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Revealed summary Revealed, series Revealed, book Revealed, pdf Revealed, Revealed 751e8a86e2 The Spellbinding Eleventh And Penultimate Installment In The New York Times Bestselling Vampyre SeriesDrastically Altered After Her Fall At The End Of Hidden, Neferet Is Now Dangerous Than Ever And Her Quest For Vengeance Will Wreak Havoc On Humans, As Well As Zoey And Her Friends Chaos Is Loosed In Tulsa And The House Of Night Is Blamed Can Zoey Stop Neferet In Time To Keep Her Anger From Escalating To Full On War Or Will Someone Else Have To Step In To Take The Fall The House Of Night Series Is An International Phenomenon, Reaching On US German, And UK Bestseller Lists, And Remaining A Fixture On The New York Times Children S Series Bestseller List For Nearly Weeks And Counting With Than Million Copies In Print, Rights Sold In Thirty Eight Countries To Date, And Relatable, Addictive Characters, This Series Is Unstoppable Now, In The Eleventh And Penultimate Installment Of The Series, The Action Is Intense And The Stakes Even Higher As Zoey And Her Friends Battle To Protect Their School And Home From Devastating Evil All While Balancing Romances, Precarious Friendships And The Daily Drama Of The House Of Night S Hallstp Uscmillan Revealed PCCast

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    Ok, I ll confess, there s just something masochistically gratifying about watching a previously terrible series death spiral into something with which mere words alone cannot do justice At this point, it s common knowledge House of Night has never been good, what with its vapid writing, pathetic plotting, and super special heroine who comes with a way too unhealthy dose of double standards and hypocrisy, but with these last few entries, I honestly don t think the Casts even care any about the giant middle finger they re essentially giving the general reading public every time they publish another one of these, not when they re probably too busy rolling around in the money they ve made milking this series In fact, I can t even say there s a single thing in Revealed that isn t rehashed, reused, or recycled from one of their previous ill received entries Neferet being resilient than a cockroach Check People who somehow still refuse to believe that she s evil Check in book eleven no less Zoey and her friends talking about forgiveness and acceptance while judging others Check Heath and Stark What is this 2008 But then I thought if the Casts could get away with repeating ad nauseum basically the same plot points for like five books in a row without contributing anything meaningfully new towards an end game, surely, I could recycle an intro from another review Ugh Another one This series should ve ended books ago, but now every time a new House of Night comes out, I ask myself, why do I even bother Because, let s be real, between main villain slash evil vampire Neferet being resilient than a cockroach, Zoey and the gang s obnoxious petty drama, and the million side characters carefully crafted to take up space in lieu of real plots, these books have been treading water for awhile and sinking fast.recycle the entire plot summary from another review So here s the summary yap yap yap, Neferet makes move, yap yap yap, Zoey, Heath, Stark, yap yap yap, Nefert s minion s defeated but only merely a setback for her , obligatory emotional moment Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, especially when the entire story revolves around moving people into a basement Wasn t the plot of one of the previous books about moving into some underground tunnels or something recycle an entire rant about how the character development has gone around in circles since book I lost track from another review I don t even know why we even need all these characters There are loads of perfectly good ones, like Damien, who s been shoved into the background because either 1 nobody has a clue how to further develop the character or 2 gets lost in the shuffle because the book insists we revisit people I don t even remember the names of in random, pop up scenes that have nothing to do with the rest of the story Or Dallas, who was a big deal in I don t even remember the title of the book now but is somehow still around and is supposedly the A plot but does nothing substantive before the whole thing becomes one big WTF Either way, PICK A COUPLE OF CHARACTERS AND STICK WITH THEM But geez, stop interrupting the actual plot with nonstories that was actually addressed rather terribly three books ago It just seems to me like there wasn t enough plot and storyline for a full book so we had to be subjected to B stories about secondary characters who ve long overstayed their welcome slash fifteen minutes of fame.recycle another rant about things not to do with these books No, this entire series has overstayed its welcome How many different people can one evil vampire trick How many times can the Vampire High Council continue to be completely useless before vampires actually notice and drop them How many characters can experience change of hearts and defect from one side to the other How many times can Zoey and or her friends realize something about themselves It shouldn t have taken this long for Zoey and company to FINALLY realize their petty, annoying bickering isn t accomplishing anything and just enabling Neferet And throughout this book, THEY RE STILL DOING IT GRRRRR Can we just finally, FINALLY do something about Neferet SO THIS SERIES CAN FINALLY COME TO AN END but then I realized, there IS one thing different about Revealed one thing that pretty much validates what I said about the Casts not caring any If you thought the writing was bad before, check out these choice quotes Grandma was beloved of the Great Mother, and drew her strength directly from our magickal Oklahoma earth Silence, you fool I come with an edict from Nyx He started it Stark shouted Have care with the Armani dress, but kill them all I swear, this is like what happens when the people who are supposed to die within the first fifteen minutes of a horror movie end up running the show.Tldr Is it over yet

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    Update finally bought It took me long enough lol 20% of at TargetI hate reading comments where people are all like we want the main character to die , the series needs to end seriously yeah you have a right to your own opinions but sheesh if you hate or dislike, loath, the series DON T READ THEM then I don t care that you don t like it, I do I may agree on some aspects but I still realize others like them.

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    House of Night Sounds vaguely familiar

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    The most entertaining part of this series has always been and will always be the reactions of twelve year old girls who complain about us haters and demand that we stop reading their series if we don t like it view spoiler Of course Erin dies She s not one of the gang any therefore she s an evil bimbo that must get her comeuppance But of course Stark and Aurox can be forgiven for their crimes, which were much worse than anything Erin did Didn t Stark basically rape girls while he was under Neferet s control I guess only the people Zoey wants to screw get to be forgiven Honestly, who didn t see that coming The Cast s did a complete 180 with her character just like with Erik all in an ill written attempt to get us to hate her Well, it was completely out of character for her, and I didn t buy her evil act for one minute It came out of nowhere, and don t get me started on the way people were talking about her afterwards hide spoiler

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    Oh there s only going to be 12 books not 15 Why is it that I feel absolutely no relief Once upon a time, I loved House of Night Say, for the first two books maybe I feel like after that its just been a downward spiral Broken down Books 1 2 LOVE Books 3 4 Liked and hoping it ll get back to the quality of the first few booksBook 5 UHHHHH OK crosses fingers Book 6 10 Is it just me or have I been reading the same story with the words rearranged 5 times I ve lost hope ok I just read this now because I feel like I just need to be there and witness the tragic downfall of House of Night I need to at least give it that justice and stick with it I don t really enjoy these books, my reviews end up not being too nice with lots of ranting and caps, but somehow I just am compelled to keep reading just to see how bad it is.Well kudos to the Casts for having the ability to keep a reader, albeit a negative one Thats a success right sarcasm, please So there s one thing I m pissed off about Neferet How is that woman still alive ok Wasn t she passed out at one point right in front of Zoey and crew I thought they killed her If they didn t, well then Wasn t that awfully smart I mean, I guess that s why I keep reading Characters that really should be dead magically are alive How truly interesting.

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    Yeah, I understand people want this series to end Yeah, I was one of them in the beginning Yeah, the first couple books weren t so great, BUT the plot was strong, solid, which helped The writing has become less annoying and childish and that makes a book better in quality It doesn t matter how many books are in the story as long there is a solid plot line that isn t completely random Can t people just enjoy a story because it s a story and not because it should end In my opinion, stories never should end, and that means this story shouldn t really have to end If it ended now then the story would be broken and you d have a lot of angry readers wondering what the hell happened.Hell, if the books were combined there would only be five books, just a bit thicker It s no different than Harry Potter or Mortal Instruments or even Twilight.Be reasonable, not judgemental.

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    This review also appears on my blog, The Bookworm Experiment.Rating 1.5 starI know this is random and has nothing to do with the actual plot, but still What s up with these covers P Hidden Zoey s face is, for the first time, fully revealed.Revealed Zoey s face or is that Neferet s is hidden.My thoughts about the seriesI m not sure if I should even bother writing a review for this, since I ll probably end up just ranting, but I guess I could say a little something about what happened in this eleventh installment Just a heads up there are unmarked spoilers of the previous books ahead, so if you haven t read books 1 10, I wouldn t recommend reading the rest of my review or reading those books, for that matter.You see, I used to like this series I thought the first books up till book 4 were pretty much good and original On the fifth installment, Hunted, there was the introduction of Kalona and the whole A ya stuff, if I m not wrong, and then the downfall started, IMO If my memory doesn t fail me, that s when Stark shows up, too, to be added to the ever growing list of Zoey s boyfriends Also, by the end of book 6, Tempted, Heath dies, making Zoey s soul shatters or whatnot Boy, was I pissed because of that cliffhanger.With the 7th book, we were finally introduced to the third person POV of other characters YESSSS FINALLY Z s first person POV can be incredibly annoying , because Zoey s on the Otherworld and so we get to glimpse at the other characters lives while she s not around them Yet, to me, Burned was worse than the other books can t remember why, just that I disliked it than its prequels.I barely remember book 8, Awakened, although I think it has something to do with the whole Kalona Neferet White Bull blah blah blah and Zoey and Stark s fight and make up sex sessions I think that s when Nyx also kind of forgives Rephaim and he s transformed into a normal boy by night and a raven by day.So, book 9, Destined I once thought that was going to be the final book yeah, I wish , but I was oh so, so wrong Again, pretty much of what we had seen in the eighth book.The tenth book, Hidden starts with Lenobia s story not so bad, BTW , and then we have the fire, blah blah, Nicole shows she s changed sides, Neferet tries to convince the White Bull to kill Zoey can t she go and take a gun or something Seriously, why rely solely on magick eyeroll , Erin is a back stabbing bitch lol , Neferent kidnaps Grandma Redbird, Dragon dies, Aurox or whoever kinda throws Neferet from her penthouse just to have Neferet not dying Because the villain can t die just yet, right insert eyerolling here The end for now yeah, I did notice that, unfortunately.One thing that s really crazy is, I don t think the plot even gets to happen during a week each book as of lately barely covers a 3 day span, it seems Not to mention they have about 300 pages each full of I bickering, II inane dialogues, III planning but not really doing, IV crying and pity party, V non swear words used by Zoey seriously, she acts like a ho but doesn t cuss WTF VI and a lot of pop references thrown in, for good measure The real action or mildly interesting scenes About only 10% of the book.My thoughts on Revealed Contains unmarked spoilers Well, the eleventh book is pretty much just another filler for the series, yet I found myself liking it a tiny bit better than the others, for a change The reason is probably because there seemed to be third person POVs than Zoey s POV Plus I actually giggled snorted at some remarks and scenes Aprodite s and Aurox Heath s We also get to see a bit of Neferet s backstory although I m guessing it was already told in her novella, which I haven t read I just don t understand what the hell Aphrodite was thinking by keeping her vision from Zoey She kept putting off, saying it wasn t the right time to tell her yet Uh, so why would you get that vision, darling Just for the sake of having your pretty baby blue eyes bleed eyeroll And jeeesh, what Z did is really f cked up, and as it was stressed several times during the book, that sort of anger was SO NOT like her And yet blaming the Seer Stone for the record she didn t, someone else did but can t remember who is too lame I thought the blue ball of fire energy whatever wasn t really necessary, either, but I understand it has something to do with the Old Magick from the Skye Island stuff and will hopefully be better explained in the last book.Another thing I was wondering is, how did the police know what happened was supernatural I mean, it was raining, a lightning struck the trees, so they could say it was just Mother Nature s doing It just doesn t make sense to me Now I wonder how they re going to get Z out of prison I think it will have something to do with a lot of pity party with her snot crying before they smuggle her out, or I don t know, go back in time, and change the story LMAO I wouldn t doubt anything at this point.And about time something was done about Dallas Now why s Neferet still so hard to kill I just hope she dies already she s not the only one I wish that for, though D please don t make this a Disney ending with all the bad guys turning good and everyone hugging in the end, ok So I was right, I ended up ranting Big surprise.

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    Why I ve finished this. monstrosity And. I just don t know what to say Because, those books They don t change They continue to suck so badly, nothing I could say hasn t been said before Most likely by me, too There was one single improvement No True Blood reference that messed up the timeline Only problem Instead we got a Django Unchained mention that did the job just as well Even worse, now not only Zoey refers to all her classmates and friends as kids and the children , Stark, Stevie Ray and so on seem to have picked up the habit Annoying story I m glad there s only one left to go This was like really bad fanfiction, to be honest.

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    Okay so you all know what I dont want to read all your complaining about how the series just needs to end It is a great series with a greaat plot and it takes a great author to keep a series with this much action going for this many books This was the series that got me into reading And I am still a fan to this day P.C Cast is an amazing writer and even if you havent been a fan of the rest of the series, dont trash the book beforeit even comes out Thats just tude and makes you all seem extremelty self centered and makes it obvious 1y1ou have nothing better to do with your time than trash people and books you havent even sampled yet.

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    Can t wait until this book comes out Hidden was amazing I don t get why people hate on this series so much, but I love it, myself I cannot wait Was there anyone else doing some serious what the hell ing throughout Hidden, when it came to Erin and Nicole and not to mention when Neferet looked in the mirror Neferet s Curse is going to be fascinating.

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