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The White Jade Fox pdf The White Jade Fox, ebook The White Jade Fox, epub The White Jade Fox, doc The White Jade Fox, e-pub The White Jade Fox, The White Jade Fox 5fbcf52218a Saranna Had Heard Rumors About Tiensin, The Strange Old Mansion With Its Oriental Treasures She Had Heard It Was Haunted Now With Her Own Eyes She Had Seen It Was True The Macabre Circle Of Small Foxes Ringing The Dancer In The Secret Garden, The Mysterious Robed Woman With A Fox S Face Had Saranna Realy Seen Them Or Had She Dreamed It Saranna Had Gone To Tiensin Under Protest Her Spoiled Young Niece, Honora, Had Forced Her To Become A Governess To Her Stepdaughter, Damaris Never Had Saranna Encountered Anyone As Thoroughly Evil As Honora She Was Beautiful, And She Could Pull The Wool Over Any Man S Eyes But She Could Not Deceive Saranna Or Damaris, Whom She Was Planning To Cheat Out Of A Huge Inheritance Even The Handsome And Trustworthy Gerrad Fowkes Seemed To Be Taken With The Deceitful Young Stepmother Saranna Knew Now That The Future Held Great Danger For Her And Damaris She Needed Desperately To Talk To Someone But There Was No One Except Gerrad Fowkes Or Was He Too Enad Of Honora To Believe Saranna

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    I know I ve read this before, but I retain very few memories of it About all I can say right now is that Norton must at one point have been to the port at Balti and or museums pertaining thereto , since it features in several of her books usually as no than a transit point.There s some evidence that there were meant to be I Ching hexagrams at the head of each chapter, but if so, they re not in this edition.For once, in a Norton book, nobody dies That s cause for celebration in itself It s not clear when this book is set There are internal references to Godey s Ladies Book, which places it not earlier than 1830 The heroine s step greatniece s grandfather was one of the earliest Americans to trade on a strictly limited basis in China, and this would probably have been around 1800.I should note that the villain threatens several people with confinement in a mental institution Since we tend to threaten people with things we fear ourselves, what might this mean she fears about herself She threatens another character with a marriage by rape what does that say about her own marital experience One would like to hope that the young Damaris would follow her patron and, likely, foster kinsman by marriage , and free the slaves at Tiensin One of the minor characters is threatened with being sold downriver, and fears to help the protagonists with that threat hanging over her if she d been free, she might have dared to be help.

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    Not one of Andre Norton s bestThe story is simple enough Young woman loses both parents and is forced to seek out distant relatives for help The young woman, Saranna, has arrived to meet her half brother, but found his glamorous but odious daughter Honora instead Saranna is pushed about by Honora like a pawn There is a younger wild child in the story by the name of Damaris There is where the simplicity stops.Saranna is visited by a woman with the face of a fox and given a fox head pendant Foxes run wild on the mysterious estate All of the oriental treasures in the house disappear overnight In that place, the fates of Saranna, Damaris and Honora will be determined Resting on the revealed mysteries of the fox estate This book is acceptable as a Gothic Romance which it is The only problem is that Norton did much better work in Science Fiction, Fantasy and children s literature One only has to look to Lavender Green Magic or The Crystal Gryphon to see the difference.This book is passable, readable and ends in a satisfactory manner, but is only a time filler.

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    One of my Teen favorites,mystery and a good amount of spookiness with a mansion fulled with wonder Not one of my favorite books any but still a page turner.

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    Another Fox FantasyThis is the second fantasy I have read by this author I was absolutely blown away by the first one Imperial Lady , and I am hoping for the same with this one Saranna is a seventeen year old orphan who is dependent upon her much older half brother, Jethro, whom she doesn t even know She is escorted from her home to Balti by Mr Stranger, her half brother s attorney, and as they reach their destination, she meets former Captain, now Mr, Gerrad Fowkes whose home Queen s Pleasure is out of town Unfortunately, she doesn t see much of Jethro as he is about to embark on what may be a twelve month absence, so he hands Saranna over to his daughter, the widowed Mrs Honora Whaley Honora banishes Saranna to Tientsin ostensibly to look after twelve year old Damaris, Honora s stepdaughter, until a new governess is employed.There are tensions and undercurrents at Tientsin , with Mrs Parton, the housekeeper seemingly in charge and acting according to Honora s orders The house had been built by Captain Whaley, Damaris grandfather, who had spent many years living in China and the house is filled with treasures that the old Captain had collected over many decades He had passed much of his knowledge about them to Damaris, along with his love and appreciation of the skilled artistry in many of the pieces The atmosphere in the house is chilling and with Honora s arrival shortly after Saranna s, the atmosphere deteriorates into fear as Honora s intentions slowly become evident to Saranna There are mysteries at Tientsin , why are foxes protected what lies behind the huge, tangled hedge known by Damaris, and unintentionally found by Saranna, that will have a profound effect.This is an absorbing story with well rounded and detailed characters, a smidgen of Chinese occult, but no real plot as such It is very well written and edited which makes for pleasurable reading, and there are some delightfully lyrical passages similar to those I found in Imperial Lady This book doesn t measure up to that one for me, but is a good four star read.

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    Even with missing pages I found this a fast, enjoyable read.

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