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About the Author: Adam Kennedy

John Redgate.The author of such novels as The Killing Season and the best selling The Domino Principle, Adam Kennedy also wrote screenplays and teleplays and occasionally worked as an actor in films, television, and on stage He made his feature film debut in The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell 1955 and made most of his movie appearances during the rest of the 50s He wrote his first film screenplay for The Dove in 1975 On television, Kennedy appeared on Playhouse 90 and Gunsmoke He was also a regular on the series The Californian and The Doctors.

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    I usually do not read books of this ilk , but it was free at the YMCA I go to, it was short and the blurbs were peaking my curiosity So I started reading and I could not put it down It was like I was watching a movie, his writing is so descriptive and came to life before my eyes My husband does not read ad much as I do but I gave it to him to read and now he is into,it.It is story of a prisoner who is sprung from jail , free, but he has an assignment He is given, money, new name, new clothes, and is even reunited with his wife I will end here because I do not want to be a spoiler Just read it

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    my 1 favorite book Highly recommended

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    I recently saw the movie, which I thought was good, and decided to read the book As an entertaining story, the plot fires on all cylinders The prose is taut and sharp with very few wasted words, although there are a few passages about Roy s background which seem like superfluous padding, even in a book as short as this.There are plotholes, such as whether this group, who might be the CIA, would really recruit a prisoner instead of one of their own trained agents Also, the general is along for the helicopter ride, why doesn t he just do the business himself But the story conveys such a sense of paranoia everywhere Roy tries to turn, the group are there cutting off his escape avenues That, I think, is its strongest point.That said, I think the film s ending is much better and fits the tone of the story although the film also had a stupid, unnecessary plot twist I really don t think there was a need for a sequel book to this, providing explanation that undermines the mystery of them.

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    Excellent thriller highly recommended to anyone who likes conspiracy theory This is a book in which there is no happy ending because the main character is facing truly insurmountable odds He s dealt lousy cards so to speak and he knows it His only goal is to just try to survive.Highly recommended to all thriller fans.

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    A formulaic, by the numbers thriller with not a single moment of real suspense The plot is totally implausible and the characterizations, especially that of the protagonist, hopelessly flawed If you re stuck on a long flight with nothing else to read this might help pass the time otherwise, I d just pass on it if I were you.

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    I got this book off a library throw away pile Something about it really intrigued me It is dated to read, but I still enjoyed it The narrator does a good job of telling his story in a concise, stark fashion.

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    Great classic thriller I remember it from years ago, but I don t think I ever read it before Chills, thrills, just enough reality that it could happen I need to find the movie now.

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    da, m a prins romanul asta nu e de 5 stele, asta e clar, dar pe mine m a prins

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    Visceral thrill ride, great readconspiracy theory cold war fiction at its best

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    Very easy book to read Small chapters Not very surprising but it went fast.

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