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Shadows of Yesterday (Ravenhurst Series,#2) chapter 1 Shadows of Yesterday (Ravenhurst Series,#2) , meaning Shadows of Yesterday (Ravenhurst Series,#2) , genre Shadows of Yesterday (Ravenhurst Series,#2) , book cover Shadows of Yesterday (Ravenhurst Series,#2) , flies Shadows of Yesterday (Ravenhurst Series,#2) , Shadows of Yesterday (Ravenhurst Series,#2) 212b059d5868b Revised Edited Edition This Is The Second Installment In The Ravenhurst Series A Spellbinding Time Travel Romance With Unexpected Twists And Turns Funny Characters, Dysfunctional Hotties, And Modern Day Heroine Trying To Cope In A Time That Is Not Her OwnRavenhurst A Once Forgotten Legend, Locked Somewhere Within The Gloomy Confines Of This Ancient Edifice Is The Key That Will Unlock The Door Of Time ItselfKatherine And Sebastian Are Thrown Together By Forces Unknown, And Are Unwitting Participants In A Legend As Old As King Arthur S Realm As These Two Very Different, But Very Real People Succumb To Their Hidden Desires, They Find In Each Other What No One Else Can Give Them, An Everlasting Love Which Time Cannot ForgetMarguerite Is Sent To King Arthur S RealmThis Book Contains Adult Situations And Some Mild Language

10 thoughts on “Shadows of Yesterday (Ravenhurst Series,#2)

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    Bleagh I read this book because I thought it was based off of the Mystery Case Files game of the similar name Still inconclusive about whether or not it was, but whatever This whole book is a mess The main character is a dolt, her love interests are contemptible including the white knight character The plot is scummy I stuck through it to see if it improved it got worse if anything.

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    I loved it, read the first one on 8 6 15 and had to pick this one up to see what happened.going to have to get book 3 to see what happens next

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    Is a great book to read forever

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    such a page turner so happy I found a author that can roll everything I love in to one book

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    Hard to followWhile the storyline is good, and this story follows right in line with book one, there is a lot of time jumping and a lot of characters to keep track of Making it kind of confusing at times

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    Katherine is no closer to understanding the mysteries of Ravenhurst nor in resolving her feelings for it s owner, the enigmatic Sebastian de Winter This story picks up where book 1, Forgotten Time, leaves off.The butler, Milford, remained close lipped about the events that brought Katherine to this house and time period, but he is buried in it over his head Seems there are far secrets than even those he is privy to It was a bit frustrating watching Katherine and Sebastian skirt around their feelings for each other instead of opening up to the truth Yes, it does make for good suspense writing, but the reader knows where their romance has to go, but are forced to wait for them to catch up.I like the setting for this book A fairly isolated Gothic mansion during a raging winter storm The staff have all be sent home to care for their families leaving only the immediate family in residence The perfect location for creepy things to start happening This was a suspenseful and entertaining read.Do not read this as a stand alone, you need to read Forgotten Time first or you ll be totally lost.

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    Mysterious sounds in the nightKatherine is a girl from another time.Sebastian is a guy who thought his life was simple.When they are together, there is a lot of different ways that it could have gone wrong For example, there s the that causes Devlin s leg ., mysterious sounds that ., and the problem with and .

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    I loved how witty it was but the time shift didn t make sense at timesGreat story, but the time shift and name change were very frustrating Just when I was about to understand what was going on there would be a shift and name change that was very unsettling and annoying, but I like it enough to read another sequel to see if I can understand the story better.

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    Book one is Forgotten time, this one is book 2, I read them out of order But this one was free and book one is not This one is a time travel book Reminds me of Outlander somewhat Good read though.

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    A good, fast read.

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