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    i read this at 16 i read it at 21 im reading it now at 24 i realize each time i am understanding it with a different mind and even as i continue to run i develop my own personal philosophies if you can even call them that its actually helping right now to address this john henryism that ive heard over and over is a characteristic of mine a desire to tackle obstacles with that attitude of im going at this mountain with a claw hammer and im going to tunnel my ass through even if it kills me in the process everything i do thats important to me i say the same thing im going to do it even if it kills me and according to george sheehan that apparently is just the runner in me for some folks pushing themselves to their physical limit, to thresholds of pain or discomfort or nausea or whatever the idea of something like that is torture for me there is victory and satisfaction in overcoming that you can come in dead last in any race but the most rewarding part is JUST when you feel like you just cant move another muscle and if you do youre just going to die..you dont die in fact you take another 2, 3 steps and still dont die and 3 becomes 7 becomes 77 becomes a mile he talks about the runner as a solitary person not a misanthrope, just solitary, if it were a matter of option choosing to be alone often than not which is me when im running and when im in the shower seems to be the only time i can be alone i love and need that timeBUT im discovering, something about this runner in me has to change no man is an island

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    I ve thought about this book many times since I started running It was the late seventies, about the time Jim Fixx s Complete Book of Running came out The idea of recreational running was still considered pretty odd The first 10K I signed up for was in conjunction with the St Louis Marathon There were only a handful of women in the sea of young male runners I was behind all of them, with my dad patiently waiting on various corners along the course to cheer my on When I ran, I wore cotton t shirts and cut off jean shorts My roommates made me leave my blue with yellow swoosh running shoes outside because I didn t wear socks The cut off jeans were brutal on my thighs and the shoes far too narrow for my feet, but, thanks to Dr Sheehan, I was a runner Sheehan was deeply philosophical about running He often referred to William James s book, The Varieties of Religious Experience, to explain the sense of conversion he felt when he started running at forty five His prose now sounds a bit excessive, such as, Out on the roads there is fitness and self discovery and the persons we were destined to be But it was stirring for me at twenty I suppose some kernel of that enthusiasm still gets me out there today.

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    This is a fascinating book Some of it, it seems, is out of date However, much of it, particularly the philosophical stuff and the content that speaks to the why of running is absolutely wonderful Sheehan strikes me as a supremely thoughtful person, someone I would have enjoyed taking a long run, or several, with Along with some sections that might be a little dated, there are also some sections that strike me as ahead of their time, speaking to a sensibility that is just now gaining widespread hold Sheehan s view of running long, and training at a sub aerobic although he does not call it that are straight out of the MAF methodology Same for his view of treating the running year as if it had peaks and valleys, as opposed to trying to be on all the time I recommend this book to anyone who seeks to understand both the why of running, and obtain a well grounded philosophical approach to life in general.

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    not new information running wise, but some interesting thoughts on running I put this in my mental box with Haruki Murakami s narratively meditative What I Talk About When I Talk about Running rather than the purely informational Runner s World Complete Book of Women s Runninge Reading it in very short bits in amongst my other reading

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    This book is helpful There is simple, concise and valuable insight about running, jogging, eating, doctors and other things It reads almost philosophical and almost as though you are just having a conversation with Dr Sheehan but he speaks authoritatively I enjoyed his comments on supporting a diet that s essentially just loyalty to the simple main food groups I also appreciated his word on just the value of running and walking as something meditative If you re curious, I don t think you ll be disappointed for having read it.

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    This is a fantastic book Sheehan is obviously a very well read scholar in addition to his billing as physician and runner This comes through in his writing If Emerson had ran marathons and written essays about it, the result would be something like this The second last piece, Work and Play, is especially good.

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    Set in the 70s this book is relevant to true runners, although all references to runners are male The last few chapters are about life in general and have good lessons my favorite how being 9 years old is the best age

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    Excellent book of personal experience of a cardiologist who has run for many years I believe that George wrote this book in his sixties and I read this in my forties Now I am running in my sixties and hope to continue through my seventies George speaks much to the heart and spirit of running.

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    If you run and if you read then you must read Dr Sheehan This one is a good place to start Sheehan is the poet philosopher of of the running community.

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    One of those books that defined the movement.

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