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Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars, #1.5) chapter 1 Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars, #1.5) , meaning Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars, #1.5) , genre Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars, #1.5) , book cover Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars, #1.5) , flies Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars, #1.5) , Stellar Evolution (Falling Stars, #1.5) 77209d72918d4 In Falling Stars, You Were Introduced To The Forgotten And Hush Hushed Mentality , Their Lives Written For The World To Read In This Follow Up Novella, Find Out What Happens After The Tours Have Ended Who Can Persevere Under The Pressure Of Love In The Public Eye Who Will Fall Apart And Who Will Become Almost Unrecognizable Some Stars Last For An Eternity, Some Stars Fade, And Others Evolve Not A Stand Alone To Fully Enjoy This Novella, I Suggest You First Read Falling Stars

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    3 Stellar Evolution Stars Audible Review HERE It is a great follow up to Falling Stars, I quiet enjoyed it I loved getting of the gang Can t wait to read Jackson s story I liked the narration but she doesn t do male voices at all and with male pov s its kinda needed So that was just so so for me Dual narration would have been perfect You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.

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    This was just a quick follow up novella to Falling Stars It was also setting up for the next story It was super short, I read it in between handing out candy to trick or treaters It was enough to get me excited about the next book and there were some hot spots that reminded me why I fell in love with Christopher in the first book, with all his tattoos and piercings So hott I m going to miss reading from Chris and Mia s point of view when the next book comes out I love being in Chris s head and I love seeing Chris through Mia s eyes FAVORITE QUOTES It is only you, Mia, has only ever been you His crystalline blue eyes pierced mine You resurrected me from the darkness, pulled me from the depths of my own personal hell No one will ever compare, come close, or take your place Chris One pic.

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    OMG it was so sweet to have Chris and Mia back. And I love how real Chris is. not doll perfect like in some books He has his faults and I love that about him. And I cannot believe Laney cheated on Jackson. I would have expected this from Kat but from Laney. that was a surprise..But whatever. that Bitch should burn..

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    I can t ever remember loving a novella so much It was beyond awesome to be able to catch up with Mia and Chris and see how their relationship had progressed I cannot wait to read Jackson s story he was totally breaking my heart view spoiler and oh my god, Chris s proposal was quite seriously the most romantic, sweetest, most heartwarming proposal ever Totally brought a tear to my eye hide spoiler

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    It was great to catch up with the gang and what a romantic ending from a man who clearly adores his girl can t wait to read the next book about Jackson.

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    Biased as author.

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    Aww I hadn t actually realised how much I missed Chris and Mia A lovely little book and that ending was THE most romantic thing I have read in a long time A bad boy with a big heart and a lot of love for his lady SWOON I hope we get another book about them but I look forward to Jacksons story My only critique is that it has a few grammatical errors along the way A great book none the less.

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    This was a very nice follow up to Falling Stars I enjoyed catching up with the members of Hush and The Forgotten I loved the additional information about Chris Mia s lives and finding out what has happened to the other group members I m definitely a fan of these characters and I m looking forward to reading the next book.

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    Wow, what can I say looking forward to the next book happy for Elliot and Serena yet heart broken for Jackson Really hoping that Christopher gets his HEA because he is just so needing a true happy ending we ll have to see huh good follow up to the story well done.

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    I loved this novella follow up for Falling Stars it was a quick and hot read I cannot wait to read Jackson s story next

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