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    The GoodIn a world filled with dystopian and post apocalyptic books, an author needs to find themselves that something different that sets their book apart from the others John S.Wilson has done exactly that with his Wall Streetageddon The country as we know it has fallen apart due to the complete economic collapse of the United States I loved this approach, it was such a fantastic twist, and to be honest, of all the dystopian scenarios out there, it is the one that hits closest to home This could really happen.The BadI have to be honest, the writing itself lacked some polishing I believe that this is the author s first work of fiction, and he does show a great deal of potential But there were certain points of the narrative that were a bit convoluted and hard to follow The hardest part for me was the protagonist, he never had a name, he was only ever referred to as the man The whole thing gave me the feeling of a first person perspective, written as a third person perspective I would have preferred it if he had just gone whole hog first person.The UglyHis vision of the turmoil and ugliness that America would fall into following the Wall Streetageddon I would like to think that most people would rise above the lawlessness and me first attitude, but his version seems far plausible John Wilson really has a dark outlook on who we are.Joshua was a fantastic story The concept is well thought out and the torment of the protagonist pulls you into the story Yes, it could use a round of polishing and a name for the man so that I can better identify with him But the story works and I would like to see how John S Wilson evolves as an author, and where America goes after its fall.3.5 Stars

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    FantasticI countryside this bookmarking less than 5 stars I mean, I had heartfelt times, then I felt like I was drowning in tears, I even got angry a few times, but no matter what, I didn t want to stop reading The only thing that frustrated me The Man and The Boy Joshua s name was regular in the book but I m pretty sure the mans name only came up once, maybe twice But all in all, I highly recommend

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    4.5 starsIn many ways this is a very familiar post apocalyptic novel, and if you ve read a couple you won t be surprised by how quickly people turn on each other, and what happens to society But this book, unlike many, doesn t dwell on the negative Instead, through the journey of the man with Joshua, we see how it s possible to maintain some degree of civility and manners even in the darkest days and civilization has fallen We see the importance of honesty, including being honest with yourself, no matter what the cost, and we see what can happen when vengeance, rather than justice, is dealt And although it appears bleak, there is a glimmer of hope.

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    A post apocalyptic novel in the style of The Road It is a good book with well developed characters Nevertheless, I have to say that it had some problems being entertaining and not boring Sometimes it lacked some action to keep the story going Still, it is recommendable and a good read.

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    Disturbingly too close to reality I could very well see this happening in the near future, made me unable to put the book down last night.

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    This is the best apocalyptic book I have read The problem is , this a believable story Very disturbing

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    A little lost but always foUndThe man, which is a bit annoying for the main character that actually has a name, leaves it all behind when life as we know it ends in an all too realistic way The story tends to lag after the first chapter but gets better the further you read It does get a bit confusing with the dialogue going back and forth and the man being called just that It seems a bit insulting giving a main character no real name and left this reader a bit annoyed In all it was a good read and very realistic.

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    I didn t finish reading this.The story is plodding, with pages that could be skipped without appreciable loss to the plot The major disappointment is the frequent interruptions to the reading experience due to untutored errors in punctuation, uses of tenses, and incorrect choices of participles I quit reading.

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    Worth the read Yes, yes I whole heartedly recommend this book What happens when the world as you know it ends Is it possible to retain your humanity and kindness In this story, a man and a boy are thrown together by the circumstances of this new world, and have quite the survival adventure

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    What a heart warming, gut wrenching story This story takes you through every emotion, and every scenario in your mind of what life could and would likely be, in such a world And the relationship and sacrifices made by this unconventional father and son is stunning.

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Joshua summary pdf Joshua , summary chapter 2 Joshua , sparknotes Joshua , Joshua 6f48fd1 He Had To Keep Moving, That The Man Instinctively Knew He Had To Get Away, From The Rioting, The Lawlessness, The Killing Away From The Brutal Gangs That Ruled The Highways Then There Was The Boy That He Found Along The Way, An Orphan With No Place To Go He Couldn T Leave The Child Behind That Would Be Murder Together They Had To Make Their Way Across The Razed Landscape Of Post Collapse America, West To Where There Was Safety, A Chance To Begin Again If Only They Survived The Journey

  • Kindle Edition
  • 324 pages
  • Joshua
  • John S. Wilson
  • English
  • 01 September 2018

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