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  • Hardcover
  • 134 pages
  • Hunter Moran Hangs Out
  • Patricia Reilly Giff
  • 13 March 2019
  • 9780823428595

10 thoughts on “Hunter Moran Hangs Out

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    This book is FUCKING shit

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    While I read the entire book, I still don t know what happened Or what was supposed to happen Or who anyone is In fact, I m not sure I read a book, either It felt like someone tossed a dictionary into a blender and then reassembled it Using a screwdriver Suitable for the trash.Genre Mystery Real genre Mystery as to why anyone would publish this Unique feature Parents who should consider birth control.

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    In shorta very cute and fun book I ve only been teaching 5th graders for one school year and one month, and I m still learning what kind of books they read I could see this book definitely interesting them It reminded me so much of what I would ve loved to read at that age A good little mystery to keep me guessingfun quirky characters that make me happy for my normal family.and laughs as well A very wonderful combination.Beyond the mystery part of this book which I loved , I also loved Zack and Hunter s family I grew up in a family of 4 with just my sister as my only sibling I always wondered what it was like to have a big, active, crazy family that was full of noise and activity The family in this book is completely what I imagined it would be like Zack and Hunter are good at working their way out of trouble Their older sister is good at trying to get them in trouble There dad doesn t know exactly what to do with it all And they have the cutest little brother that made me just want to squeeze him while at the same time shake him for some things he does I just loved how Patricia Reilly Giff brought this whole family together and made it work As for the plot well done Mysteries always amaze me because I could never write one Granted I had some guesses about what was going on although I wasn t completely correct , but I was an adult reading a book meant for younger ok MUCH younger readers Yet there were a few twists that I didn t see coming I like that

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    I ve got some rather mixed feelings about this book On one hand the book is funny with all the shenanigans that Hunter and his twin, Zack get themselves mixed up in On the other hand, as an adult I winced at some of the antics of the brothers Luckily things all work out in the end, but I had a hard time with the lack of adult supervision as the boys snuck out at night, fell out of trees, snuck into neighbors basements, and tricked adults.However, from a child s point of view, all of this is great fun and quite funny as the boys cause havoc wherever they go The family interactions were quite entertaining and felt very genuine Hunter and Zack don t really get along with their older siblings, Linny a silly, interfering older sister and William always painting something, just plain weird They do care a great deal about their five year old brother, Steadman, who they believe is the kidnapper s target But Steadman is always wandering away which complicated things although I think Steadman is smarter than his older brothers The twins determination to get their coming sibling named K.G short for Killer Godzilla is an amusing side plot The language of the story felt very childlike, but the phrasing was a little unusual in places The reasoning of the boys also felt real if very flawed.Overall, an amusing read for children, somewhat wince inducing for adult readers.

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    Catholic soon to be sixth grader Hunter and his twin Zack are in trouble Not only are there only four days left before school starts and they haven t even begun their summer reading, but they hear a rumor that someone from their family will soon be kidnapped and held for ransom As their last days unfold, they get in scrape after scrape as they try to find the kidnapper, keep track of their over intelligent and peripatetic five year old brother and the yappy dog who loves only him, convince their parents to name the new baby Killer Godzilla, spy on the town from a treehouse built by an annoying neighbor girl who charges them for using it and for information , figure out what the local bully is dragging out of the pond, and accidentally harass the new principal Among other things.I think this book is trying to follow in the footsteps of classic episodic summer caper books like Henry Reed, Penrod, Tom Sawyer, Great Brain, etc., but even though it s a genre I love, for me it failed utterly I found it almost unreadable and fell asleep twice while reading it The plot was unbelievable and made no sense, and if it was supposed to be funny, it wasn t There were too many characters, and an unbelievable lack of parental control over anything.

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    Hunter and Zach Moran have all sorts of exciting adventures in the four days before they begin sixth grade A friend overhears a kidnapping threat and the twins are busy trying to keep their five year old brother Steadman safe Of course, their older sister Linny thinks she might be the victim When the family dog Fred disappears the hunt picks up steam.Could it be the strangers who have moved into the empty house across the street Is it Linny s friend Becca who doesn t like Fred anyway Why is the local bully Bradley hanging around the bottomless pond in the woods What is going on at Gussie s Gym Other things are happening in this action packed story too Mom is getting ready to have baby number seven and all the kids have come up with names for the new arrival And, worst of all, Hunter and Zach have put off their summer reading and now have just four days to read three books.The story is filled with slapstick humor and middle grader logic It is a quick read that will have middle graders trying to solve the mystery along with Hunter and Zach.

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    As summer vacation draws to a close and a new school year looms on the horizon, twins Hunter and Zack Moran spend their last remaining days of freedom plotting solutions to the assigned summer reading They also try to identify a kidnapper and unravel a potential kidnapping plot involving their younger brother Steadman As the boys and their neighbor Sarah Yulefski investigate possible suspects, they cause all sorts of problems and embrace their usual brand of mischief Filled with humor, of course, and the love of family members for one another, even their most unlovable family dog, Fred, this book is a perfect readaloud for the end of the summer and start of a new school year Many readers will be able to relate to the challenges faced by the boys.

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    There are only a few days left in summer vacation and Hunter and his twin brother Zack are trying to make the most of it Then Sarah Yulefski tells them she overheard someone talking about kidnapping a Moran They have to figure out who it is before the kidnappee gets kidnapped There is a bully in the woods, a weird stranger in the abandoned house across the street and a gymnastic freak friend of their sister Who is going to be kidnapped and who is going to do it This was a fun, quick read There is a lot here kids are going to enjoy It was easy to read, had lots of adventure and mystery and the characters were fun.

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    Hunter Moran is back with lunacy Summer is nearly over, and there s a lot of action to be stuffed into the remaining days When Hunter, and his twin brother Zack, hear that someone in the family is going to be kidnapped they re on the case Naturally things are blown out of proportion and the boys manage to leap from one conclusion to another with ease and dexterity Oh, and Mom s having a new baby will it be a boy or a girl And who s moved into that decrepit house in the neighborhood The boys dart from one disaster to another, wringing every bit of excitement that they can out of life This is another amusing tale that should tickle third to fifth graders.

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    Hunter and his brother would be enjoying the last days of summer as most kids would , but there s far too much going on to remember that they were supposed to be reading three books for the start of school And even though the source of the kidnapping information is unreliable at best, it seems like they ll do anything to keep from being around their siblingsand anything to keep someone from taking one of them away.

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Hunter Moran Hangs Out characters Hunter Moran Hangs Out , audiobook Hunter Moran Hangs Out , files book Hunter Moran Hangs Out , today Hunter Moran Hangs Out , Hunter Moran Hangs Out a600e When Hunter And His Twin Brother, Zack, Hear From Sarah Yulefiski That There Is Going To Be A Kidnapping In Newfield, They Are On High Alert But The Shocking News Is Yet To Come They Figure Out That Steadman, Their Younger Brother, Is The Kidnapper S Target After Erecting A Rickety Lookout Tower High In A Tree In Nearby Werewolf Woods, They Discover Suspicious Activities Going On Around Town A Probably Ax Murderer Is Hiding In The Cellar Of An Empty House, Bradley The Neighborhood Bully Is Poking At What Must Be Dead Bodies In The Pond, And A Suspicious Letter Arrives For Mom Meanwhile, Mom Heads To The Hospital To Give Birth To A New Sibling Whom The Boys Hope To Name Killer Godzilla While Hapless Nana Tries To Hold Down The Fort At The Chaotic Moran Family Home

About the Author: Patricia Reilly Giff

PATRICIA REILLY GIFF is the author of many beloved books for children, including the Kids of the Polk Street School books, the Friends and Amigos books, and the Polka Dot Private Eye books Several of her novels for older readers have been chosen as ALA ALSC Notable Books and ALA YALSA Best Books for Young Adults They include The Gift of the Pirate Queen All the Way Home Water Street Nory Ryan