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Suddenly You files Suddenly You, read online Suddenly You, free Suddenly You, free Suddenly You, Suddenly You e6097378c Bestselling Author Lisa Kleypas Creates A Beguiling Story, Set In A World Where Appearance Means Everything, Passion Simmers Just Below The Surface, And A Respectable Englishwoman Is Willing To Risk Scandal For One Night Of LoveShe Was Unmarried, Untouched And Almost Thirty, But Novelist Amanda Briars Wasn T About To Greet Her Next Birthday Without Making Love To A Man When He Appeared At Her Door, She Believed He Was Her Gift To Herself, Hired For One Night Of Passion Unforgettably Handsome, Irresistibly Virile, He Tempted Her In Ways She Never Thought Possible, But Something Stopped Him From Completely Fulfilling Her DreamJack Devlin S Determination To Possess Amanda Became Greater When She Discovered His True Identity But Gently Bred Amanda Craved Respectability Than She Admitted, While Jack, The Cast Off Son Of A Nobleman And London S Most Notorious Businessman, Refused To Live By Society S Rules Yet When Fate Conspired For Them To Marry, Their Worlds Collided With A Passionate Force Neither Had Expected But Both Soon Craved

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    Fan tas tic One of the best Kleypas I ve read Why have I waited so long to read this book Spinster novelist Amanda Briars doesn t want to celebrate her 30th birthday as a virgin, so she decides to hire the services of Mrs Gemma Bradshaw, a well established madam whom anyone who s read Worth Any Price should recognize , to find her a suitable man to take care of her, er, problem Unbeknownst to Amanda, Mrs Bradshaw decides to play matchmaker and sends her publisher Jack Devlin in lieu of the male prostitue Amanda is expecting.Jack is London s most successful publisher, the bastard child of a nobleman who s never acknowledged him During a conversation with Mrs Bradshaw no, he isn t one of her customers he s just the publisher of her book The Sins of Madam B he mentions that he s just bought Ms Briars 1st unpublished novel An Unfinished Lady and his intention of becoming acquainted with her so they could work together and polish the novel for publication Claiming a friendship with Amanda and failing to mention all the relevant facts, Mrs Bradshaw sends Jack to Amanda s house at the specific date and time the hired prostitute should be knocking on Amanda s door Needless to say, Amanda mistakes Jack for the prostitute and he s a little confused at first, not understanding what she s talking about Being an intelligent man, Jack quickly realizes what s going on and is rather amused Does he come clean and tells her who he is Of course not He goes with the flow and gives her the best birthday present ever However, he isn t a cad, so he doesn t take her virginity He does leave without revealing his identity, though.Jack knows Amanda is going to find out who he is soon enough after all, he still wants to publish her novel and needs to discuss that project with her He also knows he s going to have a hard time convincing her to work with him, considering how he tricked her on their 1st meeting But he isn t a successful businessman for nothing and he always gets what he wants So they start working together and what begins as a professional relationship becomes personal and complicated than any of them expected.I have to say, I was a little worried when I began reading this book, because the premise wasn t exactly to my liking Amanda s bold behavior, hiring a prostitute to rid her of her virginity, seemed rather stupid to me and I was afraid she would be a quirky silly heroine who would spend the whole book doing daring things only to be saved by the hero Thankfully, I was wrong Amanda was one of the best heroines I ve ever met she was smart, assertive, sensitive and sensible I couldn t help loving her and rooting for her HEA, even when she did something that made me raise my eyebrows in doubt I won t give any spoilers away here I ll just say that I usually hate when a heroine does what she did, but I found myself unable to condemn Amanda for her actions They made sense, considering the circumstances and the time she lived in.On his part, Jack was the stuff my dreams are made of He was smitten with Amanda from the start because of her work, which he truly admired and respected, because of her compelling personality and because of her plump and curvy figure He definitely knew how to show how much he appreciated her sexy body The love scenes in this book were sizzling hot Some of the things that Jack did with Amanda were very kinky and I d never seen them outside the erotica romantica genre before WTG, Ms Kleypas The pace of this story was kind of slow, in a good way Despite their steamy 1st meeting, Jack and Amanda s relationship didn t feel rushed Ms Kleypas gave them time to actually know each other, building their sexual tension to the sky before allowing them to take their relationship to the next level Then, as I was getting ready to enjoy the HEA, an unexpected event added some heartbreaking angst to the book I was taken aback at first, wondering where the hell that had come from, but as my heartbeat slowed down, I realized that that event made their HEA believable Not to mention, I really enjoyed the way Jack dealt with the situation lusty grin Another Kleypas, another winner What else is new D

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    3.5 starsThis was my second time reading Suddenly You, but I had read it so long ago that I couldn t remember anything about the plot Either it didn t make much of an impression, or and this was the most likely scenario I was going through Kleypas books too fast to savor the sweet taste.Upon second reading, I can definitely say that this was another winner from this author No, it wasn t my favorite book ever, but it was a really good romance from a really talented writer.So, Amanda hires a hooker for her 30th birthday, because she doesn t want to die a virgin and who can blame her She s a successful novelist who, due to taking on the role of caregiver to her ailing parents, missed the window of opportunity to snag herself a man Too bad, so sad But other than that one little thing she s mostly happy with her life Especially the amount of freedom and independence she has because of her advanced age 30 and the ability to make her own money.BUT.Due to the madam at the brothel having a wicked sense of humor, Amanda mistakes book publishing powerhouse, Jack Devlin, as her paid escort and he doesn t bother to correct her.And so begins a steamy romance between the spinsterish author and the dark and moody publisher.It was an excellent book right until the end, at which point it went off the railslike a lot of romances do And instead of just ending when they would have both organically realized that they loved each other, the plot turned into a lot of unnecessary drama that didn t actually add anything to the story And then, just when you thought it was over There was yet another unnecessary piece of added drama view spoiler The miscarriage I suppose it was tossed in there to make sure that we all knew he loved her for her and not the baby, but it was to me just a stupid way to drag the book out and work in ONE MORE sex scene hide spoiler

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    2.5 5I m not sure where to start Well, I m still ambivalent about this one On the one hand, it was undoubtedly an entertaining read On the other hand, the romance aspect of this book failed me big time.This one had an interesting plot Not quite as original as the author s other books I ve read, but still good For the most part, it was a decent read but there were a few things that ticked me off.As I already mentioned, I wasn t impressed with the romance part In my opinion, Jack and Amanda s chemistry felt totally forced And frankly, my major problem with this aspect was Jack I hate it when the hero chooses not to fight for the heroine just because he thinks he doesn t deserve her I was very disappointed in Jack He loved her Wanted her badly But he dumped her And then tried to convince himself that he did it for her own good Why did he let his tough upbringing keep him from having a happy future with the only woman he loved That was weak and stupid Argh, I hate this kind of hero Well, perhaps he was right Amanda deserved better than him She deserved someone who would fight to the end of the world for her Someone who wouldn t hesitate at the chance to be with her every day Someone who would never ever let her go And speaking of Amanda, I must admit I didn t know what to think about her at first She was sort of meh for me But as I read further into the story, I began to warm up to her a little I can t say I totally enjoyed her character, even so, somewhere towards the end of the book, she really got better.Due to my high expectations, this one fell somewhat flat Although many parts of the story were good, I wanted something else I wanted to feel the real chemistry between them I wanted a little bit excitement and drama I just wished Jack could be a desirable hero whom I couldn t say no to.Sadly, I got none I felt like I expected a lot but got less in return.I m not quite sure whether to rate this one 2 or 3 stars, but since I never once felt like putting it aside and started reading something else, I think I m going with 3 stars.Please note this is only my personal opinion If you re a fan of historical romance, don t let my review discourage you You may enjoy it than I did.

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    I liked it 3.75 stars How do I look Amanda asked.Jack shook his head ruefully as he glanced at her No one could mistake the remaining flush on her cheeks, or the soft sparkle of her eyes, or her lusciously swollen mouth, for anything other than the results of physical passion Like you ve been ravished, he said flatly.She astonished him by smiling Hurry, please I want to go inside my house and consult a looking glass I ve always wanted to know what a ravished woman looks like Good, he said softly Set the world afire Just let me hand you the matches I have read and enjoyed this author s contemporary books I will definitely be checking out some of her historical

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    Lately, I ve been let down too many times by the romance genre so I chose a tried and loved author to pick up my dragging rating Aannnd Finally A well written romance with enjoyable characters and nice story My ovaries wants to thank LK Amanda is about to hit the 30 and she s still a virgin So, she takes the situation in her hands and gets herself a present for her birthday Nope, not a Teddy Bear with a strap on like my last unfortunate read, but a man whore hmm, male escort a lord of the night And she hits Jack pot yes, I m very proud of myself for that play with the name of hero Enter Jack, a half irish hunk with a delectable accent.And I m like GO AMANDA I loved the characters, enjoyed their banter and the build up of their relationship The background was a bit different than most historical romances, since these were upper middle class characters I don t know if this would be a 5 stars reading experience any other time but fuck that 5 stars it is

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    A new book boyfriend for me He s half Irish, dark hair with blue eyes, loves reading and books, and empowers his woman Good, he said softly Set the world afire Just let me hand you the matches I ll give our son the best of everything I m going to spoil the hell out of him, and send him to the best schools, and when he comes back from his grand tour, he s going to run Devlin s for me What if we have a girl Then she ll run it for me, came his prompt reply Silly man, a woman could never do such a thing My daughter could, he informed her At least it was a pretty explosionIn this book, we have Amanda, a spinster at the age of 30 who is also a pretty popular writer She decides she doesn t want to die a virgin, so she hires a male escort for the evening of her 30th birthday Instead, she gets Devlin, a publisher who happens upon her house to try and steal her away from her current publisher to him In a case of mistaken identity, they have a little slap and tickle, but it doesn t exactly go according to plan I hope she didn t pay him for that.Once she realizes her mistake, Amanda has to deal with seeing this not a prostitute in social situations since they are both in the same business Talk about awkward Sorry I thought you were a filthy whore You just looked like a filthy whore I mean, I was expecting a filthy whore Shit I ll just go die of embarrassment now.Jack Devlin is sexier than sin Amanda is funny, innocent, but also smart and pragmatic I loved both characters and felt like they made a great couple Definitely a fun Historical Romance.

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    My Review What an absolute joy it was to read this book Jack and Amanda are wonderful characters, in and of themselves, but bring them together and you have magic I love the way Lisa Kleypas defines and develops her characters, making them larger than life but at the same time keeping them grounded in reality They may have fancy houses and money than they can spend in one lifetime, but they always have to deal with the same things we mere mortals do life I find that I become easily invested them, wanting them to have joy, passion and love, and this tells me that she writes people, not just characters And her storylines are believable situations we can, in some way relate to, if not directly than because she knows how to reach us through our shared humanness.I think my favorite thing about Jack and Amada is their independence, each one believing that they could never marry because that would mean giving up control to another person Yet when they came together, these two fiercely opinionated and independent people, found in each other not the conflicts they had feared, but someone to share their hopes and dreams with They helped each other through difficult times and shared in the joy of their triumphs Can you tell how much I love them It s amazing to me that one author can consistently write stories upon stories upon stories which always bring a smile to my face and leaves me with fond memories of characters I ve come to know as old friends Discovering Lisa Kleypas has been one of the highlights of my reading adventures.

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    Amanda Briars is unmarried and about to turn 30 years old She s an accomplished novelist, independent and self sufficient in an era that s pretty hard on women without husbands 19th century London But, she does not want to reach that age milestone without experiencing carnal love So, she discreetly arranges with the town s brothel owner for a man The next day, a gentleman shows up on her doorstep the very next day Jack Devlin is a successful publisher, known for printing some racy material He s got a bit of a reputation but that s not stopping him from trying to sign on Amandaas a client and a lover I chose this book because I liked the idea of an older, independent woman in 1800s England It turned out to be a delightful story as Amanda was smart and talented, Jack an extremely interesting and complicated man Their first encounter was sensual and their relationship evolved slowly throughout the book The banter was clever and funny but the serious moments were just as compelling The later conflicts were inevitable, as we were forewarned, and they were handled well, despite a lapse in ethical behavior on Amanda s part This was my first experience with the narrator, Beverley Crick, and I really enjoyed her performance Kleypas is one of my favorite authors so I had high expectations that were than met I hated when the story ended as I liked being in Amanda and Jack s world The epilogue, however, left me in a really good place I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review

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    If you love someone you cannot help but have sex with them.If you have great sex with someone you must love them.If you love someone it is okay to blackmail them into having sex with you because you are meant to be together.In addition to not agreeing with any of these underlying romantic principles and finding the initial set up entirely implausible, I found the story strangely lacking in tension or conflict Still, it was sort of nice to see grown up, relatively mature and rational characters instead of ones who act like hysterical and possibly retarded children, as so many romance protagonists seem to Nice for them that they got some orgasms and marriage and stuff.

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    3.5 starsThis was another atypical historical romance featuring a 30 year old heroine, and let me tell you I am all for of this it helps me feel not so old myself lol The heroine in this book is feeling her years too, only she decides to celebrate her birthday by hiring a male prostitute to rid herself of her pesky virginity That s something I can t say I have ever done, so kudos to her for an original birthday gift to herself, LOL Jack ends up being quite a bit then she ordered and I enjoyed their relationship The ending was very surprising for a story that was pretty lighthearted up until that point This isn t as fun light hearted as Kleypas later books, but is still a good read.

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