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  • Paperback
  • 273 pages
  • Reading in the Wild
  • Donalyn Miller
  • English
  • 05 August 2019
  • 9780470900307

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    Yes, I m rating my own book Not because I m full of myself, but because I want my goodreads friends to see that it is here I m proud of Reading in the Wild and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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    That I get to review this book is one of the pleasures of having a friendship with Donalyn Miller It s easy to slip into this kind of language Isn t it My friend Donalyn Miller Put the comma in and you qualify that your friend is, in fact, Donalyn Miller And then the pronouns come knocking Donalyn Miller is my friend Your friend Our friend It s easy And for fans of THE BOOK WHISPERER, through which so many of us were first acquainted with this dynamic reader teacher, READING IN THE WILD, is probably one of the most anticipated professional books set to release in 2013 And this is a bold statement, I realize, but this is THE BOOK WHISPERER we are talking about here folks.I have been in a crowded exhibition hall with Donalyn only to witness Kelly Gallagher come up and playfully invite Donalyn to whisper to him I have sat in the seat next to Donalyn as Doug Fischer gave a playful nod to her during a keynote address People know Donalyn Miller I know Donalyn Miller You know Donalyn Miller Okay.let s just run them all out.WE know Donalyn Miller.And we know her through her willingness to share her philosophy and approach to reading that has worked for her in measurable and maybe immeasurable the whole apple and seed thing ways Her writing style is poised to be instructional but reads like it were always purposely invitational.So, a book by Donalyn Miller, THE BOOK WHISPERER, is like responding to that subtle invitation to look inside the process Donalyn Miller is all at one professionally personal and personally professional It s a mix most of us would like to aspire to, but perhaps we are afraid of being mobbed in the halls of some annual convention I think Donalyn welcomes this with her leadership in The Nerdy Book Club and her summer season bookaday at Twitter, and her monthly chat, TitleTalk that she co hosts with super teacher Colby Sharp.This is our friend Donalyn Miller She knows the power of inclusion as much as she appreciates the power of entourage Find Donalyn Miller in any conference and you will find her with her people Readers Readers who had been looking for an adequate word to describe what they knew to be true of themselves when it came to books and reading That sense of being WILD READERS IN THE WILD So, all of this to say, that I have read READING IN THE WILD And I promised Donalyn that I would not quote any material from the book just yet So I won t So, while this may read like a fan letter.okay.it s a kind a fan letter I am a friend And I am a fan When Donalyn asked if I would read an early copy of the book, how else could I have responded As a teacher in the field, I might have thought, Yes This is the book to which we have all been looking forward But, as a friend, I thought, I get to interact with Donalyn through her writing.through her ideas And this is what makes READING IN THE WILD so very special Those who know Donalyn know that she puts into practice what she offers from the pulpit It s about readers It s about books It s as Teri Lesesne ProfessorNana writes in the forward to the new book, It s about connection And it s about approach It s about celebration And it s about honoring choice It s about recognizing that at the end of the day, when all of the dust clears, it s going to be about a reader and a book If this is what you need to know about READING IN THE WILD that will prompt you to pre order your copy, then I offer this to you with my reputation for recommending good titles Good reads But I don t need to do this for Donalyn Donalyn s name on a book or on a blog brings its own credibility as much as it brings its own celebrity In the new book, Donalyn not only coins the term WILD READERS, she codifies the language that all of us will be using and sharing with our readers into the new school year Donalyn s use of Classroom Non Negotiables demonstrates the serious nature of the business of book whispering while still maintaining a sense of community in the classroom With language culled from an extended community of readers from across the United States, Miller anchors her work with the voices of those who find themselves in the state of wild reading Donalyn brings the research into the new work, but only as if to say, These are the people I have read This is what they have had to say I want to share it with you In case you had not seen it Donalyn has a way of bringing cited material to her work without pretense It s her practice And the Whisperer is really bringing that practice to the page in her second offering to the professional reading community On a personal note as if this hasn t gone around the personal bend aleady , I love having the ability and the standing invitation to call Donalyn to talk about.whatever Usually, it s books We have a certain way in which we talk about books I like to call it a Book Blitz We talk over each other Around each other Trying to get that new title or trying to best one another in some kind of connection It s like playing Words with A Friend And I love it But when my own children were on the receiving end of what we might call The Book Whisperer Gone Bad Teresa Bunner and Donalyn Miller , it was my friend Donalyn who was on the phone as both of us were preparing to go into our separate classrooms One in Texas One in Indiana And we talked Because with Donalyn, this work is so very personal I don t know that she would be perfectly comfortable with my sharing the particulars of that conversation, but I got to hear inside the heart of the whisperer on that very morning For anyone who has not had the opportunity to have met Donalyn at the professional level, let alone the personal, I will tell you.that heart is true That heart whispers And it has something to say to you that is so important to what you do with your readers in your classroom, that I would implore you.if you have not read THE BOOK WHISPERER, let it be your introduction to my friend, Donalyn Miller.

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    Unbelievable resource that will lead teachers to continue down the path we started as we turned the pages of The Book Whisperer These are the strategies, teacher think alouds, conversations, and models we crave when we read and learn alongside our student readers and attempt to hone our craft I can t wait until this is in the hands of my colleagues, my children s teachers, and those who are making decisions about what reading will mean in the curricula offered as we integrate new standards and assessments into our teaching landscapes This is a book that will change my teaching.

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    I had requested this book from my library quite some time ago, and my turn finally cropped up and so I ve had to drop most of my other reading in order to read this before its due to continue on to the next requester In all fairness though, the timing was perfect and I was happy to drop my other books to concentrate on this one My 7 year old is quite an advanced reader for his age however I ve noticed that that initial excitement that he had for reading has dulled a wee bit in recent months I still have to get to the bottom of that, to make sure there are not any other underlying factors but I m really thinking that it s a case of the new, shininess of reading has worn off somewhat and it s no longer a novelty that he can read exciting books and that lately he s been interested in Lego and dragons In any case, this book came along at a great time You may recall my review of this authors first book titled Book Whisperer There was soooo much I loved about this book The numerous, practical suggestions for instilling this idea into children that they are readers and little tips on how they might organize their reading life as such Even such simple things as trying to plant the seed in their minds that readers always carry books to read during spare moments throughout the day This may seem obvious but kids don t necessarily have the skill set yet to organize their days and it is probably an aha moment for them when they realize that packing their book into a bag when they go out might eventually become as ingrained as brushing their teeth And its these little tips that contribute towards helping a child to view himself as a READER Brilliant We want our kids to see themselves as people who are serious readers I LOVED her ideas on curating a classroom library many of which were transferable to home libraries I LOVED her chapter on building a personal canon even though it was way too short.Some things I didn t love about the book I don t want to negate the wonderful rapport and trust she s built with her students This is truly priceless I do however find myself wondering why she stops short of trying to inspire her students to read classical works of trying to inspire her students to develop an appetite for works that are richly layered I m not sure if it s because she doesn t see the value in them or if it s because she doesn t want to compromise the trust that she s earned in recommending the cool books that she knows her students will like In a similar vein, I found myself getting annoyed at the emphasis of quantity over quality I m not sure if the author is aware of how much she emphasizes this or whether it is an intentional part of her plan to get kids reading She talks about reading a book a day during the summer and as much as I m a pretty prolific reader I shuddered when I heard this It reminded me of someone binging on tv, sitting mindlessly in front of a tv and passively taking in the information but doing nothing with it For me an integral part of reading is the marinating period when one must take time to reflect and respond to what I ve just read If you are intent on meeting some kind of book a day quota, I HAVE to believe that it s at the expense of a marinating period But then again, I have to wonder if the books that she reads REQUIRE a steeping period I think what it boils down to is that the author s reason for reading differs greatly from my own reasons for reading And in case this sounds negative, I have to reiterate again that I am so thankful that there are reading mentors out there who are passionate about passing along a love of reading to the next generation Children are blessed to have such a mentor I just wish this mentor would take the next for me logical step towards inspiring her mentees to include some classical works in their to read lists or at least to plant the seed that this would be an inspired next step for them to reach towards.

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    Yes It is everything you have come to expect from Donalyn Miller Brilliant Important Word changing.

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    Quite literally, this book led me to Goodreads.com Donalyn Miller is truly an inspired educator who has so much to offer veteran and novice teachers in regards to our role in the reading development of our students If I was a principal, it would be required reading for my teachers We have to rethink our role as reading coach, interventionist, teacher, facilitator, etc., and assume the mantel of sensei I use the Japanese word for teacher, mentor, or master as we traditionally associate it as Americans with martial arts Teaching reading is also an art, one that requires constant dedication and discipline if we are to become leaders of reading A change in thinking is required to inspire the modern reader.This is simply one of the finest books I have read as a teacher and has had a great impact on who I am as an educator today

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    It was not hard to decide what to read first once my brain rest was lifted Such a great read so much to think about when it comes to what we are really working for as reading teachers Building habits of lifelong readers is not as easy as handing kids good books although that is a piece of it and Donalyn and Susie share their research and insights about ways we can build habits that will live with readers forever Love

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    A hundred times amazing and completely worth the wait This is a definite must read Donalyn says exactly what needs to be said about reading and supporting readers so that they become wild readers So many awesome quotes that I underlined and circled and starred and wrote, Yes next to in the margins Instant love.

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    Essentially The Book Whisperer the habits of lifelong readers I recommend just reading the former, as it influenced my reading instruction greatly Not a page turner like her last book.

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    Nothing revolutionary here if you ve read The Book Whisperer, because it s mostly feel good anecdotes and common sense Useful, however, since Miller describes exactly what a reading conference looks like and how she tracks student progress Maybe I ll have to try Evernote after all Hmm.

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About the Author: Donalyn Miller

Donalyn Miller has worked with a variety of upper elementary and middle school students and currently teaches fifth grade at O.A Peterson Elementary in Forth Worth, Texas In her popular book, The Book Whisperer, Donalyn reflects on her journey to become a reading teacher and describes how she inspires and motivates her middle school students to read 40 or books a year In her latest book,