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    The fifth book in the John Shakespeare series by Rory Clements, The Heretics, is quite a dark tale full of idolatry, superstition, exploitation and the vileness to which people will stoop to control others Set seven years after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, it nonetheless opens as foreign galleons threaten the Cornwall coast according to the excellent historical notes, this kind of thing really happened after the Armada.Enter, John Shakespeare stage right, who is asked to uncover whether this is a practice run or the beginning of a new threat from the sea Just as he sets his spy network in motion, one after the other, they re found murdered Dismayed and determined to track down the killer, John finds himself not only embroiled in finding the victims of exorcisms gone wrong, but driven north to visit the prison of the marshes, Wisbech Castle, and the priests incarcerated there.In the meantime, Shakespeare s children are under threat as is Boltfoot s wife, Jane who has taken it upon herself to visit the highly sexed and unscrupulous, Dr Simon Forman.From the fens to the playhouses of London and everything in between, John has his work cut out for him, especially when, as usual, those who should be working with him, level against him, making his job that much harder and his employer less sympathetic.A bleak instalment that is still a great read, even if some of the conditions described and real characters from history and events explored are difficult for modern readers to stomach Exploring issues of faith, exploitation, internment, war, torture, women, superstition, women and marriage, quite a few stones are overturned and then some The power of Clements writing is in his ability to not only meld fact and fiction but in a way that is at once poetic and striking He brings the era to rollicking life in all its ugly glory crafting a splendid novel in the process.

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    I enjoyed The Heretics , it read like a genuine spy thriller albeit set in the Elizabethan era Our hero, John Shakespeare, is alerted to a plot against the state which, initially, he doesn t take seriously and, by the time he does, his source goes missing At the same time he is given a task, to seek out a missing girl, the victim of fanatical religious rites In this adventure we are taken to the dangerous Fenlands in an era when they were still liable to serious flooding, and to the coast of Cornwall under assault by the Spanish We are placed in the company of elegant yet pampered ladies of the Court, conflicting religious mania and intrigue We are led this way and that as we follow Shakespeare s investigations, witness violent assault and the steady elimination of the English spy system as would grace the murky world of the Cold War.

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    I am reviewing Rory Clements new novel and I am comparing it against the previous four books in the series, as well as other historical novels of the time period I feel that most people reading this review will be long time readers of Clement work It s also unfair to compare a work of historical fiction to works of general fiction.Well, it s 1595 and Queen Elizabeth is still on the British throne and the Spanish are still the pesky nuisance they were eight years earlier when the Armada was pushed back by bad weather and good British naval tactics And along with the Spanish menace, there are threats to the Queen and her throne by Catholic dissidents, both home grown and those from Spain Elizabeth and her advisers who she plays against each other with the skill of a chess master are trying to access the threats One of her close advisers, Sir Robert Cecil, employs John Shakespeare, older brother of William, as an intelligencer Shakespeare is a tough guy though not as quick to rack someone who won t talk, as others are in Cecil s employ No, John Shakespeare is the stiletto Shakespeare, while based in London, travels the country to ferret out spies and threats to the throne Many of these threats are secret Catholic priests, often secreted in hidey holes in castles and large homes The Heretics is Clements fifth book, and like many newer books in a series, the characters and the plots are beginning to creak a bit The villains both at Elizabeth s court and in the wider world are a bit old hat and the plot, with a dual threat of a Spanish invasion and Catholic uprising, is coming a bit frayed at the edges Clements does a good job at moving John Shakespeare and his family and team forward in age, so it s not that, but rather the reader basically knows what will happen because there aren t too many plot twists.I read a fair number of historical novels, and I find this is a common problem in long running series It s almost impossible for an author to keep characters and plots fresh Daniel Silva is a prime example of this his Gabriel Allon character is so worn out I don t understand how Silva maintains any sort of interest in him But, the avid readers of the Allon series don t seem to mind the repetitious plot and characters and the books seem to sell like hotcakes I don t want to see Rory Clements fall into the same trap of tediousness that often come with the success of series books Jacqueline Winspear is another author who I think might be losing interest in her best selling series In any case, The Heretics is still a very good read John Shakespeare, with the help of his trusty Boltfoot, do manage to do what they re charged to do by Sir Robert, and the native Catholic threat to the throne is explored intensely by including a fens area castle gaol called Wisbech So, as a long time reader of Rory Clements, I m not a bit dissatisfied with The Heretics in itself I m just thinking about the future of the series.

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    Book 5 in Clements s Shakespeare series, sees John Shakespeare investigating brutal catholic exorcisms and religious rituals, performed illegally by catholic priests He seeks a girl named Thomasyn Jade, whom was driven to madness by the torturous acts performed on her He travels to the Fens, to Wisbech Castle, to speak to imprisoned priests there who were involved in the brutalities Meanwhile, a small fleet of Spanish ships has landed off the coast of Cornwall After sacking Cornish towns, the men are able to enter England without much difficulty One by one, Robert Cecil s intelligencers are being brutally tortured and murdered, and obviously the Spanish invaders are prime suspects How do these storylines all link together The answer is, very cleverly Once again, Clements has woven an absolute gripping number of threads together and created a masterpiece From the Cornish coast of England, to southern Spain, to the playhouses of London, to the stews of Southwark, to the Fens, and finally to the royal courts of Elizabeth, this book took me on a thrilling ride, with brutality, blood, gore, mystery, sex, religious fanaticism, rituals, and intricate plots, and had me guessing until the very end.

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    I don t normally start a series in the middle, but this didn t seem to be a problem in this case The story is self contained, even though there are one or two references to previous encounters The plot was an interesting one Elizabeth certainly caused a problem by not marrying, and not declaring a successor Several people here are laying the groundwork for their possible play for the throne I found the characters quite believable, even some of the minor ones, and I liked John Shakespeare and his assistant Boltfoot Cooper The connection with John s brother Will seemed quite believable Will was brought into the story at relevant points, but the relationship wasn t focused on unnecessarily The reports of the various view spoiler exorcisms were grim hide spoiler

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    A fine medical mystery starring John ShakespeareIf you love a good mystery, then this is a book for you It is set in the medival period of Queen Elizabeth It has lots of twists and turns to keep you quessing I highly recommend it to mystery lovers everywhere Kathy R Blackmanperiod of Queen Elizabeth, and involves a complicated attempt at an assination

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    1595 and John Shakespeare receives information that there is a threat to the realm He is sent out to investigate But is the invasion on the Cornish coast the threat and who is killing Sir Robert Cecil s men How much danger is Shakespeare and his family in and why.Another very enjoyable read in this series

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    Fantastic once again I thought that this was an excellent novel John Shakespeare battles against another plot with hidden parts Rory Clements has produced another great adventure for our top Tudor spy.

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    Very good John Shakespeare story as he and Boltfoot try and spoil yet another Spanish conspiracy against the Queen High body count, fast pace, lots of action and a nice twist at the end Excellent story, excellent series.

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The Heretics download The Heretics, read online The Heretics, kindle ebook The Heretics, The Heretics 564d45bb0632 When Spanish Troops Attack The Cornish Coast In A Daring Raid, The Queen Is Speechless With Rage Is Another Armada On The Way Is It Revenge For The Sacking Of Spanish Shipping Or Is There A Sinister Motive As John Shakespeare Desperately Searches For Answers, England S Secret Defences Begin To Crumble As, One By One, His Network Of Spies Is Horribly Murdered But What Has All This To Do With Thomasyn Jade, Driven To The Edge Of Madness By The Foul Rituals Of Exorcism And What Is The Link To A Group Of Priests Held Prisoner In The Bleak Confines Of Wisbech Castle