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The Apothecary Rose explained The Apothecary Rose, review The Apothecary Rose, trailer The Apothecary Rose, box office The Apothecary Rose, analysis The Apothecary Rose, The Apothecary Rose 2cb8 Once The King S Captain Of Archers, Now He Must Penetrate A Poisoner S SecretsChristmastide, And, At An Abbey In York, Two Pilgrims Die Mysteriously Dead Of An Herbal Remedy Suspicious, The Archbishop Sends For Owen Archer, A Welshman With The Charm Of The Devil, Who S Lost One Eye To The Wars In France And Must Make A New Career As An Honest SpyMasquerading As An Apprentice To Apothecary Nicholas Wilton, Whose Shop Dispensed The Fatal Potion, Owen S Dark Curls, Leather Eyepatch And Gold Earring Intrigue Wilton S Wife But Is This Lovely Woman A Murderess And What Links The Wiltons To Bumbling Brother Wulfstan, Ascetic Archdeacon Anselm And His Weaselly Agent Potter Digby, And The Ragged Midwife Magda The Riverwoman Answers As Slippery As The Frozen Cobblestones Draw Owen Into A Dangerous Drama Of Old Scandals And Tragedies, Obsession And Unholy Love The Apothecary Rose Marks The Arrival Of A Bold And Quick Witted Detective In This Expertly Detailed, Engrossing Tale Of Medieval Life And Death

  • Paperback
  • 319 pages
  • The Apothecary Rose
  • Candace Robb
  • English
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9780312953607

About the Author: Candace Robb

Storyteller, mythweaver, author of the Owen Archer, Kate Clifford, Margaret Kerr mysteries Primary residence, medieval York I blog about writing, medieval history, writing women s stories, and feature new scholarship in my field at candacerobbbooks.com, and share loads of medieval news, folklore, and whimsy on my facebook page, Candace Robb

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    I found The Apothecary Rose interesting to read since it I m not that used to read historical mystery books that take place in the 14th century This mystery was especially interesting since it involves the church John Thoresby, Lord Chancellor of England and Archbishop of York sends out one eyed spy Owen Archer to find out if the two suspicious death at the infirmary of St Mary s Abbeys are murders and if so who s behind it Could it be the Master Apothecary Nicholas Wilton or his wife Or someone that works at St Mary s Abbeys Owen Archer takes a job at the Wilton s apothecary in a way to learn , but the soon finds himself both in danger and in love.It was a good book, but there were two things that just didn t work for me First, the love thing, I was just not that interested in reading about Owen falling in love with Lucie, Master Apothecary Nicholas Wilton wife I would have preferred a slower approach to their growing fondness for each other, instead of dreaming about each other, and thinking about each other, looking longing at each other Perhaps something growing over time than during a book I just didn t find that interesting and every scene that in any way was about their feeling just made me mentally sigh and hope the story would return to the crime instead Sometimes love stories work for me in historical fiction mystery and sometimes they don t This time, it didn t.The second thing was that it took forever to get somewhere in the book, at last it felt like that It just didn t happen that much in the middle of the book after the interesting beginning and frankly I was not that surprising to learn who the culprit was But I found the last part of the book interesting when everything started to come together and the truth about the deaths were revealed.I would like to read books in this series Owen Archer was an interesting character and I enjoyed reading about crimes in the 14th century I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a blog tour at TLC Book Tours.

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    The author says writing a historical mystery requires the author to wear three hats, novelist, historian and mystery writer I felt the last hat was a bit lacking To me it wasn t much of a mystery, everything was so well explained along the way that I needn t think for myself.

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    I enjoyed this book very much I love historical mysteries, but this one was a bit different for me It is not a who done it, but a why The reader knows from the first chapter who, what, and how The reader is taken along on a journey as the mc meanders through York trying to discover who committed two murders.The book is set in the year 1363 The author has done much research and does an excellent job of bringing life in the medieval city of York, and some real historical characters to life Owen Archer is a retired Welsh bowman who was injured while Captain of the Archers for The Duke of Lancaster He is offered a job by the Archbishop of York to discover who was guilty of poisoning two pilgrims in York Owen is never comfortable about digging into peoples lives and lying about himself On his first day in York, he meets Lucie Wilton the apprentice apothecary He is attracted to her although she is married and quickly on his list of suspects I also lie the fact thatnLucie Wilto is a strong, smart, and independent woman in medieval times.And so the story begins The characters are relatable and even quirky Even knowing who did the poisoning, there is enough suspense that builds up around why, and waiting for Owen to put all of the pieces together I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction and mysteries.

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    There were aspects of this book that I found very enjoyablethe way the city of York was brought to life as almost another character in the book, for example Also, this is one of those mysteries where you know immediately WHO did it, but the hero does not, and must work at discovering both who and why Those types of mysteries are often tricky, because there is a danger the reader will grow bored waiting for the detective to catch on I wasn t terribly bored with this one, but I found the hero to be a little dense and clumsy in his effortsmost of the interest came from the other characters involved, frankly I also didn t care for the romance element to the story It was a classic hero and heroine fight constantly but secretly love each other kind of thing The fighting was constant and not particularly balanced by anything else, though, so I was left wondering what in the world these people saw in each other aside from their respective hotness Hotness is fine, of course, but it s hardly going to serve as a basis for me to become emotionally invested in those two crazy kids working things out and getting together.

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    I marked the read date as July, however, I ve read this one several times The entire Owen Archer series is phenomenal, excellent stories from beginning to end, with characters who are neither all bad nor all good, just a perfect blend of both to make them human and real.The attention to historical detail is wonderful, although their ideas of cures can sometimes make one cringe in the modern world Unlike many other mystery books, you aren t kept in suspense as to who did it, for you know right off Instead, you get to follow Owen as he unravels the many threads to discover the why.A wonderful book to kick off a wonderful series.

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    I like historical novels as you can see if you search my reviews Some of the best are series by authors such as Forster, O Brian and Cornwell Historical mystery writers have a particular challenge and some, such as Pargeter and Saylor, have mastered it Candace Robb recognizes that and articulates it as follows Writing a historical mystery novel requires the author to wear three hats, novelist, historian and mystery writer The novelist guards the integrity of the form, the growth of the main character, and glories in the creation of the character s world, freely using the imagination But the historian groans at anachronisms, agonizes over chronologies, and corrects descriptions according to archeological studies, from city plans to the heights of the people The mystery writer doesn t want too much superfluous historical description to confuse the clues, has to maintain suspense, and yearns to move things around in time and place to serve the mystery Compromises must be made in order to finish the book in one s lifetime I believe Robb gets it just about right with authentic characters and a plot that is, at most times, compelling Several murders in the medieval city of York, England A wounded archer who is tapped by the Lord Chancellor and Archbishop to investigate The apothecary is at the center of suspicion and understanding how cures and remedies are prepared makes this mystery unique and fascinating The fact that women seem well characterized with a full set of skills, insights and motives also adds to the pleasure.

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    Much of the drama in this book would have been averted if the actors in it had taken the time to determine whether or not the people they tried to kill did, in fact, die Check your work, people.

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    I read this book to fill the Read by Candlelight square of my 2019 Halloween Bingo Card.What an excellent way to spend a cold, snowy evening And yes, we had snow in late September, quite a bit of it and I was happy to hide at home.I can t give this novel marks as high as the Brother Cadfael mysteries I certainly enjoyed it, but would have to rate it from 3 to 3.5 stars For me, the last chapter just whipped together too quickly, with too little effort on the part of the main characters I would have found it to my taste if Owen Lucie were to remain in limbo until some point in the next book But I am not a fan of the neatly tied up ending, I much prefer something ambiguous.Nevertheless, I have picked up books 2 and 3 of the series at my favourite used book store and I will likely read them before returning them for credit Although I don t love Owen Archer as much as I am obviously supposed to, he isn t the worst mystery character on the market and I ll give him another chance or two before I abandon the series.

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    I read this book expecting a mystery crime story and as a representative of that group it must be said that it kind of sucked The story itself was predictable, and didn t even pretend very hard at being either a puzzle or even a psychological view of a crime not that I like those So really, the story was a romance novel featuring a crime The romance itself irritated me, while I liked the character of Mistress Wilton I don t remember her name and NONE of the reviewers mention it which is telling , while I liked her as a journeyman and as someone who was capable and brave, I didn t like her irrational confrontations with Owen both he and she irritated me in them It was supposed to be part of the romance chemistry I realise The chemistry entirely was wasted on me and not just because I am queer, occasionallyvery rarely I can appreciate a boy girl romance where it doesnt rely on stereotypes and the man saving the woman Owen s acceptance of his inferior obedient status as Mistress Wilton s apprantice is an anachronism, but a charming one and lets be honest historical novels are full of anachronisms because there is just not enough information to really get into the mind of a person from a time before ordinary people could write and leave lots of information about how they thought.I thought much of the historical setting, and possibly the political intrigues though ugly and dehumanising were accurate I was unhappy with the many steroypes Magda for one and the lecherous archdeacon for another but also the tart with a heart innkeeper that I encountered Stereotypes are on the whole offensive, certainly these were There were flashes of an awareness of how class and gender are constituted by society and even a beginning of complex understanding of intersectionality which is the sort of analysis that makes history interesting but every time I started paying attention to that Owen and his friend would have a childish, sexually frustrated squabble and the book would degenerate to a drawn out, convoluted and unsatisfying romance novel once .Despite a lively, capable and intelligent some of the time girl love interest the book falls back into essentialised and patriarchal portrayals of gender and contains oblique homophobia disguised as a sort of squeamish compassion These elements kept intruding on parts of the book that would have been interesting otherwise though the plot itself lacked something.People have compared Robb to Ellis Peters which is why I was interested The comparison does Peters Pargeter a huge disservice

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    I will start by noting that I have a weakness for series type books I enjoy getting to know a character or characters and then following them along in their lives When presented with the opportunity to review this series it was actually pretty cool because I didn t have to wait for the next volume to come out I was going to have almost all of the books at once to read over a two month period One of the books is not being re released I m going to try and find it so I can complete the set This is the first book so it introduces the reader to all of the players including our hero Owen Archer He s a spy in the 14th century an ex warrior with a real knowledge of herbal healing An unusual skill set for a man of the time, eh This book is mostly setting up characters to create the world for the books to come There is a mystery of course but the who isn t as much a focus as the why which makes this a interesting read in a way.The characters are well developed and diverse The historical details are well integrated into the story without being intrusive I felt like I was part of the story and I love that in a book When an author can make you feel like are in another century and part of a totally different world it leaves you with the desire to keep reading I m looking forward to the second book in the series.4.5

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