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No More Tears (The Dead Trilogy, #3) quotes No More Tears (The Dead Trilogy, #3) , litcharts No More Tears (The Dead Trilogy, #3) , symbolism No More Tears (The Dead Trilogy, #3) , summary shmoop No More Tears (The Dead Trilogy, #3) , No More Tears (The Dead Trilogy, #3) b027a56f Third Book In The Dead Trilogy There Are Bad People On Both Sides Of The Law Those So Hungry For Victory That They Will Trample On Anyone To Achieve It SOCO, Roger Conniston, Always Believed In The Law Not Now Though Now He Believes Only In Himself He Has Business With People Who Have No Right Being Alive, And If Success Costs Him Everything They Left Him With, He Ll Happily Pay For Him, This Is A Journey Into Places He Didn T Know Existed, Encountering People So Violent And Determined That He Almost Weakens The Question Facing Roger Is How Far Dare You Go Old Enemies And New Ones Backstab And Double Cross Each Other To Get To Roger But Among Them Are Those Too Greedy To Realise That Gaining Their Goal Will Ultimately Kill Them Deceit, Friendship, Greed, And Honour, Are All Played Out In The Concluding Episode Of The Dead Trilogy

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    This fantastic book is the third in Andrew Barrett s Dead trilogy Not for the squeamish, it includes corpses, maimings, bent coppers and murderous ambition but also love, loyalty and steadfast friendship The author brilliantly describes the raging hollowness of bereavement and the surging anger of the longing for revenge The leading character in the series is a Scene of Crime Officer, the author s own profession, so the work carries conviction and authenticity There s dark humour here and a deep understanding of human nature.The writing is powerful, the dialogue gritty and uncompromising This book has everything you could want from the crime thriller genre and is a fitting climax to an unforgettable trilogy I am very impressed with Andrew Barrett s work and will make sure I read of it Excellent

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    Third book in the Dead Trilogy All three books can be read as stand alone books, but I would recommend reading them one straight after the other I read this book straight after Stealing Edgar and enjoyed it all the for doing it.Roger is a Scenes Of Crime Officer, and a supervisor He has become entangled in a vicious gang, trying to bring them to justice with evidence, but the endeavour has become very personal.He is hindered by incompetent seniors, both Police Officer and Civilian I love the characters, good and bad There is a wry humour and detailed and accurate SOCO descriptions, which I really enjoy having worked for the Police for several years myself.The final climax is satisfying and I recommend the trilogy for anyone who enjoys Police procedural thrillers.

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    The final part of the trilogy and you would be well advised to read it as such and not as a standalone This didn t grab me in quite the same way as the previous two but maybe that was me starting the letting go process It does its job in tidying up the loose ends and it s good to see some, although not all, characters get what they deserve.

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    This is the third book in Barrett s trilogy beginning with A Long Time Dead Wow It s a great read, what a thriller, full of suspense I like his complex and engaging characters I look forward to reading of Barrett s books Check out the entire series.

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    I have to say this was so dark I nearly stopped a couple of times, but I m glad I persevered It s a very satisfying ending, the plot convoluted but rounded, the main character and his friends deeply sympathetic Full of suspense.

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    This book picks up almost exactly where the previous one in the serious finishes A man who is virtually out of his mind in grief vows to find and kill the person who created that grief, and is careless enough to repeat it in company he had no business being in, let alone saying those sort of things to This creates a whole lot of trouble for the man, and draws several other people into all kinds of problems.This book explores the psychological issues faced by those involved in a fatal incident, even those who are used to dealing with violent death, but not in any clinical manner It affects different people in differing ways, for some it is coming to terms with the loss of a loved one and with guilt and their inability to keep them safe For others there is simply the feeling of failure, and yet others are afraid of the consequences of their actions which led directly or indirectly to the outcome Those who feel guilty seek to take actions to rectify their shortcomings whilst those who should feel guilty seek to justify their actions and shift the blame onto other shoulders Throw an ambitious and unscrupulous woman into the mix and we have a cracking storyline That isn t enough of a mix for this author however, we have a few criminals left desperate by the failure of their last venture, forced together by circumstance but unable to trust each other The numbers gradually diminish as the story progresses and we are ultimately left with the most desperate of them, but there is a stranger looking for two people and you just know that when he finds them it isn t going to be a social occasion The tension is built gradually through several different scenarios, we don t stay at any one scene for too long For me that really was not a problem as I found that it worked well to slip from a potentially dangerous situation to an entirely different one, and then when we came back to the first situation it packed of a punch because it was a sudden reminder of the nature of the peril.Roger Conniston is something of a superhero as he is recovering from a serious knee injury incredibly painful he takes on a whole new investigation, he gets himself into, and out of, impossible situations He has to walk into a situation where he knows that in the normal course of events, he cannot come out of it alive, but to refuse to do so will cause another death He has to fight his way out of situations than a man in his condition or any condition really should When he faces his nemesis, he finds reserves of courage and strength he obviously didn t know he had Although part of your head is telling you that Roger is the protagonist and therefore he HAS to survive, part of you is constantly wondering how he can I can t help but feel sorry for Roger, whatever his failings, he really doesn t deserve the rubbish life has thrown at him He just wants to get on and do his job, he s not desperately ambitious, he doesn t normally go looking for trouble but it certainly seems to come looking for him and in this book, one of his troubles bears a very familiar name.Although the scene of crime work isn t quite as prominent in this book as it was in the previous ones, it is still the framework on which the story hangs, and the author neatly points up the differences between good and bad SOCO work without lecturing or giving a Forensics 101 I liked the detail given in this regard, and particularly at a gruesome scene where someone has gone to great trouble to hinder proper identification of the body, not only detailing the difference between a fastidious approach to crime scene management and a desire to make a hasty job of it and then try to make the evidence fit the theory, but then showing how this affected relationships in the team.This is another well presented story with many facets, which will in turn repel because of the thoroughly reprehensible characters involved and enthrall but will never bore the reader.

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    kindle unlimited, used to not be, will have to go through his list on goodreads and catch up via ku for any showing not read some quite a while back were arcs but those started after quite a bit in to his series different books Third book in The Dead Trilogy There are bad people on both sides of the law those so hungry for victory that they will trample on anyone to achieve it SOCO, Roger Conniston, always believed in the law Not now though Now he believes only in himself He has business with people who have no right being alive, and if success costs him everything they left him with, he ll happily pay For him, this is a journey into places he didn t know existed, encountering people so violent and determined that he almost weakens The question facing Roger is how far dare you go Old enemies and new ones backstab and double cross each other to get to Roger But among them are those too greedy to realise that gaining their goal will ultimately kill them Deceit, friendship, greed, and honour, are all played out in the concluding episode of The Dead Trilogy The Third Rule Eddie Collins 1 Black by Rose Eddie Collins 2 The Lift An Eddie Collins short story Eddie Collins 2.5 Sword of Damocles Eddie Collins 3 Ledston Luck Eddie Collins 4 The Note A CSI Eddie Collins short story A Long Time Dead SOCO Roger Conniston Book 1 Stealing Elgar SOCO Roger Conniston Book 2 No More Tears SOCO Roger Conniston Book 3 The End of Lies Charlotte s Lodge The Third Rule Part One Atrocities The Third Rule Part Two Running Scared The Third Rule Part Three Sacrifices

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    Reader advisory A bit like Stieg Larsson s third millennium novel The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet s Nest which began a few minutes after the conclusion to The Girl Who Played With Fire No More Tears follows a couple of weeks after the previous Roger Conniston novel Stealing Elgar If you have not previously read Stealing Elgar, you will be confronted with flashback scenes, general references to previous events, and several villains still on the loose This will likely rob you of some of the appreciation for this dark, tension laced, and action packed thriller.Roger Conniston fights for his life, as well as his sanity Officially denied the chance of being part of the investigation of the Bank of England robbery that cost over 70 lives through explosions and gunfire, and also factored into the death of his wife with several of his superiors in his chain of command plotting to either see him discredited, or even jailed, Roger has never before been so vulnerable.The Roger Conniston, SOCO , and the Eddie Collins CSI series have represented the best British crime writing I have encountered in the last ten years.For other authors who write superior novels in a similar venue, try Andrew Jackson and Will Patching.

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    This is the third Roger Conniston book and having read and really loved the others I was expecting of the same What I got was far far better this in my opinion is the best of the series It is a direct sequel to Stealing Elgar but if you haven t read, or aren t planning to read, that one then this works fine by itself These books work best as a set though and if you are planning to read book 2 then leave this one until you have as it contains some spoilers for book 2.This story starts out tough on poor Roger and gradually gets worse as he tries to come to terms with personal tragedy His outlook grows dark before becoming bitter then somewhat twisted leaving him wanting revenge on those that caused his heartache Unfortunately for Roger those outside the law might not be the only ones he s up against Andrew Barretts writing weaves fiction with elements of reality that make for an immersive read in a world that feels very alive and real This book, and its wider series, are brilliant and anyone that enjoys crime fiction should give them a go In fact, I highly recommend any and all of the authors work Truly top class crime writing that I can highly recommend..

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    Loved all 3 books in the series

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