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Death Comes As Epiphany (Catherine LeVendeur, #1) explained Death Comes As Epiphany (Catherine LeVendeur, #1), review Death Comes As Epiphany (Catherine LeVendeur, #1), trailer Death Comes As Epiphany (Catherine LeVendeur, #1), box office Death Comes As Epiphany (Catherine LeVendeur, #1), analysis Death Comes As Epiphany (Catherine LeVendeur, #1), Death Comes As Epiphany (Catherine LeVendeur, #1) a28d Catherine LeVendeur Is A Young Scholar Come To Conquer Her Sin Of Pride At The Convent Of The Paraclete, Famous For Learning, Prayer, And Its Abbess, The Fabled HeloiseWhen A Manuscript The Convent Produced For The Great Abbe Suger Disappears, Rumors Surface Saying The Book Contains Sacrilegious Passages And Will Be Used To Condemn Heloise S Famous Lover, Peter AbelardTo Save Her Order, And Protect All She Holds Dear, Catherine Must Find The Manuscript And Discover Who Altered The Text She Will Risk Disgrace, The Wrath Of Her Family And The Church, And Confront An Evil Older Than Time Itself And, If She Isn T Careful, Lose Her Immortal SoulWith Death Comes As Epiphany, The First In The Catherine LeVendeur Mystery Series, Medievalist Sharan Newman Has Woven Dark Mystery And Sparkling Romance Into A Fascinating And Richly Detailed Tapestry Of Everyday Life In Twelfth Century France, And One Of The Most Moving Love Stories Of All Time Abelard And Heloise

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Death Comes As Epiphany (Catherine LeVendeur, #1)
  • Sharan Newman
  • English
  • 13 February 2017
  • 9780765303745

About the Author: Sharan Newman

Sharan Newman is a medieval historian and author She took her Master s degree in Medieval Literature at Michigan State University and then did her doctoral work at the University of California at Santa Barbara in Medieval Studies, specializing in twelfth century France She is a member of the Medieval Academy and the Medieval Association of the Pacific.Rather than teach, Newman chose to use her

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    I never thought I d find a mystery set in the Medieval era that would be so plainly boring, but I have And it wasn t just boring, it was painfully bad.The main character is naive and full of bad choices, even though she s supposed to pass as oh so intelligent and oh so ahead of her times However, in every interaction of hers, she comes across as docile, avoiding conflict with all those who plainly tell her they have the right to control her choices and her life Her relatives, from her parents to her sister, her uncle, her brother, everyone is a complete boring brute The only character who is remotely acceptable is Edgar The mystery itself is not interesting at all, the twists are laughable, and I am pretty certain that the dialogue is far from the way in which French people of the era used to talk It was outrageous to come across so many modern idioms, it was cringe worthy.The only elements that kept me reading until the end were Eloise and Abel rd s presence and the descriptions of Medieval France I had high expectations for this novel, judging by the reviews, but I suppose it wasn t for me It goes without saying that I will not attempt to start the following installments in the series.

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    A quick look not necessarily exhaustive or complete through the list of those who have read this book on Goodreads.com shows that I may be the only person of male gender to have read this book Hmmm, Oh well, I enjoyed it anyway It s a murder mystery, historical novel 12th Century France , romance and thriller all rolled into one However, the medieval setting gives the book a mood and tone that will never be found in a modern mystery romance thriller novel It helps for the reader to be familiar with the story of Ab lard and H lo se before reading this book Otherwise, you ll miss the significance of some things in the book One twist to this story I found noteworthy The body of the murdered victim literally falls down on top of the story s heroine while she s walking across a courtyard at night Talk about a mystery being thrust upon you She had no choice but to become a 12th Century sleuth and try to solve the mystery She has several narrow escapes before the story finally reaches a conclusion I think the ending will not be anticipated by most readers.This book is first in a series of ten books in the Catherine LeVendeur series written by Sharan Newman I had previously read the sixth book in the series, and I decided I needed to read the first one to get a better understanding of the characters I m not sure I ll have time to read all the books in the series anytime soon A complete list of the books in this series is listed at the end of this review.I noticed that the author has written an errata that acknoledges and explains some historical inaccuracies in the book Note, the website where the errata used to be located is no longer active Only a well trained scholar of medieval history would care about the level of detail that she explains there The story is fictional, but what we re talking about here are details contained in the story that don t fit into 12th Century life No movie producer has ever worried about this sort of problem Speaking of historical details, this book has details that the most creative writer of fiction would never dream up Apparently dried moss was used then at least by some for toilet paper Who would have known such a thing I can just image the author with this tidbit of historical trivia trying to find a place in the story to mention it.Here s my favorite quote from the book Catherine Le Vendeur, he asked sententiously, have you known this man carnally No father, Catherine answered But, with your kind permission, I would very much like to Now that is the level of sexual explicitness that I can feel comfortable with.List of books in the Catherine LeVendeur series 1 Death Comes As Epiphany 2 The Devil s Door3 The Wandering Arm4 Strong As Death 5 Cursed in the Blood 6 The Difficult Saint7 To Wear The White Cloak8 Heresy A Catherine LeVendeur Mystery 9 The Outcast Dove 10 The Witch in the Well

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    This was an enjoyable murder mystery set in 12th century France It had a likable pair of characters in Catherine and Edgar I especially liked Edgar s sense of humor Although the ending was a bit overly dramatic, and the shift in one of the characters was a tad far fetched, the overall impression was that of a pleasant read.

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    There s so much of a gamble making your main character a young unmarried woman in a time when women had few rights and if they came from families with money, their movements were even restricted Catherine has been living in an abbey for 3 years with the intention of becoming a nun Her Mother Superior asks her to pretend to leave the abbey in disgrace to track down a book the abbey produced in honor of a controversial religious figure Its been rud that this book has been defaced or altered to bring even censure upon the controversial religious figure as well as the abbey So right off the bat we have a big problem The Mother Superior is so without male supporters that she has to ask a novitiate to sacrifice her family s honor to go get a book The MOther Superior is friends with the controversial religious figure who is a teacher to many many young men Surely it would make a lot sense to involve this guy who has the freedom of his gender to go figure this all out There s a couple of obvious lapses of logic related to the main character being a young single woman from a wealthy family At one point, reliable and moral people looking out for Catherine s welfare leave her alone with a man about her age who they don t know in a basement for hours while they try to get a message to her father I m sorry but exactly how would that go over with her father These lapses took me out of the story too often If you want your main character to be a plucky young novitiate bloodhound, then make her a modern woman or keep the story in the abbey or within her family.If you really like this kind of story, go read Cora Harrison Set in Ireland in a time long ago, when women actually held positions of power The main character is a brehon a woman of learning, judgment and the respect of her county and the author backs up her main character s actions with information on Irish law and custom It s truly fascinating and fun.

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    I adore ecclesiastical mysteries It began with with the Brother Cadfael series and ran wild from there.This book had two things going for it an amazing heroine, and a beautifully layered mystery Catherine would be right at home alongside Galileo s daughters She s that rarity in the medieval world intelligent and educated Her piety is somewhat underdeveloped,, but the true lure of the convent for Catherine lay in books reading writing, assembling And it is a book that lands Catherine in a world of trouble, religious politics, family politics, secrets, murderand perhaps even worldly love.Catherine s voice may be too modern for some readers, and the tangle of alliances can be tough to track I thought I d figured out the mystery early on, and will happily confess to having landed a juicy red herring instead I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and the development of the characters I would ve enjoyed a little depth all around, but for the first book of a series, it has plenty of hooks raises lots of questions, but ends well A reader could stop with this book and be satisfied, or move on to the other titles.Guess which options I chose

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    An engrossing plot, charming heroine and intriguing historical details The main characters were well drawn and likeable, and the use of Heloise and Abelard did not seem ponderous or contrived as use of historical personages in fiction sometimes does I liked the thorough depiction of the culture, especially the way people s belief in the supernatural was pervasive and convincing.My only quibble was with the occasional forays into the perspective of secondary characters I felt it added little to the story while sacrificing some of the mystery Note on the audiobook The narrator was great Her voices varied, she read dramatically but not bombastically, and her Francophone pronunciation of names added to the atmosphere.

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    I enjoyed many aspects of this book It is always interesting to see how different life was In this case particularly how religion played such an important role There were some aspects that were somewhat overdone for me however view spoiler The whole Satanism line was somewhat silly to me, particularly when Roger started speechifying hide spoiler

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    Do you like The Middle Ages Mystery Historical fiction Intelligent, zealous, and innocent heroines Mysticism France Sean Connery in Goldfinger The Name of the RoseThen you ll like this book.My Medieval Studies professor recommended this as a good example of a realistic medieval setting She was true to her word Newman slips in interesting facts without once appearing pedantic We learn about cures for ailments, religious rituals, strained race relations, and chivalrous tournaments as easily as you learn about New York from Sex in the City I was fascinated, but even if you re not a Medievalist, you can easily enjoy the book without getting bored or distracted.What my professor didn t tell me about was the complex web of a mystery The French heroine Catherine leaves her convent to figure out who defaced a holy book and stumbles into theft, heresy, riots, and murder She tries to solve the crimes using her logic and Christian morality, all while fighting against others dismissal of her as a woman Along the way she meets a suspiciously smart English stoneworker with stormy eyes, a hermit who works magic, real scholars and religious leaders from history, and people who believe wholeheartedly in saints, immortal souls, and the devil Okay, so maybe it s Asceticism in the City.The plot is complex, but the storytelling is simple The moral arguments are intriguing without being preachy or prescriptive The mystery unfolds at a good pace, and I guessed some of the pieces but not the whole pie I also liked the romance between Catherine and the English stoneworker No insta love, thankfully, but also no I can t stand the sight of you and we fight and fight until just kidding it s love.Some bits were contrived Catherine seemed to be auditioning for The Three Stooges given the number of things that kept falling on her or tossing her to the ground There were also a few right place, right time coincidences Still, these were small enough that I didn t really mind them.Don t expect car chases or even wagon chases , but if you like any of the items above, you ll like Death Comes as Epiphany.

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    Amazing Makes 12th century France seem very alive and real, and avoids the trap of making characters in a historical novel paragons of the modern day Later novels fall off in quality, but this one is absolutely top notch.

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    Sharan Newman shows her amazing expertise in this era of history, but this isn t all dry facts Fast paced story, great characters and a satisfying mystery and romance.

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