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Emeralds And Pearls (Semi-Precious Series, #1) pdf Emeralds And Pearls (Semi-Precious Series, #1) , ebook Emeralds And Pearls (Semi-Precious Series, #1) , epub Emeralds And Pearls (Semi-Precious Series, #1) , doc Emeralds And Pearls (Semi-Precious Series, #1) , e-pub Emeralds And Pearls (Semi-Precious Series, #1) , Emeralds And Pearls (Semi-Precious Series, #1) 4f8361b55a7 I Ve Spent Seventeen Years Being A Wallflower Seventeen Years, Watching People Live Their Lives, While Mine Stood Still I Was Happy For Those Years, Nothing New Happened Because I Never Let It, Every Day Was The Same And PredictableWhen My Parents Told Me We Were Movingto Another State, I FreakedI Spent The First Week, After The Move, Wishing I Could Move Back But Then Something Changed, I Became A Someone, And To Begin With I Enjoyed It, But I Soon Learned, Some Things Aren T Always As They SeemI Have Two Lives Now Both Of Them Are Testing Me, Pushing Me To My Limits

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    Considering the fact that everyone love Disney movies it s a must read The first thing what I had to do when I finished, checking out the next book AND it will be in 2014 but December No way Killer Rubies Semi Precious Series 2 So I enjoyed because it s not my usual, It s something refreshening and good As I mentioned when I read the blurb I didn t know that it will be about mermaids so it was a great suprise for me Oh and I love Ariel, so that s where the association comes from Chelsea is a beatiful young woman who is a bit extrovert maybe, doesn t like much attention quiet type I ve spent seventeen years being a wallflower Seventeen years, watching people live their lives, whilst mine stood still.When my parents told me we were movingto another state, I freaked.New town, new neighbourhood, and that s when she meets Cory.They have an instant connection, but mostly they daydream about the others, nothing happen between them When they are together, they are mostly arguing view spoiler Chels has no idea about herself, she thinks a boy like Cory never wants a girl like her So she goes to a date with Dean, who has a split personality I mean he is the biggest romantic at one hand, and an abusive ass at the other He doesn t want Chels and Cory as a friend hide spoiler

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    What I liked I liked the fantasy aspect of this book, because when it happened I sat down my kindle and stared at the wall going Oh because I had no idea that would be the aspect of fantasy we explore It caught me by surprise, and I love surprises The summary of this book it makes sense the you read this, but it left me wondering what the summary was talking about I love trying to figure out what s going to happen I loved a few of the characters as well, even if they started off pretty shady Chelsea gets herself into a pretty bad situation early on in the book but I didn t get mad at her because of the situation she ended up in, but I did get really worried and wonder if she would be okay because of what happens.What I didn t like Dean I really, really REALLY, did not like him I literally noted so many pages in this book with my exasperation at him I just, he hit me in so many wrong places and I m incredibly sure this was intended by the author There were also a lot of errors I picked up in the book and I noted all of them because some of them confused me if I didn t read back over them and try to figure out what was being said I feel like there was slang in here as well that I didn t understand so I got confused and perhaps a bit lost at times because I didn t understand fully what was being said.Overall Review Emeralds and Pearls is a really interesting novel that had me flipping pages well into the night to try and finish it as quickly as possible because I got sucked into the story of what was happening with Chelsea While there were errors in the book and some unrecognizable slang that I didn t understand myself, the book was well paced, had interesting characters, the sub plots to the book kept you interested along with the main plot and the conflicts in the book, while they were interesting to have and created actual tension and worry, do have the ability to hit some people in the wrong spot Overall though, this was a really good book that I enjoyed with how we didn t know what was going to happen until it already did Surprises like what I m referring to are my favorite part of reading some books because you don t know what s going to happen.Recommend Yes As long as you re okay with being able to read this despite the content warning I gave then its a good book to read

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    Cory NEIGHBOR KID his family Angela Phil Reynolds moved to Saco, Maine He was not thrilled about this Cory met Chelsea, the neighbor, her BFF was Marie from Denver her B F is Josh Chelsea 17 meets Dean Gilbert, the next day they go for a walk by the Atlantic Ocean, next stop the Palace Diner shakes burgers Cory was jealous of Dean Freya, Chelsea friend was going to give her a makeover.All the group had a party on the beach Cory was hooked up with Olivia Ms Piranha lips as Chelsea called her, now she is jealous Jose Paul taught them how to cliff dive, Chelsea ended up with a steel bar in her stomach that knocked the wind out of her She gets lost found in the water Cory saves her Her parents think Dean saved her, he did give her CPR She was taken to the hospital Later when Chelsea mermaid is recovering Cory Boomerang shares with her his fantasy of the city of Atlantis sea creatures Atlantis has both mermaids mermen Cory stopped dating Olivia, or did he started going with a Mermaid Other characters Keira Alta mermaids, Andre merman, Marie, Jose, Kelly, humans, Will Chelsea be able to go back in the water Where will the young romances friendships families go end up Did Dean have a dark side to him What will happen with the chest of treasure in Atlantis Great teen age romance love, defiantly geared for them What it s like when UR parent s move to a new community U have to make new friends 13 X s for me What a great book Easy to read follow, great characters It flowed, no grammar errors or out of story line sequence I also liked the font layout style no cuss words I enjoyed reading it, easy 5 star rating.Thank you for the free book Tony Parsons MSW

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    copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review Let me start off by saying the blurb and book cover don t do this book justice Although it totally makes sense, once you read it This book is much than the blurb and the cover, which is why it caught me by surprise the way it did I definitely had a whole different scenario in mind I thought it would be of a Young Adult Contemporary novel its way fantasy, science fiction than that There is a nice pace to the beginning of the book You kind of get the feeling that its contemporary romance because there is such a heavy focus on Chelsea our main character and her development of romantic relationships, and how she s coming out of her shell and beaming a confident outgoing person but then the unexpected happens It changes the entire book, but in a good way I have to admit that this change in plot brought something to the story I thought it would be lacking I won t say what it is because that would be a major spoiler This is like a pandora s box just when you think you ve gotten tot he last box there s one It was very enjoyable to read once things really started kicking off Although I would ve liked the MC to be a little brave with this new change You ll have to read to find out Also the ending was very unexpected I m quite surprised and pleased with the direction the author took I think readers will definitely underestimate this book but once they ve read will realize how much they love it It s definitely worth checking out It does not disappoint.

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    arc provided in exchange for an honest reviewHonestly I have mixed emotions about emeralds and pearls It started off strong I was totally into it and ready to see what was going to happen between all of the characters Even a perfectly thought out love triangle between Chelsea Cory and Dean But then a total curve ball was thrown in and that curve balls name was paranormal I had no clue not even an inking that this book was a paranormal And for most of the book I forgot that it was In this case it wasn t bad however it did feel random What I can say about the story line without giving away spoilers is Chelsea life minus the paranormal parts are completely relatable When I found myself frustrated with the certain flip flop of paranormal vs young adult aspects I would out it down only to find myself picking it back up ten minutes later with that tiny voice in my head screaming I need to know what s next And that right there is why I give it a 4 When a book can completely frustrate me but still hook me out was well done.

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    This is a lovely teenage adventure Chelsea and her parents have just moved to a new town Chelsea has always been quiet and shy, and the idea of going to a new school and meeting new people is scary Cory is the boy from next door His parents and Chelsea s have become good friends, so Cory persuades her to go with him to a party The people she meets all seem welcoming and Chelsea starts to enjoy himself Getting to know lots of new friends and joining them at the beach for the day is a big turning point in her life She has so many things happening in this new life, and many emotional upheavals Deciding what to do about two very different boys is just the most frustrating one.I loved this book The characters are so real and the consequence of the day on the beach so incredible I would gladly have changed places with our heroine There are a fewlife lessons in there as well I will definitely recommend this to all my younger friends.

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    This is a great YA book Chelsea is the new girl in town who doesn t want to be there Cory is the handsome boy next door Instant chemistry What happens next is the surprise There is a well thought out plan to this book The characters are very relatable and with sort of a coming to age plot, as well as, romance Chelsea finally experiences the ups and downs of romantic relationships, becomes confident in who she is, and falls in love But with who Dean or Cory Yes, a potential love triangle There are several ups and downs and a plot that is not what you would expect Teenage angst and thwarted plans HhhmmmmThis story has it all romance, fantasy, and paranormal wrapped up into a great story with a cliffhanger ending that will leave you wanting

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    I was lucky enough to have read the first few chapters of Emeralds and Pearls while it was still being written I loved it from the beginning but wasn t sure where the author was headed I m glad I stuck around to read the finished product Kudos to the author I hope people read this novel SUper cute Can t wait for book 2

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I couldn t put it down and finished it in one day I m hoping for a part 2 although I was a little unhappy with Dean never being found out by Chelsea s parents and Chelsea not having a relationship with Cory..maybe in book 2

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