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The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three pdf The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three , ebook The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three , epub The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three , doc The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three , e-pub The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three , The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three 9523375584b Just As She S Done In Her Previous Books, Cynthia Bourgeault Asks Us To Take A Look At An Idea From Traditional Christianity This Time The Formula Of Father, Son, And Holy Spirit As Though We Re Looking At It For The First Time And As Usual, She Reveals It To Be Something We Hadn T Expected At All She Finds In The Idea Of The Holy Trinity A Striking Vision Of The Nature Of Reality What She Claims, In A Nutshell, Is That Embedded Within This Theological Formula That Christians Recite Mostly On Autopilot Lies A Powerful Metaphysical Principle That Could Change Our Understanding Of Christianity And Give Us The Tools So Long And So Sorely Needed To Reunite Our Shattered Cosmology, Rekindle Our Visionary Imagination, And Cooperate Consciously With The Manifestation Of Jesus S Kingdom Of Heaven Here On Earth She Looks To The History Of Christian Theology, To Her Own Years Of Contemplative Practice, And To The Ideas Of G I Gurdjieff Her Tone Is, As Ever, As Accessible As It Is Compelling, And It S A Wild Ride I Will Do My Best To Make The Ride As Smooth As Possible, She Says, But In The End, My Commitment Is To Getting There, Because I Know Beyond All Personal Doubt That There Is Indeed A Ham Radio Concealed Inside This Trinitarian Tea Cupboard And In The Midst Of This Long Winter Of Our Christian Discontent, When Spiritual Imagination And Boldness Are At An All Time Low And The Church Itself Hovers At The Edge Of Demise For Lack Of An Animating Vision, Perhaps Now Than Ever The Time Is Ripe To Remove The Packing Boards From This Tea Cupboard And Release Its Contents

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    I may have given this book five stars if I had been able to understand its deeper underpinings such as The Law of Three At times it reminded me of trying to read quantum physics Nevertheless this was an inspirational read and I come away with new respect for the Trinity and Christian thought.Bourgeault s work is about process, her own, her Christian faith s and the Trinity itself She is a committed Christian writing for Christians She offers no post modernist apology for her faith She does not present Jesus as merely a wise prophet and teacher, or just a fully realized man For Bourgeault, Jesus is unique and necessary as the turning point in our evolution as children of God Jesus is part of a dynamic trinity of God roles playing out from before time, through this here and now world, and into a fully realized perfection of God s purpose and creation.Drawing deeply from the works of G.I Gurdjieff and Jacob Boehme, she offers a challenge to our usual binary experience of life as paired opposites good vs bad, progress vs resistance, male vs female She expounds a ternary system wherein the interplay of the two polarities calls forth a third, which is the mediating or reconciling principle between them And this in turn generates a synthesis at a whole new level The Trinity reveals how God becomes accessible to us, manifesting and creating love and how love in turn becomes the driveshaft for all creation Our egoic operating system, our usual consciousness, is skewed to the binary, toward either or, us them Only through our persistent effort can something, we might call it grace, awaken us to a higher non dual level of awareness In this process we come to see that what we have regarded as opposing is never the problem Resistance is essential for every new breakthrough, every new arising that honors all the players and brings them into a new relationship This has implications in all manner of practical everyday concerns, from dieting to international relations Theologically it means that this world, exactly as is it in all its darkness and light, is infinitely precious and valuable in its own right God loves this world and his love is manifested in and through this world Jesus lived as love The forces of hatred crucified him His self emptying reconciled these two opposites bringing forth a new order, the Kingdom of Heaven, manifest in the very midst of all the human cruelty and brokenness The Trinity is pure relationality God, desiring to know himself, creates our world He loves his creation and manifests as Jesus so that it we can realize our full potential as empowered creators in love with God and his creation Thus each of us is called to be one with The Source insofar as we act as a source of love, just like Jesus.What is required of us is the surrender of our will It is our thinking, our opinions, our willful self ing that hinders us from seeing, hearing and doing God s will But our will, desire, and pain are not obstacles to spiritual perfection but rather the raw materials out of which something yet wondrous will be fashioned Thus these things are not to be feared, denied or eradicated they are to be transformed Boehme.And they are transformed into warmheartedness, into mercy, the foundation of our souls It is only in opening our own hearts to the irreducibly personal and relational nature of this Thou in whom we are rooted that we ever come to discover who we truly are The transformation modeled by Jesus is nondual consciousness, the complete absence of me vs you polarity Love your neighbor as yourself, for instance not as much as yourself, but as yourself those two apparently separate selfhoods interchangeably, indivisibly one For Bourgeault Jesus s self sacrifice on the cross does not just model perfected being it unleashes the healing, transforming power of surrendered love that literally sets the world on a new footing The Kingdom of Heaven is the enlightened seeing that we are the Body of Christ each bird, leaf, tree the fullness of Being hidden in the random dots of the universe, totally transparent to the love that is its source and its destiny.For Christians the innermost nature of the cosmos has been revealed as mercy We need merely rest in the goodness of that embrace and trust.

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    Cynthia Bourgeault presents a metaphysics based around the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, and heavily influenced by the Gurdjieff work from whence comes The Law of Three , and Jacob Boheme As an alternative to the static monist and delicately balanced dualist metaphysics, this ternary model is dynamic to the core, and fundamentally relational The three figures of the Trinity, in this model, are roles which participate in a pattern of movement and manifestation, rather than static and independent persons although she is in no way attempting to diminish the personal nature of the Christian God She maintains a Christ centric vision regarding our relationship to God, and our calling.Her own words may convey this better the real task before us is to have the courage to let go of the Trinity as Christianity s theological ace of clubs using it only to prove that a human being was fully God and to approach it instead in its cosmically subtle role as an ordering and revealing principle, of which Christ is its culminating expression The flow of the Trinity can be likened to a universal tri alectic , eternally pushing manifestation of the divine nature into new dimensions, in an increasing richness of expression The consummation of one expression is but the beginning of the next In this ternary dynamic, the interplay of two counter forces calls forth a third reconciling power, which in turn resolves the other two not with a compromise or annihilation of either, but by opening a whole new dimension of potentiality, where all voices are able to harmonize their essence in new ways This new creation, in turn, becomes a participant in the next movement of trinitarian manifestation In this way, a threefold power contains both asymmetry and stability, which flow naturally into a forward driving creative dynamism After laying the framework, she boldly dives into an attempt to use it to explain, well, as the jacket synopsis says, just about everything , including the very heart of God, although she suggests that the reader approach this section as they would poetry, rather than science In the first chapter of the book, titled Why Feminizing the Trinity Won t Work , she explains that trying to find feminine representation of God in the persons of the Trinity is trying to impose a binary polarity on a ternary model, and will cause to be lost than gained However, she is sympathetic to the desire to find a place for the feminine in God, and her illustrations suggest that it is in the move and flow of the Trinity, rather than the traditional static identities, where we may develop understanding in this Sister Bourgeault sees this book as the culmination of her life s work A few years ago, I enjoyed multiple reads of The Wisdom Way of Knowing , which I enthusiastically recommended to many friends This is the second book of hers I have read, and it is convincing to me in function than in form fitting, given her points At times, her firm confidence in her metaphysical model, and audacious application of it to understanding the unfolding of the very heart of God before time began made me feel a little uneasy Having said that, it also explores fascinating and inspiring aspects of a reality created by and emanating from a triune God, some of which have a distinctly practical application to navigating life experiences Namely, it encourages us to keep an open, yielded sensitivity to the reconciling force in all situations, so that we can take our place as midwives of the new creation.

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    The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three Shambhala Pub, In Boulder, Co 2013 by Cynthia Bourgeault Have you ever been attracted to a new concept and intuited that it was on the right track even though how it developed seemed obscure at the moment I found myself there with the thoughts of Teilhard de Chardin over 40 years ago Many, Cynthia among them, were also drawn by his insights and have lent their talents to joining in the flow that all truly creative efforts engender If you are willing to take the tour of Cynthia s factory of inspiration you will be rewarded with seeing the nuts and bolts of her inspiration on the Trinity or as she calls it The Law of Three It is a demanding tour, but well worth the effort if you are interested in how she got THERE.

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    Cynthia Bourgeault s manuscript is too far out of the box for traditional academic theology, but that is what makes it a fantastic book She looks to the ancient concepts of G I Gurdjieff and Jacob Boehme to make her case for a new Trinitarian theology geared toward the future, toward new birth and hope Could this be the key to understandingeverything It s a question worth exploring.

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    I received an ebook ARC from Netgalley.I dislike writing negative reviews Normally if I don t like a book, I won t review it, but I wanted to share some thoughts on this book, because while I didn t like it, I think it s a book that people will enjoy reading and gain a lot of information from the information Cynthia Bourgeault has collected and shared in the book.What drew me to the book first was the title and the cover I personally wear a triquetra instead of a cross as a symbol of my faith I m always open to reading different views of Christianity so I read the description of the book and really liked it and thought there would be something of interest to me within the book Unfortunately I struggled with this book The beginning of the book is very theory based and the end of the book is very technical and with out the proper background it made very little sense to me Before starting the book I did do some research into the Law of Three and thought I had a basic understanding, I needed of a background in these theories Maybe those with of a background could follow where the book was headed but I quickly got lost I never did figure out the connection between the Law of Three and feminizing the Trinity.One thing I think that this book did well that I understood was the inclusion of the article that Cynthia wrote that sparked the idea for the whole book It was great jumping off point and allowed the reader to really get the foundation for the rest of the book I just wish I could have followed of the book and would love it there was a way for Cynthia to write a book for those of us less versed in a lot of these theories.Review was originally posted here

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    Amazing Bourgeault reassesses the Trinity in terms of the Gurdjieffian Rule of Three Without going into very complicated and esoteric details, she reveals that the Trinity as traditionally understood is two dimensional She pulls the focus out much wider to reveal that the Trinity may really be understood three dimensionally as 7 Trinities All the time grounding her work in theologians and mystics from the Cappadocian Fathers to Eckhart to especially Boehme, to Teilhard, and some recent writers She is consciously countering the liberal progressive views now current which tend to downplay the Trinity and the centrality of Christ in the name of interfaith cooperation and feminism While sympathetic with their aims, Bourgeault affirms the traditional views and even shows them to be feminist, from this wider perspective This is one of those books that can change everything and needs to be widely read even though a lot of the going is VERY esoteric and metaphysical What I think she is doing is basically giving us the choreography of perichoresis, and showing that the Trinity is really a description of the way God is present in all creation.

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    Wow Most of this book was way over my head, but when I did understand something which I experienced as recognition of truths I ve learned through the practice of centering prayer it was profound I will probably need to re read this book every few years

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    Bourgeault s stunning and radical assertion is this that the Trinity of Father, Spirit, and Son is but a snapshot of one form God takes along a continuum beginning in God consciousness and ending in the reconciliation, indwelling, and recreation of all things She uses the teachings and inspiration of metaphysics, mysticism, and orthodox Christianity to reveal a universal law The Law of Three and how God has both embodied said law and worked it across time and space to actualize God s love It is quite the mind bender and speculative work Not everything landed with me I have never read anyone to which she referred , but her upholding of orthodox Trinitarianism, while expanding the range and depth of Trinitarian theology, is dizzyingly bold and insightful It is both a textbook and proposal of Christian mystical insight And it is, using the reconciling principle of her ternary metaphysics, affirming of the Biblical witness and transformative in shedding light upon the richness incidentally of our purpose as ministers of reconciliation It is the work of the reconciler, Bourgeault asserts, that produces transformation where once there was a standstill between affirming and denying polarities.

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    Heady, Thought Provoking May Be on to Something This is NOT a book for those wanting to examine the traditional perceptions of the Trinity in easily understood ideas, concepts and words This IS a book for someone who has solid background in our Christian understanding of the Trinity who wants to plum ideas both within and outside Christianity that place our evolving understanding of the Trinity at the center of the cosmos So much within is beyond me and I have 2 degrees in theology and yet so much within resonates with my own personal journey as a lifelong Catholic Christian The Trinity, the numbers 3 and 7, the idea the the Trinity is a dynamism of three hypostases from Greek Orthodoxy or states within one, etc have long been a part of my growing understanding and yearning Much to contemplate

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    Combining traditional Trinitarian theology and esoteric approaches of the law of three , Cynthia Bourgeault seeks to release the Trinity from its constricting Persons This is a creative vision of a metaphysics for the 21st century whose Trinitarian God is a lot bigger than most realize Although a little convoluted at times, Bourgeault is on to something about God that needs to be explored further This book is a notable contribution in the continuing effort toward the reunification of theology and spirituality.

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