mystifying case Bankers are assumed to be a shady bunch, the majority of the public having a dislike for them but still, murder is murder and Alice must use her knowledge as a psychologist to somehow build a profile of the kind of person that could be carrying out these murders, the calling card giving off the air of somebody with great intelligence but the sometimes brutal manner of the murders giving the air that it is personal Kate Rhodes writes in a way that certainly keeps you guessing, and has enough going on in the story to make sure the twists come when you least expect them There s a brilliant atmospheric edge to Kate s stories, and I always love seeing London through her eyes because she completely brings it to life in her writing warts and all Alice Quentin is such a brilliant character to read about In A Killing of Angels she is still damaged from the previous case, and part of me wishes I could climb into the book and warn her about what s to come in the future, but then that would make the other two books pretty boring Alice is reluctant to take on the case and once again help the police out, but the somewhat enigmatic and this time around physically different detective Don Burns is difficult for Alice to say no to and she soon finds herself having to juggle her job as a psychologist, her bipolar brother and her work for the police It was interesting to see this almost less confident Alice, somebody who actually makes mistakes, but still as that person who will always go that extra mile for those that she cares about I really enjoy witnessing crime and the way she goes about solving crime through Alice s eyes as a psychologist I think it can sometimes be difficult for an author to achieve that balance between the actual story of the book, and the continuing development of our main character with those scenes of normality but Alice Quentin is a character I actually care about and so those scenes where she s away from the case with best friend Lola, her brother, or just at home by herself add real depth to the story itself because they really give the reader a greater understanding and a real sense of the type of person that Alice is, which ultimately serves to make sure we are with her every step of the way when things get tough or when she once again finds her life in danger A River of Souls doesn t disappoint, and I m so glad that I have already read the other books in the series as having to wait to read the next after this one would have been torturous If you are yet to discover this author or series than I recommend you do so straightaway.

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    Alice Quentin, a psychologist, is back in A Killing of Angels, the second book in this series, the first being Crossbones Yard.In the middle of a stifling summer in London a banker from Angel Bank is killed, and with his body is found a white feather and a picture of an angel Detective Inspector Don Burns, now in a new position following his previous case, calls on Alice for assistance in profiling the killer as he fears the perpetrator is not going to stop at one killing he is right Alice is reluctant what happened previously had put her off working with the police, but Don Burns is persuasive, and she relents.This book is firmly rooted in the banking crisis where money means than life The pictures of angels also introduces the reader to renaissance art, the juxtaposition of biblical angels with modern aspects of the media is exceptionally well executed which just adds a feeling of reality to the complexity of the plot Kate Rhodes handles the pace of the book with aplomb The twists are brutal and compelling Alice s personal life living with her bi polar brother gives the story a domestic edge as the realities of her relationship with her mother and brother are explored without detracting from the main plot As well as her work with the police Alice has a case load of patients which just adds to her stress levels which she relieves by running through London There is no doubt in the books setting, the author brings the streets of London to life with her descriptions.This is a very satisfying sequel where the protagonist is struggling with the aftermath of the previous case The change is noticeable and it is interesting to have a story arc where events have a profound effect on the character, this isn t the case for Alice and she makes some errors of judgement which to me only served to feel that she is real I am looking forward to the next in this series, The Winter Foundlings published later this month.

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    A Killing of Angels is the second book in the Alice Quentin series from Kate Rhodes, stupidly I missed the first, that being Crossbones Yard but that is an error I shall rectify shortly.In this instalment, Alice, a psychologist, is once again asked by the police to consult on the case of a killer this killer is targeting banking executives from a very particular bank As Alice sorts out the truth from the lies she may well place herself in very real danger Even though I had not met Alice in her previous incarnation I grew fond of her really quickly it certainly caused me no issues whatsoever that I had missed the first novel in the series there are mentions in this story to give me enough information without actually giving anything away that would spoil it So I quickly settled into this intriguing crime mystery.Alice is a great protagonist to follow flawlessly flawed is how I would like to describe her her life may be messy but her work ethic most certainly is not Surrounded by a great cast of supporting characters, the story ebbs and flows, throwing the odd red herring into the mix before finally resolving itself in a most satisfactory way.We all know I love my crime fiction well this is definitely a great addition to the genre I hope for many adventures for Alice, a character who is aptly named as she tends to drop down all the nearest rabbit holes to find some rather twisted individuals Kate Rhodes has now been added to my must read list and as soon as time allows I shall head back and investigate the origins of Alice and co.Happy Reading Folks

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    The first death looked like a suicide But someone had tucked a picture of an angel and a handful of white feathers into the banker s pocket before pushing him in front of a Tube A killer is stalking the Square Mile, an avenging angel intent on punishment But why these victims What were their sins Psychologist Alice Quentin swore she d never get involved with police work again Her duty is to the living, not the dead But she owes detective Don Burns a favour, and when he comes begging for help, how can she refuse In order to find the murderer, Alice and Don must dig deep into the toxic heart of the City A place where money means than life, and no one can be counted innocent.This is the second book in the series featuring psychologist Alice Quentin and I cannot say enough good things about it I thought the first book in the series, Crossbones Yards, was good but this one is even better The thing that impresses me most is her portrayal of people suffering from mental illness In this book we have her brother Will who is bi polar and also one of her patients, Darren, who has anger problems and also other issues which are brought forth later in the narrative Her descriptions of their actions are totally realistic All her secondary characters are well fleshed out and very believable The mystery itself is well plotted out and the book moves along at a brisk pace I thought the ending was quite clever and I really didn t see it coming The only other thing I can say is, go out and get this book You will not be disappointed.

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