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    I hate to admit it, but I needed to read than 300 pages of this novel before I gave up I have read most novels featuring Tweed, Newman and Paula Grey Never really liked them, but never knowing why Now I know You never really get to know them Who are they really You never see Newman writing anything he seems at home with a gun than a pen, and most of what Paula says is be careful And Tweed seems to take the slowest way to the climat than is possible In this novel, they are in Z rich about 2 3 hours by car from Basle and not much than 2 hours by car from Colmar which again is in the Vosges But we need to stay at a hotel in each and every city It is faster to drive from city to city, even faster than a plane But they have to take the train Frankly, that is how I see most of his books But OK one book made me want to visit Constance, and this book made me realize, that I have been in Basle a few times, but never in the right heart of the city But I should not need to read 300 pages to discover that

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    Waste of time, a lot of time.

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    Book 11 in the Tweed and Co series delivers exactly what readers of the series would expect A megalomaniacal bad guy who is intent on killing everyone who gets in his way A series of seemingly random killings and the usually plethora of red herrings and misdirection The team do battle in Switzerland and France against an army of bad guys who are determine to kill them at any cost and create an ever elaborate series of ambushes in which to achieve this For the first time in the series Phillip Cardon is full member of the team and fits in seamlessly Whilst this and other Forbes novels would never when literary prizes they are great fun and an ideal way to pass the time.

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    Dit boek lag op de balie op het werk voor de liefhebber , daar ik al het een en ander van Colin Forbes in de kast heb staan, maar deze nog niet kende heb ik het boek meegenomen Had al jaren geen boek van deze auteur meer gelezen, na de eerste tien bladzijden vroeg ik me af waarom eigenlijk niet Het zijn heerlijke moderne detectives, met een goede verhaallijn en zonder langdradigheid.

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    Should be 2.4 star so make it 2 If you looking for education and enrichment, not here Quick easy fiction reading, with sufficient drama to hold your attention The usual Tweed team getting up to new exploits with the customary farfetched enthusiasm.

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    Must read for Colin Forbes fans.

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    A good read by a good author.

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    One of Forbes better Tweed novels, though a little far fetched at times Contrary to other reports the word diabolical is only used once

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    donated to CCU 30 10 2014loaned to pop

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The Power summary pdf The Power, summary chapter 2 The Power, sparknotes The Power, The Power 5772d91 In This Thriller, Tweed, Paula Grey And Bob Newman Face The Most Professional Enemy They Have Ever Encountered Subjected To Overwhelming And Murderous Pressure, Tweed S Desperate Task Is To Identify This Mysterious Opponent Before It Is Too Late A Nightmare Scenario Unfolds

  • Hardcover
  • 535 pages
  • The Power
  • Colin Forbes
  • English
  • 25 February 2017
  • 9780330334747

About the Author: Colin Forbes

Raymond Harold Sawkins was a British novelist, who mainly published under the pseudonym Colin Forbes, but also as