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SYLO (The SYLO Chronicles, #1) txt SYLO (The SYLO Chronicles, #1) , text ebook SYLO (The SYLO Chronicles, #1) , adobe reader SYLO (The SYLO Chronicles, #1) , chapter 2 SYLO (The SYLO Chronicles, #1) , SYLO (The SYLO Chronicles, #1) d70e34 Does Tucker Pierce Have What It Takes To Be A Hero When The US Military Quarantines His Island Fourteen Year Old Tucker Pierce Prefers To Fly Under The Radar He S Used To Navigating Around Summer Tourists In His Hometown On Idyllic Pemberwick Island, Maine He S Content To Sit On The Sidelines As A Backup Player On The High School Football Team And Though His Best Friend Quinn Tells Him To Go For It, He S Too Chicken To Ask Tori Sleeper On A Date There S Always Tomorrow, He Figures Then Pemberwick Island Is Invaded By A Mysterious Branch Of The US Military Called SYLO And Sitting On The Sidelines Is No Longer An Option For Tucker, Because Tomorrow May Never Come It S Up To Tucker, Quinn, And Tori To Uncover The Truth About The Singing Aircraft That Appears Only At Night And The Stranger Named Feit Who S Pushing A Red Crystal He Calls The Ruby That Brings Unique Powers To All Who Take It Tucker And His Friends Must Rescue Not Just Pemberwick Island, But The Fate Of The World And All Before Tomorrow Is Too Late New York Times Bestselling Author DJ MacHale Brings His Brilliant Plotting And Breathless Pacing To SYLO, The First In This Ultimate End Of The World Adventure Trilogy

About the Author: D.J. MacHale

D.J MacHale is a writer, director, executive producer and creator of several popular television series and movies.He was raised in Greenwich, CT and graduated from Greenwich High School While in school, he had several jobs including collecting eggs at a poultry farm, engraving sports trophies and washing dishes in a steakhousein between playing football and running track D.J then attended N

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    4 SOLID STARS SYLO by D.J MacHalePublisher RazorbillPublication Date July 2nd 2013 Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the author

    As I always I get to judge the coverbut this time complimenting it.I really like the cover,especially the missiles at the top,so awesome

    SYLO is the first book in The SYLO Chronicles.It is a full action pack adventure dystopian somehow novel with some pretty kick ass characters and suspense moments.From what I could get,this is a middle grade action book,but I don t think there s an age limit for this one,it is awesome,believe me

    The beginning was kind of slow,and to be honest I had a hard time getting into the book at first,couldn t connect to the story and characters,but after that everything just got better and better,and there s the ending which was clearly the best part and I am really excited about the sequel.

    The characters,even that are young,are pretty bad ass characters.And I did enjoy how the author has described or created female characters here.Almost every girl in this book is hot,and I am very thankful about that,because I missed a book like this,with islands,summer,hot bikini girls.

    The story follows a boy,Tucker Pierce,who lives in an island called Pemberwick.Everything starts to change when a murder happens,and SYLO quarantines the island because of the drug called Ruby.Now Tucker and his friends try to find out who s behind all this mystery.

    I highly recommend this action pack book to all the readers out there.I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too

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    DNF around 50 pages There might ve been an entertaining story in here, but the writing style is too much like an adult parent relaying to another adult how a teenager might behave, rather than feeling like a 14 year old s natural language, observations, and actions This doesn t mean the main character is witty or intelligent than average, btw, we are actually told this on page 10 I, on the other hand, was of the blending in type I stood a good head shorter than Quinn and kept my brown hair cut short I wouldn t consider myself particularly brainy, though I weighed in with a solid B minus average in school Not bad, in my book Unfortunately, my parents had a different book I was tired of hearing, Tucker Pierce, you are not living up to your potential How did they know what my potential was How could anybody know Which leads me into the other issue there is a lot telling than showing in this writing style Combine all this with my sneak peek at the end to see if I guessed right about the big secret spoiler alert I did And you probably will, too and I just don t have any interest in reading further But obviously this will have its share of fans mostly, I m guessing, in the younger end of the YA age spectrum.

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    Almost a 4 star, SYLO starts off as your run of the mill YA sci fi mystery but it ends up being much complex than expected I did really enjoy it, but I found that 1 we didn t get enough answers even for a first book in a series and 2 it could have done with 50 or so less pages which is likely linked to 1.A strong aspect of this novel is how the beginning chapters really pull you into the story Being engaged from the start is a wanted feat that is not often achieved MacHale does this by getting right into the sudden deaths happening on Tucker s island He then keeps it up by introducing small chapter cliffhangers every so often throughout the book, which I m personally a sucker for Barring that, however, I wasn t a huge fan of the writing style Some of it simply felt off for supposedly being the voice of a 14 year old And some of it felt clich for instance, the frequent use of suspenseful sentences like Thirty yards Kent called out.as the machine gun behind us opened fire.We were about to cross the stern of the flaming destroyer when Now Tori called I eased the wheel to port, made the gentle turn andmy moment of peace instantly vanished I know this critique is of a personal preference but there were a lot of these suspension points throughout that I found cheesy Another small quirk is how, during normal conversations, a character was said to scream or shout Either the author was hoping for a heightened tone effect, or these islanders are really freaking intense and loud I think we re making a big mistake Quinn said Seriously I shouted Now you re having second thoughts Sounds like a shouting match, don t it It s not Our male protagonist, Tucker, is your average teenager who likes his simple island living, so when it gets quarantined and people start dying, he gets a little restless Tucker is an average character he s not someone who s especially memorable long term, but I didn t dislike him Same goes for the secondary characters While most were charismatic, I didn t get emotionally attached to them which is proven by my lack of reaction when one of them dies I did grow the most connected to Tori, one of the main secondary characters I loved that she s a tough girl who s able to fend for herself her intelligence, strength, and bravery shine through The plot itself is what s truly entertaining in SYLO, and does make up for the aforementioned qualms, some There is a ton of mystery from the get go, the sudden deaths being the first of many There are unexplained aircraft hovering about one of which explodes right in from of Tucker, never to appear in the news Bizarre drugs that turn people into temporary supermen Then there s how insanely far the military is going to make sure no one leaves escapes With this abundance of secrets on this island, it s unfortunate that we become privy to very few answers by the end, though I wish we d gotten further into the bottom of it all we barely scratched the surface For that reason, I think the book could have been shortened 50 pages or so to stop the non answers from dragging at times it was not excessively so, but it did feel lengthy At least the ending does show us how deep this bottom goes, and I really liked where the author went with it.SYLO is what I would consider a boy book a male protagonist, a lot of football talk, missiles, explosions, plenty of death, fighter planes, warships, and a kick ass climactic battle at sea Everything a boy book loving girl like myself could ask for An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Ican t I felt like I was reading a bad middle grade novel.

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    First Look I wanted to read this because D.J MacHale wrote it He wrote the Pendragon series, which is one of my all time favorites, and Morpheus Road, which I really enjoyed, so I ll read whatever he puts out, at this point Because of that, I had high expectations probably unreasonably high If D.J MacHale wasn t the author, I would have bypassed this one The premise is all too familiar, and a dystopian sci fi novel like this has to have a very unique premise before I ll pick it up Setting If Pemberwick, Maine was a real place I checked, and it s not , I would be willing to move in It s small, quaint, somewhat isolated, and by the ocean What could you want MacHale does an excellent job of getting you to care about it through Tucker s love of the place It maybe have been a bit heavy handed, but it then leads you to care when the quaintness of it is threatened This is one book where the setting truly shaped the story, and I appreciate that It was than just a backdrop Characters For the most part, Tucker is a three dimensional and dynamic character At times, he could be a bit frustrating For example, why did he keep going after Olivia when it was clear she only went for whatever guy happened to be the best at football at any particular moment Yes, she s pretty, but she s obviously shallow, so why bother Apart from that, I liked him He s resourceful, determined, and genuine I just wish his personality had been even distinct, especially since I know MacHale is capable of incredibly real seeming characters.His best friend, Quinn, made little impression on me His personality is much less defined, which makes him a mostly flat character Tori, another side character, was far interesting She may have had even personality than Tucker, and I m eager to see how she develops in future books Plot I have mixed feelings about the plot It took a long time to get moving before that, it was slow and filled with too much football Here s the thing with extended descriptions of football games as soon as you start talking about yard lines and fumbles and whatever else, you ve lost me You ve lost me even faster than you would if you started talking about cars To some extent, the games were important to the plot, but it didn t need to take up so much of the book Less football, sci fi weirdness and actual action, please After things started happening, though, the plot got interesting It moved along at a quick pace, and left me with so many questions that I didn t want to stop reading It may lack some originality, but I was still interested and invested And, of course, the ending leaves you with questions that it answers.Uniqueness This area left the most to be desired We have an average teenage guy who sees something suspicious, a quarantine, a secret government plot It s not a dystopian novel, but it used many similar tropes It does have some unique elements that reveal themselves towards the end, but I wish it stood out from other books overall Writing I forgot how much MacHale loves choppy sentences and awkward phrasing Occasionally, I would stumble over an oddly worded passage, and sometimes it didn t flow like it should Still, the narration does a decent job telling the story For the most part, it stays out of the way, and gets you into Tucker s head It allows the story to take center stage, rather than the writing itself Tucker s voice could have been prominent, but it didn t feel flat, either.Likes Nothing not already mentioned above.Not so great I kind of wanted a Pendragon reference like in Morpheus Road, but I didn t get one Then again, Morpheus Road lends itself better to that sort of thing.Overall For the most part, I enjoyed this It has its flaws, including a lack of originality, some awkward phrasing, and a slow beginning Still, it has a setting that I want to live in Tucker is an interesting and likable character, and I think we ll see him grow even in the next book As side characters go, Quinn is too flat for my liking, but Tori had a distinct personality It moves along quickly, with plot twists that keep you guessing It s a 3.5 star book, but I ll round it up, and I ll most likely check out the sequel to see where the story goes from here.Similar Books It s a science fiction novel with dystopian overtones like The Lost Code and Variant It also reminds me of Virals.Read of my reviews at HOLD IT HOLD IT RIGHT THERE.There s a new D.J MacHale book, and nobody told me until now Someone should really let me know when these things happen.Anyway, I m excited Do we get Pendragon references this time around as well I love D.J MacHale s veiled and not so veiled Pendragon references They simply reinforce the whole Pendragon concept of Halla.

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    This review is of the Advanced Readers Copy of SYLO by D.J MacHale, due in stores on July 2, 2013.Bad news D.J MacHale fans SYLO is a stinker BIG TIME Let me preface this that I ve read a few of his Pendragon books, and while they weren t exactly my cup of tea, I could still enjoy them and recommend them to my young library patrons I will not be recommending SYLO to anyone In my opinion, MacHale has never been a strong writer, but his action packed plot lines and likeable characters made up for it in the Pendragon series SYLO has neither of these Summary In SYLO MacHale is trying to cash in on the post apocalyptic military over control trend we re seeing a lot in YA Fiction these days SYLO is the story of Tucker Pierce, an average 14 year old who enjoys playing on his High School football team, loves his hometown of Pemberwick Island, and takes regular bike rides around the island with his best bud, Quinn During one of these bike rides, he happens to see an explosion out over the ocean The next week his island is invaded by the US Navy and put on lock down due to a virus Meanwhile there s this shady Feit character running around and feeding everyone this super drug called Ruby SYLO s Fatal Flaws Characters Tucker is an okay guy There s nothing super likeable about him, but you don t hate him Unfortunately, he s the most likeable character out of the cast Tucker s crush, Tori Sleeper, is supposedly this mysterious enigmatic girl that Tucker finds fascinating Honestly She just seems emotional stunted and grumpy There s nothing attractive about her personality or her interactions with Tucker and other characters Some of the other characters, like Kent are just jerks Olivia, a hot girl that Tucker s been on a few dates with seems a little flaky You re never really sure where her head is at Tucker s parents are also flawed You re never quite sure what they re deal is I think MacHale was trying to create an air of mystery around them, but instead you have two flat characters that are either crying or asking Tucker what he thinks about everything They just got kind of annoying Probably the strongest character in the whole book is Quinn, Tucker s BFF He had a few funny moments, but I didn t like where MacHale took his plot line Pacing The pacing is all over the place in this book Things are either happening at light speed or at a snail s pace And the slow parts are SLOW If this hadn t been an Advanced Reader s Copy I probably would have dropped it because of the slow parts Plot So the plot is that this island is taken over by this mysterious military force called SYLO And there are all kinds of questions My biggest issue with the book is that NONE OF THE QUESTIONS EVER GET ANSWERED You just spend the whole story running around the island with the characters creating questions And nothing makes sense In other books, this could be intriguing and serve as a motivation to read the upcoming sequel However in this book it just got annoying If you re a super big D.J MacHale fan, you might want to pick this up and give it a try However, for the other average readers out there I d suggest giving it a pass There are much interesting and well written books available in this genre You can read reviews like this at

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    D J MacHale is EVIL He has written a page turning thriller narrated by a sympathetic main character and raised questions than he has answered Tucker Pierce is a high school freshman on the island of Pemberwick, Maine He and his family moved there after his father lost his job as a civil engineer in Greenwich, Connecticut His dad has a gardening business and his mom is a free lance accountant Tucker loves the island with its tourists and beaches His best friend Quinn can hardly wait to leave and do big things But Tucker is content and happy to let things be just the way they are He isn t an ambitious boy He prefers to stay under the radar He has a fear of failing at anything that keeps him from stretching himself.Tucker s idyllic life is about to come crashing down on him A death at a football game, a strange new performance enhancing drug called Ruby, and an invasion by a US Navy division called SYLO change Tucker s, Quinn s and his new crush turned friend Tori s lives forever The people are told that SYLO has come to the island because of a new disease on the island The island has been cut off from the rest of the country Lots of things don t add up for the kids Why have they never heard of SYLO How did SYLO manage to get so organized that they could bring in troops, weapons, equipment at such short notice What are those mysterious black ships that make musical sounds when they travel What does Mr Feit, who is pushing Ruby, really want Why is he running from SYLO The kids decide that they have to escape from Pemberwick and let the rest of the country know what is happening there However, the sea is being patrolled by Navy ships and helicopters and that won t be easy.This is an exciting story that doesn t shirk from hard things Characters, even important ones, die People lie and betray And Tucker needs to step up and take a stand He can t just let things happen He needs to act It isn t clear to Tucker, or to the reader, who the bad guys are No character is all good or all evil Like, Tucker, we are left with questions about what is happening But D J MacHale s most evil action lies in the last three words of this story TO BE CONTINUED

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    Suppose you d spent most of your teenaged life on a small island off the shore of Maine, where the winters are bitterly cold and windy, and the summers are loaded with tourists and jobs spent waiting on them You d give anything to get off the island, wouldn t you The truth is, the only time under achiever Tucker really wants to leave is when he has to stand in for the senior who s the football team s top pick Unlike his best friend, he likes the island He s only lived there five years, but he s in no rush to leave, unlike everyone else he knows until the US military group called SYLO lands there, cutting off all travel, then all everything else They say there s an epidemic, but what are the symptoms Are they the result of the strange new drug peddled by the strange new guy around town, the symptoms that killed one of the town s most promising teenagers How far does this epidemic spread And how far will people here go to be safe It s a creepy, scary book There is a lot straight out action, motorcycle chases, car chases, and boat chases taking up pages than I like, since I want conspiracy plot, but I know a lot of action readers who will be happy with the chases And I don t get the science behind the strange black orbs, with their sparkles and music Maybe all will be made clear in the next book

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    Once this book took off and you got to the action, it was really intriguing and definitely kept me engaged The very last portion of the book had me biting my nails and was very action packed This does end on a cliffhanger with still no idea what s happening I gave up trying to guess because all my theories pretty much went up in flames Thank goodness I have the entire series so I can keep right on reading and find out what the heck is going on

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    I was pleasantly surprised to find this didn t suffer from the YA book club syndrome of kids that were smarter than all the adults It was a little repetitive angsty, but that s typical of teenagers An important character even dies Maybe I hope so Cheap trick if not There s a great build up of clues as to what is going on we find out most at the end It s kind of a cliff hanger, which I detest, but it s also pretty obvious this is a trilogy going in The first major hurdle is achieved.I really liked the thread about differing opinions between the kids their parents Even the secrecy, which seems over done at first, is making sense, so I m giving this 4 stars It s really a 3.5 at best, but I want to read the next 2 books, so it deserves the benefit of the doubt.

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