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The Return of the Black Sheep summary The Return of the Black Sheep , series The Return of the Black Sheep , book The Return of the Black Sheep , pdf The Return of the Black Sheep , The Return of the Black Sheep 3514c9a97e While House Sitting At A Waterfront Estate, Sweet, Straight Laced Harley Is Stunned By The Arrival Of Her Employer S Supposedly Dead Son, An Alaskan Bush Pilot With A Bad Boy Rep Who S Been Wounded In An Airplane Crash Coming Home After Years Of Estrangement And A Stint In Prison To Make Amends With The Old Man Is Difficult For Tucker, But Not Half As Difficult As Keeping His Distance From The Super Sexy But Virginal Harley While They Share The House, Awaiting His Father S ReturnHaving Given Up On The Idea That He Ll Ever Fully Heal From His Ravaged Leg, Tucker Balks When Harley Urges Him To Swim As Physical Therapy Until She Adds A Unique Incentive Catch Me And You Can Have Me Her Certainty That He Ll Never Be Able To Swim That Fast Evaporates When He Embarks On A Rigorous Training Regimen, Determined To Claim Her As His Prize But When She Unearths The Dark Secret In His Past, Will She Still Be Willing To Pay Up When The Time Comes Witty And Passionate, Originally Published As Hale S Point Was Honored With Romance Writers Of America S Golden Heart Award

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    Enjoyable and good, except for the big misunderstanding.This is my second Patricia Ryan novel I want I liked the characters issues, how they interacted, their relationship It was a good story It was on the short side I would have liked development at the end plus an epilogue He s 37 She s 23.I did not like the way Harley the heroine acted which caused the big misunderstanding separation She learned something, was mad, did not tell him, so he s stewing and not understanding why she is acting different Too many romance authors use the big misunderstanding and I wish they wouldn t It weakened the story I would not have minded it if Harley told him right away let him respond But no, she dragged it out.Minor problem, author put the hymen in the wrong place It s the door to the hall, not something down the hall.Some typos tling should be thing, dung should be clung, dosed should be closed.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Kindle count length 3,677 188 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes two Setting current day Long Island, NY Copyright 1995 Genre contemporary romance, older man younger woman.

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    I love books like this one s story line I loved both of the MC s, Harley and Tucker Tucker comes back from the dead to try reconciling with his father only to find Harley house sitting for his dad I love how they develop their relationship and the way that Harley manipulates him to do physical therapy via swimming He got pretty mangled up and has gone through the routine typical therapy but gave up on it she, however, found a way to get to him and I loved it.This is one of those books that I love to love I love when a relationship is mutually respectful and they don t have sex the minute they first lay eyes on each other It s a realistic love romantic buildup They both have other issues that they eventually are able to help each other with, so that makes for a stronger emotional bond as well I ll definitely be reading book 2.

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    A good read about the prodigal son returning after 21 years to his wealthy father home after running away at 16 H s wealthy father is away and H meets 23 year old house sitter H injured after crashing his plane into the side of a mountain and after introspection during recuperation and physical therapy decides to see his home and father again after so many years h is driven, practical, and obsessive about succeeding in life because of her poor background 3 stars.

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    I enjoyed this book I liked the story The only complaint I have, and with many romance books, is that for some reason authors believe the man in the story must be at least a decade or older than the female It s been overdone, and is irritating to me.

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    Story was divine one, but 4 stars because for me it was to short and ending was beautiful, but somehow rushed The relationship between the lead characters was adorable All in all, it was a very good read D

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    With the generic, anodyne cover, this was a total surprise Yes, it is still very obviously a romance, of which there are a dozen a penny in my kindle, but it turned to have tremendous psychological depth and insight, and terrific inter generational conflict It was not just a filler in the race to finish the challenge before the end of the year, but thoroughly enjoyable in an otherwise lazy Saturday Popsugar Reading Challenge 2018 11 A book with your favourite colour in this case for clothes in the title.

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    I really enjoyed this story Harley and Tucker are great characters and we really get to know them Tucker is back for some R R and to maybe try and fix his relationship with his father Harley is house sitting Tucker s father s house Harley is a little rigid in her routines and plan for life but after the way she grew up it is understandable I loved the way that Harley and Tucker end up building their relationship Harley entices him into swimming in order to have her and it works He starts swimming and rehabbing his injury and getting better as he gets faster and faster During this time they really get to know each other and they build a relationship Both have been closed off for a long time and so they have some secrets that they have to figure out in order for them to work I loved getting to know them and seeing both of them heal This is very well written and had than enough to keep my attention the entire time This is not an action packed book though there is plenty to keep you entertained I thought it was paced really well and I really enjoyed everything The sex is explicit but not very frequent as Tucker has to earn it first I loved the character s in this story.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    For some reason perhaps the cover this book intrigued me enough to buy it, despite promising myself not to add to the 1010 books I have on my kindle This proves either that I am a kindle tragic or that this book looked irrestible I suspect a little of both, but I was not disappointed when I finished this story.Harley is an engaging heroine for whom life circumstances have set on a straight and narrow path Tucker, wounded and disillusioned with life returns to make up with his father Imagine his surprise when he is walloped in the shin by a young woman wielding a baseball bat.I liked that the story was fairly slow paced without dragging Patricia Ryan cleverly escalates sexual tension without allowing her heroine to step out of her comfort zone to the point where her actions are unbelievable for her character This strategy had the effect of enabling the reader to believe in the premise whilst anticipating an ending which did not disappoint and was satisfying.A darned good read

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    Wow Patricia Ryan has written a sensual and entertaining delight with Hale s Point It s an amazing contemporary romance I absolutely loved the characters It was a little weird for me to have Tucker as the name of Harley s love interest because I have a 4 year old son named Tucker Once I got over that, I was totally enad with Hale s Point I couldn t wait to turn the page the story was very engrossing.I m looking forward to checking out of Patricia Ryan s work She s obviously very talented I highly recommend this book

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    I liked it.This is a nice story of two people very different people who live in the same house for 6 weeks She has been hired to house sit for the summer and he is the long lost son returning home unexpectedly after being injured in a plane accident She is straight lace, he is a loose cannon The expected conflicts develop as these two likable people learn to like and then love each other There are two explicit sex interludes toward the end of the book which are well written and appropriate to the story line If you are not into erotica, these scenes are easy to skip, the book is well worth reading.I liked this and am looking for others by the same author.

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