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  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Fiddler On the Roof: Based on Sholom Aleichem's Stories
  • Joseph Stein
  • English
  • 06 August 2019
  • 9780671774622

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    I was a very lucky goodreads first reads of this book Fiddler on the Roof this particular copy I received is in celebration of the 50 anniversary of the play Although the book is from Joseph Stein, it is based on the writings of Sholem Aleichem s stories Fiddler on the roof is one of my very favorite movies It was originally a play that started in 1964 It is a wonderful story.Tevye is the lead character he lives in the fictional village called Anatevka russia in 1905 Tevye is a poor man married with five daughters During this time era tradition is very important Each child is matched by the village matchmaker to be married Tevye is a devout to his Jewish religion Now times are changing His daughters do not want to be matched to someone in the village the first three daughter through out the play have found men on their own they wish to marry Way against the tradition set for centuries there is also a lot of turmoil going on with the Russian population against those people who are jewish This is a wonderful story, with some real history to it I loved reading the play and also the songs that were in the play and then movie I know each song and found myself humming each song as a read it.got to say this is the first book i can say I sung along to Fiddler on the roof is a great read.one of the best story lines for a musical glad I was one of the winners of this treat of a book.

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    I am an avid fan of musical theater and I also love to troll the book section at literally any store that sells them Dollar stores can have diamonds if you are willing to squat on the floor and paw through them like a cherubic dwarf I found Fiddler on the Roof and a strange movie tie in edition of Great Expectations at my local Dollar Tree The bright yellow book usually costs fifteen dollars and the cashier was cute double win I was familiar with Fiddler on the Roof through only a few songs and I had no clue about the plot After reading this, I can confirm that Tevye is a squishy father figure who joins the beloved ranks of Matthew Cuthbert, Angus Tuck, and Hans Hubermann He has a blood relation to his offspring but he still tugged my heart Plus, that If I Were a Rich Man arm dance is pretty slammin.It was a beautiful play that challenged tradition, gender roles, romance, and the patriarchal structure Some of the bits were confusing like the dream sequences and some dialogue was pure Gouda to elicit laughter from the audience I wish I lived in that village with an abundance of eligible bachelors vying for my hand, minus the crippling poverty of course Maybe that bookstore owner has a brother, eh I think it would be wonderful to see the musical one day and I can practice Tevye s shimmies discreetly to myself.

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    I picked this up as a reminder of the script prior to auditioning for a role in a new local production I think it is interesting that one does not really find books like this any longer being produced a hardcover version of a popular play that is currently on Broadway I am not sure if there is just not a market for it, if they were afraid that people would start illegally producing their own versions of it in their backyards, or if maybe they are doing this sort of thing and my local library, bookstore, and everywhere else that I get books just doesn t carry them, but this experience of picking up a Broadway musical in a hardcover book format was rather interesting I literally picked it up, read it in a sitting really quickly, and put it down That was that I think that there is definitely something missing when you do this FOTR is a really well written and pretty story, however it is strangely missing its spirit when you are reading it on the page As a refresher for my audition Great As a text that should be read in a chair or in a classroom, I am not sure it really lives up to that After all, a musical is a musical An interesting experience all the same, and it will certainly help me with my characterization Still, I would suggest renting this movie because I am not sure reading it alone does the writing and the story any justice

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    Rarely does a book get a laugh out of me and this was a play and it got several Great read, that s overshadowed by the plays and movie Is there a point to reading it after seeing the play or movie Probably not But if you are looking for an easy humorous read, as I was looking to settle into my college readings, this is a good choice.

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    A great musical that s thought provoking and saddening and funny and wise This is good theatre.

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    I received Fiddler on the Roof through the LibraryThing Early Reviewerprogram.This is the complete libretto of the famous musical, together with the lyrics of the hilarious and heartbreaking songs It is not a volume of sheet music just the beautiful story of Tevye, the traditions he agrees to sacrifice for love of his daughters, and the one compromise he is unable to accept.This is a truly great work, saturated with dark humor and with love I hope, since I ve made that point, it is also OK for me to mention how much I enjoyed reading, in black and white,TEVYE If I were a rich manDaidle deedle daidleDigguh digguh deedle daidle dum,All day long I d biddy biddy bum,If I were a wealthy man.Wouldn t have to work hard,Daidle deedle daidleDigguh digguh deedle daidle dum,If I were a biddy biddy richDigguh digguh deedle daidle man p 27

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    This play, movie and book were derived originally from the writings of Sholom Aleihem s stories There are few productions that combine humor, tragedy, love and sadness as well as this story of the persecution of Russian Jews at the turn of the century Reading this play is assisted greatly by the constant reminder of Topal or Zero Mostel and others in the stage or film version Surprisingly, this book is not identical to the movie or the stage productions that I have seen.I found it amusing that while I read the book I would be singing the musical sections while I sat alone in my rocker.

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    A friend loaned this to me, I read it, cried, and read it again As luck would have it two weeks later a small theater near me had a live performance and I enjoyed in It is so good, not only are the characters believable but the circumstances, the expressions, and throughout one became aware of the Jewish traditions and customs I recently found out that Joseph Stein passed away, but reading his story I became aware of how many of his writings I had read A wonderful author with that gift of explaining people and places to our complete under standing.

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    I am a huge fan of this play musical and this book did not disappoint I sat down to read a few pages and ended up finishing it in an afternoon I am always in awe of the wonderful whimsy, playfulness, and humor that this story holds It will forever be one of my favorites and I am so glad that I now own a print edition.

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    I know this is a very popular and classic play but it was too simple and bland for my taste I might have a different opinion if I see it in action The play is set in a Jewish community that is generally poor and under the constant fear of Russian invasion A particular Jewish man, who has five daughters, is worried about funding good husbands for them In the beginning there are songs sung about the importance of agreeing to tradition and the tradition for marriage is that it is always arranged by the parents through a matchmaker The matchmaker visits the family and speaks to the girls mother about good matches, but the mother isn t satisfied From the eldest daughter we learn that she is already in love with a poor tailor but doesn t know how to tell her parents Meanwhile, the father is approached by a butcher who is undetected in marrying his eldest daughter The father agrees to a match using the logic that a butcher would be able to keep my daughter from going hungry When the father breaks the news the girl and her beau confess that they had promised to marry each other a year ago and after a lot of thought the father agrees to the match The couple gets married There is some drama during the wedding when the butcher starts trekking people he should ve been the groom The next to daughters to be married also insist on choosing husbands of their own, much to their father s chagrin He is ok with one daughters choice but disowns the other one because she slopes with a man who isn t Jewish The story ends on a town in distress after the Russians have given orders to vacate the region.

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