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Combust the Sun (Richfield and Rivers, #1) summary Combust the Sun (Richfield and Rivers, #1), series Combust the Sun (Richfield and Rivers, #1), book Combust the Sun (Richfield and Rivers, #1), pdf Combust the Sun (Richfield and Rivers, #1), Combust the Sun (Richfield and Rivers, #1) 20494e76e4 Teague Richfield Is An Ex Cop Turned LA Screenwriter Her Closest Friend Really Is Her Dog Callie Rivers Is A Psychic Astrologer Who Believes In Positive Energy Flow When People At Marathon Studios And Elsewhere Start Dying Under Suspicious Circumstances, The Two Women Meet Up To Discover The Perpetrators

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    Got this on the BSB daily bargain and it looked like a really fun lesbian crime caper mystery sort of thing Which it is in parts, but like too many of BSB s older books 2006 it s marred by biphobia, racism, and in this case some gratuitously nasty sneers at fat people Not fun so DNF.

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    It certainly isn t boring with so many action packed events going on with these two especially around Richfield But this fast pace is also the downside of the book I felt it was too much and not allowing some interlude for good romance And their often near death experiences reminds me of the TV duo in PS I Love You.I look forward to reading the rest in the series though but hope I d be getting romance and some semblance of realistic events at least.

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    Loved the plot, very interesting and different from what I am used to read.

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    I actually enjoyed this book quite a bit than I thought I would There is a HUGE suspension of disbelief factor where the plot is concerned, but if you put on your summer movie stupid fun glasses, it s a fun roller coaster of a ride The lesbian romance thankfully is not the main plot of this book and takes a back seat instead to a film noire esque story about murder, money, mayhem, and the movies Be in the right mood for this, and it ll leave you entertained There s a bit of an open ending to this, leaving room for a sequel apparently, this is now a series with these authors , but I rather liked the element of mystery in my keeping this as a stand alone title.

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    The Good Lots going on Always some drama and excitement on the menu.The Bad Writer skips the steps to building a relationship Caution Minor spoiler ahead E.g In the first minute or so, upon first meeting, the main character physically starts pawing the attractive astrologist, and pushes for a sexual relationship with her Too sudden direction changes in the plot Common throughout the book No transitional writing between events Choppy writing So many bad guy characters thrown at you, hard to keep track Recommend Skip this one there are better choices in the genre.

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