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    New Moon Summer was a super quick read only about 50 pages Reine kept my attention right until the end with this fast paced tale.The blurb pretty much says it all so I ll get straight to the review Although I liked the character of Rylie, she also really confused me She is the packs alpha, but I can t wrap my head around the how She s relatively quiet and really not the strong figure I expected the alpha to be Rylie spends a lot of her time worrying about being alone and handling the pack alone And she was extremely dependant on Abel her boyfriends brother.Now Abel was a completely different story He was strong and dominant I really enjoyed his character and look forward to reading of him.As for the plot, it was interesting and kept me flipping pages I enjoyed watching Rylie and Abel together, but the rest kind of lacked There just wasn t enough substance or backbone to the characters or the plot to make me overly invested in the outcome.Even with my complaints, overall, New Moon Summer was a quick and fairly entertaining read I just wish there had been substance to the story and definitely character building With that said, I have not read Seasons of the Moon another short story series which I discovered after finishing this story introduced these characters.So, will I continue with this series Probably The first segment was left at such a huge cliffhanger that I can t stop thinking about it However, I may pick up Seasons of the Moon first and start at the beginning I hope that will clear up all my questions about the characters.

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    Received this book via LibraryThing.com member giveaway for an honest review.This novella was about 48 pages on my eReader The story was a bit choppy at the beginning and it felt like I started reading a story of characters that were already developed from another book So for these reasons I wasn t too happy By the end of the short novella, I did get interested in the characters but I don t like that the author is asking for comments on how to write the ending of these characters tales For me and based on these reasons, it was a waste of time reading this If this novella is based on already existing books, I d recommend updating the end of this book by removing where the author asks for feedback on the storyline and only recommend this book to those that may be familiar with the characters Otherwise, as it currently is, I would not recommend.

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    ShortI have never read a book so shot unless it was a novella Well now I need to find out if Abel is alive

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    To see my full review was so excited to see that there was a spinoff series to Season of the Moon I really enjoyed S.M Reine s werewolf novels, and though it ended extremely well, every reader is always dying to know what happens next, after any tale concludes Luckily for us, Reine is giving us to the story much and she even let her readers have a say in what happened, which I think is extremely awesome This spinoff series is written as short novellas, perhaps 50 74 pages in length, if I had to guess since my Kindle doesn t do page numbers , and it looks like they ll all end on cliffhangers, at which point Reine asks her readers to help out I missed the bandwagon on the helping part, and am so kicking myself in the butt, but I m also really excited because, so far, this novella is everything I wanted it to be I love Rylie I always have, and it s exciting to see her take on her role as Alpha The novella opens with a quick rehash of events from the final novel in the original series, cluing readers in to the characters in case they need a refresher or perchance because they haven t read the original series which they need to read, stat , and then jumps ahead two full years I liked that this novella gives this time and distance because I feel like Rylie, Seth, and Abel all deserve some down time, and that s exactly what is alluded to during these two years off, but if you know Rylie, you know it can t possibly stay that way for her, or her pack, forever I loved the relationship building that we see happening in this novella concerning the brothers and their love for Rylie Of course, Seth is somewhat allusive in this novella, and we certainly don t get enough of him, but I enjoyed seeing Rylie interact with her pack, and Abel She is a bit confused, it seems, when it comes to her love life, but so far she has remained true to Seth, which makes me a very happy girl But I love Abel s angst, and I believe Reine does a superb job portraying angst it between all the characters And, kudos to Reine for glossing over the sexual encounters I mean, I just have to say it Most YA novels nowadays exploit sex like it s going out of style there s the slow taking off of clothes, the wet, slimy kisses, and way too many details that I just don t need or want , but Reine refrains from following the crowd We know sex has happened between the characters without having all the grimy details, and that, my dears, makes me one happy reader In my opinion, young adults already have sex thrown at them from every angle imaginable They don t need it written out for them, detail by detail, in their novels, too Seriously, Reine is my hero Anyway, though, this novella is just the tip of the iceberg it s somewhat slow paced in its reveal, but once the plot thickens, Reine slams her readers with some fast paced action that happens all at once, and then she leaves us with a deadly cliffhanger The good news The next installment is already out as is the third and fourth, all for just 99 cents a piece , so these cliffhangers won t hurt too badly, because I m about to pick up the next installment as we speak And I can t wait to see where Reine and her readers input takes us.

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    s announcement in September regarding the launch of a program to sell serialized novels struck two chords in me As a reader, I found the idea laudable and quite interesting For those not familiar with the term, serialized novels are released piecemeal, perhaps 2 3 chapters at a time, rather than as an entire novel As a reader, it means you get updates on your favorite characters every few weeks, rather than every six months or every five years Are you listening, George R R Martin For me, the reader, this is wonderful.As an aspiring novelist working on a second novel, however, the concept of a serial terrifies me The wordcount in a given timeframe isn t concerning I m perfectly capable of cranking out 10 12,000 words of readable prose in two weeks No, the fear is that I ll miss a critical, though seemingly trivial, detail that astute readers will find I had a character in novel 1 put on a pair of glasses that he d explicitly lost four chapters earlier thankfully, an editing pass caught this With that dual background, I m interested in seeing how experienced writers handle this bit of detail As such, I was pleased to find that S.M Reine had elected to roll out a serialized novel As a previous reader of her work, I know that her stories and storytelling are top notch, and while the reader in me was happy to consume her latest work, the writer in me wanted to see how she d handle the serialized approach.Inner reader and inner writer agree this works New Moon Summer follows the story of Rylie, the Alpha leader of a pack of werewolves Rylie is young merely high school age but is supported in her leadership role by her college age boyfriend, Seth, and Seth s younger brother Abel As pack leader, Rylie finds herself in charge of comforting wolves through moon phased based changes and keeping order in the pack, ably assisted by the two brothers.When Seth departs for a lengthy stay at college, Rylie finds herself troubled She misses and loves Seth She s developing feelings for Abel, whom she s come to rely on for significant help in leading the pack And a new werewolf, one who desperately needs the aid of a pack to learn to deal with his changes, has gone missing As if that weren t enough, a hunter armed with silver bullets is showing an unnerving ability to find her and let her know that she s being targeted.I m impressed with the ability Reine shows to invest new readers to this world in characters, and in a mere 10 12,000 words leave notable cliffhangers that we want to see resolved It s a skilled bit of writing and storytelling, and one I m eager to continue with as a reader and fan.

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    Life is certainly different for Riley now being an Alpha and having the responsibilities of the ranch plus looking after the pack Seth is off on a different path following his dream to become a doctor and Riley is feeling conflicted about her new feelings for Abel Riley is confused and does not know how to deal with the situation When her life is threatened and a shot rings out, the consequences could be deadly A choice will be made that may destroy her dream of a happily ever after I can t wait to read the next one and as much as I love Seth, I am on Team Abel with this chapter.

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    Good startWell this was short but a great start to a series I have a lot of hope for I do hope not all the books are this short though I think this is going to get really good So much is already going on.

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    Holy HECK I forgot how much I missed this series I really want to see Riley with Abel, they belong together Seth isn t her kind and she needs someone who is, to walk the path beside her The novel was dramatic

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    A shorter book that I should have read before some of the others on the warewolf collection.

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    New Moon SummerThings continue to change for Rylie and those on the ranch Her feelings for Abel are complicated but it s great to see their love triangle

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