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The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series chapter 1 The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series, meaning The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series, genre The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series, book cover The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series, flies The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series, The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series 158c8b4d3bb0f An Earthquake In Masada, Israel, Kills Hundreds And Reveals A Tomb Buried In The Heart Of The Mountain A Trio Of Investigators Sergeant Jordan Stone, A Military Forensic Expert Father Rhun Korza, A Vatican Priest And Dr Erin Granger, A Brilliant But Disillusioned Archaeologist Are Sent To Explore The Macabre Discovery, A Subterranean Temple Holding The Crucified Body Of A Mummified GirlBut A Brutal Attack At The Site Sets The Three On The Run, Thrusting Them Into A Race To Recover What Was Once Preserved In The Tomb S Sarcophagus A Book Rud To Have Been Written By Christ S Own Hand, A Tome That Is Said To Hold The Secrets To His Divinity But The Enemy Who Hounds Them Is Like No Other, A Force Of Ancient Evil Directed By A Leader Of Impossible Ambitions And Incalculable CunningFrom Crumbling Tombs To Splendorous Churches, Erin And Her Two Companions Must Confront A Past That Traces Back Thousands Of Years, To A Time When Ungodly Beasts Hunted The Dark Spaces Of The World, To A Moment In History When Christ Made A Miraculous Offer, A Pact Of Salvation For Those Who Were Damned For EternityHere Is A Novel That Is Explosive In Its Revelation Of A Secret History Why Do Catholic Priests Wear Pectoral Crosses Why Are They Sworn To Celibacy Why Do The Monks Hide Their Countenances Under Hoods And Why Does Catholicism Insist That The Consecration Of Wine During Mass Results In Its Transformation To Christ S Own Blood The Answers To All Go Back To A Secret Sect Within The Vatican, One Whispered As Rumor But Whose Very Existence Was Painted For All To See By Rembrandt Himself, A Shadowy Order Known Simply As The SanguinesIn The End, Be Warned Some Books Should Never Be Found, Never Opened Until Now

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    This is a book I had wanted to read for so long Every ingredient in the synopsis whetted my taste buds it is so my kind of book Unfortunately, I spend the majority of my time in Norway and ordered it at my UK address Okay, I accept I do stupid things on occasion My embarrassment was compounded when one of the authors asked me if I had read it after I had told him her I won t say which one that I couldn t wait It was well worth waiting for anyway I could read this book a dozen times.I won t bore any of you by repeating half of the synopsis as it s up there in black and white for your perusal What I will do, is say what I loved about it I have always loved Rollins style and the kind of book he writes To me, he is akin to Dan Brown, but with a keener edge Where Brown takes a breather with lengthy descriptions of historical locations which is okay for a history buff such as myself Rollins just ploughs on with the story and never relents with his pace Of course, this is a collaboration with Ms Cantrell and together I feel they are a formidable partnership.A cocktail of ancient mysteries, cults, vampires of both persuasions, secret societies, the Nazis, a host of historical greats, and the Catholic Church What could a reader want I liked also the use of three main protagonists as opposed to the usual ritual of hero plus one usually female All three have their intricacies and complexities that keep them interesting, as well as their individual interactions with each other that bring us to identify with and care for them I loved too the introduction of many great historical figures going back two thousand years I don t give spoilers so you will have to read the story for yourselves, but they each add real substance to the book, leading up to the final excellent twist at the end.Blood Gospel is an action packed, fast paced, thrilling read that I would recommend to anyone I m going straight to now to order Innocent Blood I know it will be money well spent Five glowing stars from me.

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    WOW James Rollins really stepped outside of his comfort zone with Blood Gospel I didn t get caught up in the wave of Twilight readers or movies So, haven t really read many vampire books Though. one does NOT walk away thinking vampires when finished with Blood Gospel I really like the terminology he introduced in the story It separates out Rollins works. into a genre of it s own I truly TRULY enjoyed the read Now, the HISTORY That s where he get me every time From the siege at Masada to modern day Rome I m sorry I m not very eloquent with words. but. in my own way. I m trying to tap out. I LOVED THIS BOOK WOW I was lucky enough to get an advance copy to read If you ve not put this one on your wishlist. do so now It s the MUST read novel for 2013

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    Just when I had thought I had seen and heard enough of vampires, along comes an intelligent work of fiction that at its core tells the story of an age old battle between two vamphyrric sects, the Sanguines and the Strigoi.THE BLOOD GOSPEL, the first in the series of The Order of the Sanguines books, is a winner from start to finish It poses and answers many questions about religion and the nature of priests Why do Catholic priests wear pectoral crosses Why are they sworn to celibacy Why does Catholicism insist that the consecration of wine during Mass results in the transformation to Christ s own blood The answers provided by the authors are sure to astound you.This entire novel is a rollercoaster ride that takes the protagonists to Russia, Italy and the Middle East, encountering trouble around every corner Their pursuit of The Blood Gospel puts them in touch with some very deadly individuals, both living and undead Included in this group is the infamous Russian known as Rasputin, still existing and just as dangerous as ever.The Blood Gospel has something for everyone conspiracy, ancient mystery, action adventure, and loads of biblical lore Mr Rollins, along with Ms Cantrell, has shown that it is possible to write an intriguing story that can leap over different genres.

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    I love archaeology, relics, religious conspiracies and vampires so I was hoping for a good ride, but The Blood Gospel just didn t work for me I felt like it was riding the success of a bunch of bestsellers without adding anything original or even that interesting to the mix.The book was clearly trying to create a sinister atmosphere with the constant underground tunnels and caverns and torches, and scary beasts like wolves and bats and bears Oh come on Why can t there be a bad bunny for a change, instead of feeding people s fears of already misunderstood species In the end the atmosphere felt pompous than anything else I think it was the action, guns and big booms that took the focus from the story itself, leaving me yawning Some action is good, even preferred in these types of books, but enough is enough.One of the few things I liked about this book was Grigori s character He was the only one who intrigued me as a character, not a stereotype of a good or a bad guy like the rest of them The funniest thing about the characters was that the only two really good guys in a bigger role were American What a shocker As a European I could feel a little offended that the book insinuates there s something wrong with all of us foreigners , but it s just too funny Like the German archaeology student who gets upset when the Bible isn t referred to as an academic book I mean, really That was a hard one to imagine.I like religion as a theme in fiction, but mainly only when the subject is approached from a scientific point of view what it means for different people, what in the holy books is actual fact and what is metaphor and so on In The Blood Gospel the religion was pretty much shoved in your face in the form of a lecture and apparently Catholicism is the way to go if you wish to go to heaven Also, enough with the Bible quotes and prayers already It s like when I read a sci fi book, you can and should explain the laws of physics or whatever that are relevant, but don t fill the book with endless formulas or geek talk because I just don t care.On the whole I think the book was unnecessarily prolonged, glorying in violence, blood and gore, there was far too much destruction my heart bled for the priceless historical buildings and artefacts that got wiped away , it had really lame punchlines and the romance part was ridiculous Ending a book in a cliffhanger should be illegal, although I m probably not going to read the next installment Still, I m giving it 2 stars because of Grigori, OK pacing and the few pieces of historical trivia I got out of it.

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    4 holy tamale stars 3.5 stars really for the writing and a bonus half star because the story was so damn exciting and horrific Wow this was soooooooooooooo damn good Not literature but a mass market paperback that made me tremble with excitement and frightened me a number of times so that I did not want to go to sleep without my bedside lamp on low.A sexy vampire priest, a pretty and smart female archaeologist and a macho but somewhat annoying American army sergeant hunt for a gospel written by Jesus himself There are so many tight and fascinating twists and turns A fascinating mix of science, history, religion and the supernatural.Way to go Mr Rollins and Ms Cantrell You have created a story that I am soooo excited to see to its apocalyptic climax I am so looking forward to book 2.

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    I am not rating this book as I didn t finish ita lot I didn t get that far into it and I ve had people get upset when I rated books I d not finished and had what I thought were valid reasons for giving a rating I won t comment here on the writing or the story telling Maybe the characters are some of the best ever to grace the pages of literature I don t know I couldn t get passed the vileness of the book itself.Look, if you aren t offended by the book I m not criticizing you or judging you Though I do want to give a heads up to Christian readers who may be offended I see a couple of friends here on GR who are Christians and they read the book without my reaction so I leave it to you.We open the book insulting both the Christian and Jewish religion Christ s name and Jewish traditions are invoked at what is essentially the human sacrifice of a little girl First off Christians weren t at the siege of Masada This was a last stand battle of Jewish Zealots and ended in a mass suicide to keep from falling into Roman hands.The storyline uses it as part of it s ritual Just story telling to some maybe so as I said, no rating I leave it to you.The book revolves around the idea of a volume written by Christ the contents of which can be disastrous.Look, Christ brought one Gospel the word Gospel means good news which casts odd implications around the title of this novel to begin with The actual, real Gospel has been misrepresented and twisted enough The idea of this book just makes me sigh and feel I need a bath Jesus brought the Good News that through His act human kind is forgiven All the questions like, how can a good God allow this or do that boil down to one thing He doesn t He has given humanity it s head so to speak This is a human world run by human ideas and actions and if allowed to run it s course we will eventually destroy it and ourselves.Humanity is in rebellion against God isn t it Be honest with yourself about prevalent ideas and beliefs God has simply reserved to Himself the right to say no, I won t allow you to destroy yourself That s the point, He took the penalty, for everyone.I won t argue the details as I know other Christians will now want to argue details and specific doctrines.This book is actually based on Jesus having written another book Yes it s fictional, yes we go into it knowing it s fictional But it misrepresents Christ and uses Him as fictional Character.So, I could say but I won t As noted reading the book leaves me feeling as if I need a bath You make up your own mind.

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    The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca CantrellPublished 2013, William MorrowStars Review also posted at Slapdash Sundry Doesn t matter how many times I read this book this reread makes 3 , I am consistently impressed with Rollins and Cantrell s ability to tie supernatural elements seamlessly into historical events, blending and merging the two to create a fantastic story of good versus evil, betrayal and redemption, and Rollins typical save the world scenario Couple that with some amazingly written and developed characters, and you ve got yourself one hell of a fun romp Now, on to a reread of book two before I tackle the final installment

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    This is James Rollins Rebecca Cantrell on the edge of blasphemy and I loved the book, devouring it in two sittings Opening with a glimpse into the heart of Masada, Israel, a dark tomb is revealed As it is destroyed in an earthquake, three survivors escape to face a demonic creature, before a priesthood come to spirit them away on a mission to save mankind Packed full of fast paced action, vampires and corrupted creatures, religious themes and emotional resonance, Blood Gospel will delight fans of Rollins My only criticism is that it is only the first of a new series, and I hate waiting

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    2.5 stars but I m feeling kind I ve never read this author before and on the basis of this, I m not sure I will in the future It was a meh blend of Dan Brown , Sanctus and a romance novel I m not a Christian but I didn t like the idea of trying to include Vampires in Church cannon Generic and nothing original Walk on by.

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    Anyone who loves archaeology, combined with religious conspiracy, combined with vampire legend, will LOVE this novelCan t wait to read the rest of the series

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