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One Small Thing chapter 1 One Small Thing, meaning One Small Thing, genre One Small Thing, book cover One Small Thing, flies One Small Thing, One Small Thing 813b34af2844a Daddy Is Not A Title Rue Murray Wanted, But He Never Thought He D Have Sex With A Woman Either Now He S The Unwitting Father Of A Newborn Named Alice Between Bartending And Cosmetology School, Rue Doesn T Have Time For Babies, But He Can T Give Her Up What Rue Needs Is A Babysitter, And He S Running Out Of Options He S On The Verge Of Quitting School To Watch Alice Himself When He Remembers His Reclusive New Neighbor, ErikErik Van Nuys Is A Sci Fi Novelist With Anxiety Issues To Spare He Doesn T Like People In General, And He Likes Babies Even Less Still, With His Royalties Dwindling, He Could Use The Extra Cash Reluctantly, He Takes On The Role Of Manny And Even Reluctantly, He Finds Himself Falling For Alice And Her Flamboyant FatherRue And Erik Are As Different As Two People Can Be, And Alice Is The Unlikeliest Of Babies, But Rue Has Never Been Happier Than When Alice And Erik Are By His Side At Least, Not Until He Receives An Offer That Puts All His Dreams Within Reach And He S Forced To Choose The Future He S Always Wanted, Or The Family He Thought He Never Did

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    Written January 17, 20144 1 2 Stars just lovely. tender, sweet and baby cuteIn December Maybe a short review later There was never any review written I swam around in the warm sea far away in Asia instead. when I finished One Small Thing But I need and MUST write a few words about my thoughts, because I enjoyed this great romance so much and I want a lot M M lovers to read it A small unique gem as my friend Macky recommended me to read Rue is a party gay guy who becomes father to a newborn baby girl because of a one night mistake He is a man who doesn t know much about babies and family life He also immedetly need a babysitter for the days when he s in cosmetology school and as well the evenings when he has a bartending job Who is better to ask than the shy male neighbor Erik, a sci fi writer and Star Wars lover , with a lot of personal life problems is the lucky. guy whose dull life suddenly is invaded by his new neighbors After a while it is all completely changed for the better of course Alice was a girl, and she had baby girl parts, and I was going to have to clean her up Should Ilook away But if I didn t watch what I was doing, how would I know if I d gotten her clean So, so funny, cozy, engaging and amazing romantic about two gorgeous men and many common everyday worries A partly new topic, with a baby, a virgin, a flamboyant and it is a very genuine and tender sense of it all Really tastefully done I also want to give a big plus to a M M novel where the romance, steam, sex and love got some time to grow..no insta love here and also felt very believable Particularly important when there are children involved in your life and in the story No one else should see him like that, ever Not my Rue And he was mine, as much as I was his I knew that now, just from the way he looked at me after I kissed him Everything I felt for him, every ounce of yearning and desire and need, had shone out of his eyes as he stared up at me And I knew right then, I knew he belonged to me I loved Rue, baby Alice and the sweet and so lovely nerd Erik My great love to Rue s wonderful best buddie Dusty as well, maybe I ll meet him in another book.At last I have to congrats Piper Vaughn to her choise of cover and the photos on it It s so read tempting and nice with these lovely cute baby feet and tiny pink baby shoes Delicious and very tidy to be a cover on a M M romance.Recommended to all romantic, family baby loving, M M readers.I LIKE very, very much Thanks to dear Macky who recommended this lovely novel with these words This one is light and fluffy but fun and cute too Macky s review.

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    3.5 stars Well, I loved most of this book and I am totally hooked on Piper Vaughn and M.J O Shea s writing styles, but I had a few issues with that kept it from being a solid 4 stars First, the stuff that I loved I think that these two authors have such a sweet, genuine way of writing that really speaks to me as a reader I connect so easily with the characters that they create I easily fell in love with Erik and Dusty and Rue and Alice I loved that this book is unapologetically sweet and tells a wonderful opposites attract story My issues with this one well they really got to me I had a few consistency problems with this story Why on earth would Rue forget to use a condom the one time he was with a girl He used condoms with men It made no sense to me I know it was needed to set the stage for the story but it didn t make sense I also think that the character of Erik was a bit all over the place A recluse that eats all junk food having a toned, flab less body In my everloving dreams He should have a big old cellulite butt Mention his metabolism or a secret home gym if you want to make that realistic, guys I also don t get how a guy with such crippling social anxiety would be able to magically be doing things that he avoided for years just because he met someone he was falling for For that to work, I needed to see a lot steps, signs that it was difficult for him of a journey It felt rushed and not realistic I also didn t like how they just passed over the whole virginity issue I wanted a discussion there, some major intimacy, and some shock and awe I didn t like how they kind of just skipped over that topic I mean view spoiler Rue was his first kiss I wanted to see him tell Rue that and see Rue s reaction I wanted from the virginity angle hide spoiler

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    Another book that s been on my TBR list forever I ve been trying to conquer it slowly but surely This was one of those books that just put a smile on my face It was sweet Not fussy A bit spicy The perfect Sunday afternoon read

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    5 Satisfying Stars Beautiful heart warming LOVE story This one definitely lived up to the hype The first few pages into this book I thought I was going to read about Club Kids and didn t think the read was for me, but I kept at it and boy am I glad I did Rue does work in a dance club and is somewhat flamboyant, but he s also hard working, devoted, loving and when life dealt him an unexpected hand, he was up to the challenge Without a moment of hesitation yes, he wanted his baby He embraced fatherhood and was an exceptional dad That in itself made for a beautiful story, but then bring the sheltered, quirky, anxious, owl eyed Erik into the mix and the love that ensues oh my my it made me smile, laugh, cry and love these two, as much as they loved each other Dusty was an endearing character, a delightful devoted friend to both of them and a caring, loving uncle to Alice, Rue s adorable baby She was what brought Rue and Erik together and allowed them to explore a relationship, dig down inside themselves and find what they were both made of and what they could become partners, a couple, men who could love and be loved I didn t even really know if I was gay I suppose society would assign me that label I was in love with a man, and he made me hot and hard, his kisses made me shiver, and there d never been anything perfect than the feel of his body inside mine So maybe it was the right word But I honestly didn t think my attraction to Rue had anything to do with his gender I didn t love Rue for what he did or didn t have I loved him because he was Rue Nothing else mattered Love knows no boundaries and the person who understood that the most was Erik s mother She loved her son, and now he loved, and her son s happiness was all that mattered I cried right along with her when she realized that her son had found someone Acceptance is a something people in this world should practice Sexual orientation does not make a person, and should have no bearing on how we judge someone This is a beautifully written LOVE story Not a romance this is a love story, love that comes in all forms, and at times it overwhelmed me This was a joint effort by two amazing authors and it read as if it was written by one It s told from Rue and Erik s first person point of views, and I loved reading how each one interpreted the situation at hand The ending will leave you smiling and immensely satisfied My hope that a book is written for Dusty, and he finds a love he is so deserving of After writing my review I changed my rating to 5 full stars Just thinking about what I read, how much I enjoyed it, and that I m still thinking about it well, that sealed the deal

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    HEARTFELT AND WONDERFUL Sighthis was really really good.I want to start with my criticisms first so I can get it out of the way The plot was a little all over the place I really really loved the prologue After that, the story went this And then it went that It even turned to a little love triangle It was almost messy Rue ErikI loved the characters But, there was so much going on with them Erik, I love him But, he s a writer, sci fi nerd, OC, junk food junkie, gardener, hated to be touched and a 27 year old virgin It s too much Then there s Rue, flirtatious, out there, and a full top After he had Alice, I missed his snarky remarks that he had on the prologue And their beginning, I think I missed the build up view spoiler Rue was giving Erik a haircut hide spoiler

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    I suppose to believe that somebody as gay as Rue would actually want to experiment with a girl and then get her pregnant is a bit hard to swallow but once you get past that and accept it as a bit of poetic license then you ll hopefully, like me, sit back and enjoy this fab story It s just pure entertainment, filled with endearing quirky characters, humour, emotion and a baby who is ber cute but doesn t steal the show or make it a sickly sweet concoction Erik and Rue are complete opposites but when they are together the book sparkles and together they sizzle What better pairing could you put together than an innocent, never been kissed, agoraphobic, Sci Fi geek and a flamboyant trainee hairdresser bar tender, at times skimpily dressed twink to make a romance that should never work, but actually turns out to be a match made in heaven Rue s friend Dusty is another great character and should get his own story A firm favourite now and a keeper Loved it Edit originally read May 2012 Re read 18 01 14 Still 5 stars Second time around and I still adore this story The perfect wind down from an intense read type of book and just a joy to relax with A lovely sweet romance that has endearing MC s, just the right amount of mild conflict and love scenes that never swamp the story but are still sexy enough to make you tingle when they re on page Rue and Erik are loveable, Dusty is a sweetie and little Alice is a star without being precocious Still a keeper and definitely still a favourite Comfort read Warm and fuzzies, Feel good Answer is yes to all three Gorgeous

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    This is a story of three men and a baby Rue is a bartender slash part time cosmetology student who one day got the shocking news of his life that one time he tried with a girl had resulted in pregnancy An unlikely candidate for fatherhood, nevertheless Rue decided that he would keep the baby With a help of his best friend, Dusty, and his reclusive neighbor, Erik, a writer with anxiety issues, Rue faces the journey of becoming a father The three men are making their own little family, and somewhere in the middle Rue and Erik fall in love as well.Why I keep saying three men , when the romance is strictly between Rue and Erik Well, because Dusty s role is too significant to be placed only as secondary He s an integral part of this story too, being best friend with Rue, also becoming a great friend for Erik, while taking care of baby Alice along with Erik So I need to highlight his character here since I want to see him with a happy ending too, especially since in this one, he doesn t have it yet Instead, he is saddled with an abusive boyfriend, who doesn t treat Dusty right.Anyway back to Rue and Erik, shall we It s a case of opposite attract Rue is extrovert, flirty, full of life Erik is intovert, doesn t like changes, has OCDs It s a chance encounter that puts these men on the same path, when Rue is desperate to find someone to keep an eye on his baby, Alice I love the story starts with friendship I am never a fan of insta love, wham bam love forever type of story So the way this story is developed makes the love that comes later between Rue and Erik feels natural, instead of forced instant I love how each man is taking the other out of their comfort zone Rue is growing roots, settled, while Erik is embarking the unknown, letting himself out one shell of a time There are A LOT of adorable moments including how Star Trek becomes one tool to calm baby Alice The climax in the end is one of those what you will be willing to sacrifice to be with the one you love things, which resolved quite nicely without dragging to much.It fits my taste on M M contemporary romance just right If there s that niggle, well, it will be baby as term of endearment I know I complain about that one too much, but I can t help it It s one of my pet peeves We already have baby Alice here without having to read the grown men calling each other baby I can only handle a few times that word comes up in a story, and this one uses it a bit too much Unfortunately, I know this term of endearment is popular in this genre, and I will be reading it to come, so you will have to stick with me complaining about it too Now, can either Piper or M.J confirms that Dusty will get his happiness in California Please

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    Oh, the warm and fuzziness of it all I loved this book and it was definitely the right story to pull me out of my reading slump I m jumping into Dusty s story right away Simply delightful

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    Mild SpoilersFunny and fresh Warm and fulfilling Surprisingly sexy.Dual POV THE STORY A baby changes everything In this initially light hearted and humorously written story, a young gay man has to figure out how to bartend, go to beauty school and make sure his daughter has the best possible care THE CHARACTERS Rue, is a young club boy who decides to keep his baby His decision creates havoc in his already hectic life, but caused me to instantly like him His humor and outlook made it easy to want Rue Just ask Erik You gotta love a man who thinks Might as well make like Lee and press on Erik, oh Erik Loveable geek, compassionate neighbor and sexually unaware introvert He drinks Gatorade by the gallon, watches Star Wars to calm himself and needs a hair cut Oh yeah, that haircut, tummy flips galore Do or do not There is no try Only Erik would quote Yoda in bed. Dusty is Rue s best friend and they are enrolled in cosmetology school together He s sweet, kind and vulnerable I m really hoping for his HEA in the next book There will be a next one, right THE WRITING This is a quick witted, solid read with a few minor bumps along the way I didn t feel that there were any slow parts but some awkward sentences did seem to halt the story a time or two The author s did an especially noteworthy job at portraying descriptive sex scenes that weren t just about the actions but actually about the sensations involved If you re one of those girls who want to know what it feels like for guys, pick this one up right away.The author s also wrote terrific, easy to visualize characters that you would want to know in your life They became endearing and it was a pleasure to watch them figure it all out You might find a bit of a love triangle, some building angst and what I hope is a possible cliff hanger in this book Read this book up for descriptive sex, tummy flips and characters that will work their way into your heart.My sincere thanks to Netgalley.com and Dreamspinner Press for providing an eARC or this delightful story Take a look at my Male Male Romance Book Blog

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    There s two types of reviews that are really hard to write Three star reviews and reviews of books you absolutely fell in love with This book falls in the second category I always feel like I won t be able to do them justice which I know I won t This was such a heartwarming story and I had a smile on my face almost the entire time I was reading it My daughter even turned to me at one point to ask me what I was smiling about I took my time reading it because I never wanted it to end This is a story of opposites attract Rue, is the outgoing one, whom finds himself suddenly a father Erik, is the shy eccentric neighbor, who ends up babysitting Baby Alice One mustn t leave out Dusty, Rue s best friend Reading about these friendships develop was simply a delight I also found this book inspirational It s a story about friendship and family It was not only humorous but emotional as well It also had some steamy moments The dialogue flowed nicely it never had a dull moment IMO, was pretty close to perfect and a book I highly recommend.This was 5 stars and going under my best of the best I ve read this year Loved it

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