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Crackers (Brown Thrasher Books) summary Crackers (Brown Thrasher Books), series Crackers (Brown Thrasher Books), book Crackers (Brown Thrasher Books), pdf Crackers (Brown Thrasher Books), Crackers (Brown Thrasher Books) b184cc81c6 Have You Ever Asked Yourself, Am I Southern If Not Geographically, Then Deep Down, At Heart Or, If I Am Not Southern Myself, Do I Know People Who Are Southern, Whom I Misunderstand Is There Some Authority I Should Consult Crackers Without This Book, You Will Just Flail Around In The Shallows Of Southernity, With Nothing Solid To Hold Onto Roy Blount Jr Puts You In Touch With Possums, Heterosexist Dancing, People Named Junior, A Two Headed Four Armed Three Legged Gospel Singing Man, Your Feelings About The Carter Administration These Specifics Take You Out Into The DepthsAs A Character In Crackers Puts It, I Don T Read Books About The South, But I Read Southern Books Hoooo, People Stealing One Another S Wooden Legs, Setting Fires, Making Tarbabies Out Of One Another Crackers Is A Southern Book

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    This book is dated by the time frame and material that it covers Saying that it was still a good read and brought laughter from me If you lived through the Jimmy Carter years then you will enjoy this book and if you are to young to remember those days you will need the computer near by to look up who many of the people are he talks about I still recommend the book as it is a really funny and revealing book about a lost time in American history.

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    I recently reread this early book by one of my favorite humor writers, and enjoyed it much this time around than I did when I first read it years ago It originally appeared during Jimmy Carter s presidency, and can seen as Blount s attempt to explain the South, Jimmy Carter, and Billy Carter to the rest of the country It s somewhat dated at this point we ve come a long way in terms of race and prejudice against Southerners since the 1970 s but Blount s insights and story telling ability make it still worth reading.

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    Funny and Crazy If you want to laugh, this is one thing which WILL make you laugh

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