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My Maggie quotes My Maggie, litcharts My Maggie, symbolism My Maggie, summary shmoop My Maggie, My Maggie 81d86fd9 My Maggie Is The Story Of A Woman Who Overcame Enormous Odds To Live A Happy And Fulfilling Life She Suffered From Three Different Cancers In Her Life And Also Battled A Rare Disease Called Usher Syndrome, Which Slowly Took Away Her Sight And Hearing She Was Legally Blind Yet She Became A Major Figure In The Deaf Blind Community Of Chicago She Was A Counselor For Th EChicago Lighthouse For The Blind, Served On A Governors Board And Was A Lobbyist In Washington, DC And Springfield, Illinois Her Story Is Also An Incredibly Deep Love Story With Her Childhood Sweetheart And Husband Of Years

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    Sniff Sniff You know what I like about this book, which chronicles a the true story of teen love the matures and endures through numerous tests It s honest Rich King does not portray his wife as a saint He does not portray their relationship as without flaws or challenges Maggie, Rich King s wife, suffered from Usher s syndrome which caused hearing loss from an early age and later retinitus pigmentosa, which is a progressive, degenerative blindness Talk about a double whammy In addtion, Maggie survived cancer once and years later, cancer came again, but to stay and ultimately take her life So it s touching and sad, but also uplifting and invigorating because it really shows how tough, resilient and hopeful one has to be to have an enduring marriage, with or without such tremendous challenges Rich and Maggie are real They are not ideal, pie in the sky romantics, but they are romantic and full of love for each other They are committed They are good people who recognized that they had a great marriage, with bad days and good days and everything in between And Rich s narrative was refreshing because it was like he was sitting down for coffee with me, or a beer,and just talking to me and telling me like it was It was very readable It s hard for me to give this book 4 5 stars Maybe because I am a literary snob and when I think 4 5 stars, I am think of literary greats It gets 4 stars from me for being real and honest 3 stars on literary merit, which is still quite good Folks who are facing challenges in life would benefit from reading this book.

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    This was a touching, if not well written, story about Rich and Maggie King Rich writes a biography about his late wife, who suffered from Usher syndrome a progressive disease causing blindness and deafness She also gets breast and, fatally, ovarian cancer Overall the story is uplifing, a story of perseverance and courage.

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    This was an easy read because it was conversational, but also a hard read as you knew the outcome I will remember Maggie whenever I feel sorry for myself.

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    Even though one knew that Maggie s life ended early, this is not a sad story Her husband loved her and allowed her her freedom to pursue work interests although blind and deaf.

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    I saw an interview with the author on Bonnie Hunt and he really moved me and made me want to read this one It was really good, but I think I built it up a little too much The story is amazing and I loved that he put in things like her temper and depression when dealing with cancer and Usher Syndrome, it wasn t just her amazing accomplishments and how she overcame all that was put in her path, but made you really feel like her as a real person and was much easier to identify with I cried a lot through the book, but it is very inspiring and such a neat love story.

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    Anyone familiar with the Chicago Media knows the name of Rich King.sports anchor for many years This is the story not about him, but about his wife, Maggiewho died a number of years ago due to brain cancer.The book talks of their marriage and her experiences with Usher s Syndrome.what started as hearing and sight loss, and sadly, later on, cancer This is a remarkable story of one woman s determination to live despite all the health issues she suffered through the years.

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    My Sister In Law and Brother In Law both have Usher s disease and in reading this book I have learned about how they feel and what they can and cannot see and hear I loved this book, it was so poignient and sweet The love between Maggie and Rich is amazing and I think everyone hopes to achieve it in their own relationships Great book.

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    At the beginning, I considered it rather indulgent of Richard King to write this book Who wants to read all this BUT.after a hundred pages or so, as usually happens with me, I began to really know and appreciate the characters Once again, it broadened my understanding of others and helped me be accepting of the good people around me.

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    Such a wonderful story about a married couple and the trials they go through with Maggie s health What wonderful friends they had and what wonderful partners they were to each other A perfect example of hard work at marriage.

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    What I learned from this book life is hard but you can have a good outlook and be happy and then write a book about it I didn t LOVE the story and didn t finish reading it but I didn t totally hate it either.

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