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    I think this is my favourite Ramage book even though some of his escapades are almost beyond belief, it is still rip roaring naval adventure at its best.

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    This is the seventh in Dudley Pope s Ramage series of historical naval fiction based around the Napoleonic era This novel is a refreshing return by Pope to what he does best write about life aboard sailing ships of the British navy during this time period, about naval battles and about the period in general The sixth novel in the series was an anomaly in my opinion, in that it took Ramage into France on an espionage mission and did not involve any life at sea, any command of a navy vessel, etc.Based on his performance in France, the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord St Vincent, promotes Nicholas Ramage to the rank of Post Captain, making Ramage the most junior captain in the British navy Ramage is assigned as captain of HMS Juno, a 36 gun frigate, and ordered to report to the British admiral in command in the Caribbean, taking with him a special assignment for the admiral, but not necessarily one that will be assigned to Ramage Ramage is initially disappointed with the shape of the crew of Juno, having replaced a captain who was dismissed from the service for drunken conduct unbecoming of an officer The crew is lazy and slack, and the Juno shows the lack of attention it needs Ramage uses the voyage across the Atlantic to bring his new crew up to snuff.Once he arrives in Barbados, Ramage is assigned by the admiral not to the special assignment, but instead to boycott duty off Martinique, one of two French islands left in the Caribbean Thus begins an exciting and page turning story of naval action, brave initiative and harrowing adventure As is the case with all good historical fiction, this story is based largely on fact.A great book and a great story.

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    I couldn t follow this very well, perhaps because I ve been sick I m not too good with block tackle, but according to the Postscript, In 1804 Commodore Samuel Hoodreported to the Admiralty that he had taken possession of Diamond Rock So this is based on a historical occurrence.

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    I m hooked on this series based on truth.Hood really did perform miraculous feat, haul cannon up Diamond Rock Author Pope embues cast with hope and smarts to get the jobs done that Captain envisions.

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    After the disappointment that was the last volume in the series I had high hopes this book would again tie in with the fun and adventure of the earlier novels, seeing how in this installment of the series Ramage returns to sea And the book did start promising enough as Ramage leaves his family home to take command of his first frigate Now, this should have been a big step for the series in many ways So far, for 6 books, Ramage has remained a lieutenant, in command of very small vessels that didn t require another commissioned officer to serve under him This in turn gave the series a chance to give a voice to a group of characters that are often sidelined in this type of naval fiction the common seaman Ramage s most important relationships in the previous books all had been with characters from a very different class than himself, which made the series pretty unique in its genre Now this was about to change I had already guessed the page time of the seaman characters we came to know in the previous books would probably get reduced Only I didn t expect it to be so drastically reduced The named, beloves seamen from the previous books hardly get a mention Ramage, at one point even admits he can t even remember the name of the SINGLE ONE master smate on board Propably because the author didn t want to waste time coming up with a name for a character that never, ever shows up in person, and isn t mentioned again after a couple of hundred pages anyway However it does make Ramage come off as rather callous Not at all like the young lieutenant who cared about each of his seamen.Yet, this alone shouldn t have hurt the book too much, since it also gave the reader the chance to watch how Ramage would deal with a slew of new characters, gentlemen like himself A chance to watch him form whole new types of relationships with these new characters.Unfortunately these new characters are about as lively and three dimensional as roadkill It s like Ramage and Southwick are the only two proper characers in this book, while 300 seamen and the new officers are simply set dressing The poor French lieutenant of the La Com te gets characterisation in a single paragraph than Ramage s new officers throughout the whole novel You would think there would have been room to shove in at least a couple of times in which Ramage has dinner with his officers and they engage in smalltalk just to show us, what kind of characters they are But we get nothing Shared meals and similar social situations are only mentioned in passing, in one half sentence or other Instead the book is so in love with its protagonist that it hardly bothers characterising anybody else We don t get to have a look into the minds of Aitken or Lacey unless it s show us how much they admire their captain It s sad The series went from a shallow, but fun adventure series about a lieutenant and a couple of quirky if somewhat naive seamen, to yet another novel about an infaillible sea captain and his admirers I am also not a fan of fictional characters not copying real life events too closely, but actually replacing the historic figues Which is something that happened here with Ramage installing the gun batteries atop Diamond Rock, instead of Sir Samuel Hood.Well, at least the attack on the convoy at the end was fun Very much fun Even if the amount of luck our heroes had in that one seems barely credible But Pope just had a knack for writing sea action in a way that just draws you in, much than any other writer I have yet read in this genre This is even true of actions that appear a bit too outrageous if you think about them for too long, as is the case here with the action off Diamond Rock.

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    This is number 7 in the Lord Ramage series of nautical novels by Dudley Pope, considered by many including me to be a suitable replacement to C S Forester This is also another nautical series I am trying to read in order, somewhat unsuccessfully, I might add Ramage is now a post captain He has been awarded the Juno, a ship whose previous captain had left in disgrace Ramage must whip the crew into shape which he does and then take the ship to the Caribbean and the West Indies to blockade the French at Fort Royal on the island of Martinique Apparently, the actions of Ramage are based on the real life exploits of Commodore Samuel Hood After cutting out two small French frigates from the port, Ramage, hearing that a large French naval convoy is soon due, decides to fortify a huge rock that commands the sea lane to the French island Some of the most interesting detail concerns exactly how the huge guns from the Juno were taken off the ship and hauled up to the top of this rock, substantially higher than the masts of the ship Much too heavy to be placed on the ship s small boats, the guns were hung in the water on poles between two of the boats to reduce their weight and then towed in this way closer to shore where they could be lofted by a complicated system of blocks and tackles The English had advance information of the French convoy of merchant ships and the approximate date when they were to arrive, but not how many escort vessels would accompany the convoy, so they were at considerable risk Ramage Hood was very short of men, but he stationed the Juno in such a way that it could not be seen by the approaching enemy, and then he used one of the little French ships he had captured previously to masquerade as a French schooner At the right moment, with the assistance of a favorable breeze and the ineptitude of the French commodore he managed to separate the merchant ships from the escort That two of the escorts ran into each other helped him immeasurably These actions, coupled with the plunging fire from the batteries he had placed on Diamond Rock, decimated the escorts, which had vastly outnumbered him in men almost five to one Pope was apparently anointed by C.S Forester as his successor, and his books do have the flavor of the Hornblower series Of the many people writing excellent nautical historical fiction, Pope has recreated the atmosphere and style of Forester most similarly Other wonderful authors are Dewey Lambdin, Patrick O Brian, Richard Woodman, and recently James Nelson, who approaches the war from the American point of view.

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    A used bookstore owner recommended this author after discovering that I had read the complete Patrick O Brian Aubrey Maturin Series I might have appreciated the book if I had not been exposed to the O Brian books.Unfortunately this is a somewhat pale imitation of what O Brian has done Additionally, Pope spends far too much time describing, in tedious detail, what the sailors and officers do to sail the ship At times I thought I was back reading Moby Dick which I did not like His descriptions also reminded me of what I don t like about the Tom Clancy books unnecessary detail that does nothing to move the plot or the characters forward but does allow the author to parade his knowledge for all to see In this volume of the Ramage Series, young Lord Ramage is given his first captaincy, is dispatched to the Caribbean Sea and given the task of blockading the French Island of Martinique He manages to whip the ship and its crew into shape and to accomplish an almost impossible victory This is not a spoiler because the reader knows what is coming long before it arrives.The action scenes are well described and the inter play between the Captain and his officers and crew are well drawn Unfortunately there is just too much filler.

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    Once I am struck by what feats can be accomplished with singleness of mind and unrelenting, brutally hard work Having finally been promoted to post captain and getting command of a frigate in this the seventh of the series, Lord Ramage stretches his men and himself past breaking while fighting the French in the Caribbean Geography plays the part of a main character in this story, which is based in part on the Royal Navy s capture of Diamond Rock off the coast of Martinique in 1804 This and the other Lord Ramage books were recommended to me by a friend who is an enormous fan of historical novels about the British Royal Navy in the Napoleonic era the golden age of fighting sail The archetype and still greatest of this genre is the Horatio Hornblower series by C.S Foerster, which I strongly recommend to all The Lord Ramage series is still excellent, but maybe best suited to fans of the genre.

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    I don t know what other people think about this book as for me I liked it I read part of another review that had a lot of problems with this book I didn t see the problems that were listed so I must not be a good reviewer, because I read mostly for enjoyment not to criticize the supposed lack of some detail One thing I do know that a great many writers use historical events to add to their stories and yes they usually have their main character involved in the action that is a literary device If you don t believe it then read Bernard Cornwell s Sharpe books What I am saying is if you like stories about tall ships and the men, who sailed them, then this is a good series of books, because I have read most of this genre Also I have read some books that could be called be garbage, but they have done what they are supposed to do entertain.

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    The first of the Ramage books all of which are exciting and well written The Ramage series ranks 3rd with me behind Hornblower and Bolitho for age of sail excitement Ramage is just a little too good and nothing is impossible..

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