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The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2) explained The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2) , review The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2) , trailer The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2) , box office The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2) , analysis The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2) , The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2) efc3 After Facing Her Nightmares Head On, Keira Soon Finds Her Troubles Have Only Just Begun And If She Thought Mortals Were Dangerous Then Being Hunted By The World S Most Powerful Beings Will Spin Her Further Into A Web Of Supernatural Destruction Keira Can T Help Seeing The Handsome Man Before Her, She Can T Help The Dreams That Consume Her And Neither Can She Stop Him From Wanting Her But The Controlling Man That Follows Her Every Move, Isn T The Man She S Dating But The Man That S Hunting Her Now It S Down To The Only Man With Enough Power To Keep Her Safe And He Doesn T Play Well With Others Nor Does He Take Kindly To People Trying To Take What Belongs To Him And Keira Belongs To Only One ManDominic Draven Will The Fight For Their Love Be Enough To Survive The New World She Is Forced To Live In And Importantly, Can She Survive Being With The King Of The Afterlife

  • Kindle Edition
  • 606 pages
  • The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2)
  • Stephanie Hudson
  • English
  • 18 January 2018

About the Author: Stephanie Hudson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Two Kings (Afterlife Saga #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Stephanie Hudson author readers around the world.

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    BOOK REVIEW The Two Kings Afterlife saga 2 Stephanie HudsonDRAVEN IS BACK KIERA IS BACK VINCENT IS BACK SOPHIA IS BACK HEAR ME SCREAM HA Okay, so you get the picture, book two in the Afterlife saga has finally been released and Keira and Dominic Draven are now a very unconventional human vs Demon Angel demi god couple Unconventional being the height of emphasis here, because we learn something pretty special in book two Dominic isn t just the leader of the Supernatural world that reside within our realm as they walk and exist among us he is their King His word is law His mission to maintain a balance of Light and Darkness Good vs Evil However, the scales have recently tipped, due to some extra added weight that came in the form of Kiera, the human girl who recently bounded into his life and set it spinning, even at times, out of his own monumental control His Electa The Chosen One Kiera was born for Dominic, she was selected by the Gods to be his one true love, and the Gods have a plan However, he didn t count on it being a feisty Liverpudlian girl from England, who has a knack for not doing as her told, and ruffling than a few Angel feathers in the process Nevertheless, his love for her is all consuming, passionate and true But with this love comes an overwhelming need to possess and protect what is his No one can touch her, anyone breathes on her or looks at her funny and not only do they feel the mighty wrath of a jealous lover, but his Demon side is, to be frank, a little scary Kiera is finally succumbing to the idea that the man she loves is, although way out of her league , her soul mate Her Dominic The man who had saved her life when the nightmares of her past had come back to haunt her Now, Morgan her ex crazy kidnapper was dead, it seemed that Kiera and Dominic could now embrace their love, all the while adapting to Draven s otherworld in the club known as Afterlife As they spend countless nights together, the passion and love they feel for each other fuels some very steamy encounters that will make your toes curl This also includes a brush with disaster involving some sexy underwear, an accidental kiss with the cough Wrong Draven Brother, Demon shopping escapades, and oh, some new Demon stalker invading her dreams, it seems Kiera s idea of leading a normal life are slipping away, day by day.There is also the little problem of Hilary, Libby and Kiera s ghastly cousin, who is coming to stay for a week or two and who seems to make it her life s mission of making Kiera s life a total living hell, is just another thing to add to the ever expanding list of problems.To help relieve the fear that still eats away at Keira s core, and to help alleviate hidden threats, Dominic gifts Kiera with a little support, in the form of Ragnar, a Warrior Viking Demon who gets given the task of becoming her new Bodyguard.With her life continually scrutinised and kept under close watchful eye, Keira feels herself, regrettably at times, succumbing to the pressure of being with The King, but nothing prepares her for the plans her new Demon stalker has for her Lucius, is not just another Demon, he is also a being of formidable mind power, for he is also a ruler, known as The Vampire King Forged and reborn from the fires of hell by Lucifer himself, he is branded as being the only other that can potentially rival Dominic s powers.Things start to take a monumental turn when Lucius up s the stakes in his mind games By controlling her dreams he threatens the promise that Kiera will soon belong to him his quest for revenge on his nemesis is vital in his plan, and yet his power has the ability to wield Kiera into keeping quiet, and therefore making her unable to voice her troubles to Dominic, who is the only one that can protect her This is a stunning book It s a commendable second instalment that again, like its predecessor, is on the long side and will require another marathon read Yes, because it is 1087 pages, and yet I was still sad when I had finished it It also ended on a little cliff hanger, so book three cannot come soon enough Please don t let the length deter you If there is one thing that Stephanie Hudson is good at, that is her ability to throw you into each scene like you are living it She has given each character a world of room to nurture and grow, and I feel now that I personally know every single one of them.Kiera can be indecisive, and her self doubt about Draven s true feelings was questioned countless times when it wasn t completely necessary But she is a strong heroine, and her musings just made her feel human , so I understand this aspect of her character and at times, when not an irritation, her naivety was rather endearing.My only gripe is that I am a Vincent Girl I am a sucker for Angel s and I find his character not only the most beautiful, but he s also the most elusive and I want his character to be further nurtured I want to jump into my kindle, grab him and unleash that bad boy inside But I have been assured by the author that she has an exciting plan for him, so watch this space Stephanie Hudson, you have a fan for life I am still Craving the Drave so 2013 cannot come soon enough 5 STARS.

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    SPOILERS AHEAD Okay, I thought I was gonna start this review by ranting about my dislike for Keira but I decided to start out with HOLY CLIFFHANGER I need to know who the traitor is, like right now I am dying This installment in the Afterlife Saga has made me an addict and my addiction is this series The first book I was iffy about because it took so long for me to really get into it but this one has me sold It was so much better than the first installment and has definitely kept me on the edge of my seat THE WHOLE TIME Also, in the first book I found the length of the novel dragging, but in this one I loved it and could ve used Okay, now that I ve got that out of the way let me start with my dislike for Keira I don t like her character Plain and simple I wanted so badly to throw my Kindle many many times and even had to refrain myself from deleting this book at one point And that s NEVER happened just because I hated the heroine so much I tried to put myself in her shoes to see if I would act that way if I was in the position she was in and it would work for some things but others, I just didn t understand, she is just a very weak female lead character She easily makes the top spot for most hated heroines and the hard part is that I WANT to like her Here s why I can t stand her 1.She cries through the WHOLE DAMN BOOK Like seriously, I am not exaggerating, she cries at least every other page If I thought she was whiny in the last book, well, she s worse in this one at lot worse She is always SOBBING It is tiring, it is annoying, it makes her seem immature, and it makes her appear so weak when I want so badly for her to be strong She cries over every little thing, if she s not full out sobbing then she is tearing up Gahhh, just stop it already and dry those damn tears up you big fucking baby 2 She made horrible decisions She never listened to anyone or even herself She ran straight towards the wrong choice each time AND THE WORST OF THEM ALL.3 She has the backbone of a fucking jellyfish She lets Draven treat her like poop Don t get me wrong I love me a dominate alpha possessive hero but I also like it when the heroine clashes with him at times and proves that she is his equal NOT his OBJECT that is to OBEY HIM I like it when the heroine can stand up for herself and defy her man Ugh, so many times I was screaming at Keira to stick up for herself and put her foot down, but she was so scared of Dominic and so weak that she always did exactly as he said She would put her head down and stare at the ground like a little fucking kid and either tear up full out cry and do exactly as he said because she is nothing but a submissive pile of goo ugh She had a few moments where she tried to stand her ground but those were few and far between and only lasted two seconds before she submitted to him like a slave to her master Here s an example The scene where she goes back to the club after taking Justin home and Aurora his ex girlfriend the bitch shows her where Draven and everyone is at and then Keira finds Draven sitting in the middle of a fucking ORGY with a female all over him I thought I was gonna lose my damn mind It made me sick and I thought this was gonna be the scene where Keira FINALLY blew up and flipped out on Dom, I just knew it in my bones this was where she was going to surprise Dom, herself, and me by growing a backbone and not taking his shit However, in true Keira form, he tells her he set it all up to make her jealous come on, really Draven, really and she runs straight into his arms, like, okay whatever you say UGH I wanted to punch her in the face Badly Even IF he was telling the truth, he still did it to intentionally hurt her and she shouldn t had forgiven him so quickly I wanted her to scream at him and go off because while he was being juvenile and practically cheating on her to make her jealous such utter bullshit she was getting attacked and visits from that evil bastard Lucius Okay, there s that I can say that I couldn t stand about Keira and Dom but I don t think I would be able to finish this review if I listed them all Anyways, even though through most of this book I couldn t stand Keira nor Doms actions I still LOVED the story They definitely won t be at the top of my favorite book couples list but I still love to read about them I loved that we got info on the Angels and Demons and their stories and pasts I thought Sophia being the inspiration behind the Rapunzel fairy tale was pretty cool I hated that we STILL have no idea what Keira being the chosen one means besides being Dom s soul mate I hope in the next book we finally get around to the answers I can t wait for the next one to see what happens since we ended with Keira being kidnapped AGAIN I just hope that in the next installment Dom gets her back fast because even though they are a disaster together or like a train wreck that I can t look away from , I am addicted and need to see where their story goes Plus, they had some pretty hot scenes So if most of the book is spent with Keira being with Lucius I will be sorely disappointed or if Keira hooks up with Lucius I will possibly destroy my kindle, so I m sure she will since Keira loves for me to hate her In all I really enjoyed this book and so far the whole series and I think everyone should give it a try Oh, and something that was a tidbit annoying was the author had the American characters speaking in an English accent when the only English characters were Keira, Libby, and their cousin I m sorry but no one in America calls a TV a telly, an ass an arse, or their mom mum Just sayin.

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    I hate to tell but reading this book was for me very painfull, boring and frustrating experience I wanted to strangle Keira, why she has to be so damn stupid, childish, flat and weepy You can ask me why I keep reading and I my answer is that I probably have twisted kind of curiosity I m interested in whole Lucius character

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    I am 56% through the book and I don t know if I can finish it I really want to like this book, and this series has so much potential, but the author gets lost in too many trivial details and I found myself skipping a bunch of pages Not only that, but when something big happens she never really explains the significance of it Spoilers Like when she gets lost in the temple and pricks her finger on the vine that allows her to enter and that mark shows up on her hand Once she finally gets back to their bedroom with Draven and when he demands to know how she got down there she never shows him the mark or even mentions it and it is never brought up again Another frustrating scene is when she catches Draven in Sophia s play room with another woman in his arms after experiencing a very traumatic evening She runs away from him and then he blames her for his behavior and she starts crying and says she it s because she is so ashamed of herself Seriously I really don t like Keira s character She is very immature and cries all the time, Draven is an overbearing ass and it seems like he is always laughing at her The sex scenes are so over the top they are almost comical, and Keira gets embarrassed about everything and is either blushing, covering her face, or crying And what s up with the whole period thing I have never read a book where so much focus was put on that one little aspect I m not sure if I m going to finish this book or not I really like the story but I think I ll go write my history paper first.

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    2.5 StarsJeez what happened I was pretty excited to start book 2, but having finished it, I just feel underwhelmed and annoyed This book was even longer than the first and while I wasn t too bothered by this in book 1, it really got to me here There was just too much filler and repetitive things happening, I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again There were a few interesting twists, but they got lost somewhere amidst all those pages I had to consistently skim to get to the point and or some answers about things laid down in book 1, but even with a 700 word count I got very little Besides the love scenes, the story also felt like a YA book, even so than the first one I found a lot of the banter actions simple, even immature The hero became too much of a caveman for my taste and the heroine just too inept The story kept highlighting the heroines purity, but provided only a few examples of this, which made me want to scratch my head every time someone pointed it I m sure that this will be addressed in later books, but I m not sure I ll have the patience or desire to hang on for those answers If you are hoping to learn about Electus , you won t find much in this book I might check out book 3 but not for some time.

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    I enjoy these all Free on Unlimited The editing certainly leaves a lot to be desired, both in terms of the sentence structure and also the typical phoenetic problems Anyway, I m still into them and have the 3rd book ready to cast myself into.

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    I am giving this book a rating of 5 because I simply enjoyed reading it I can t put it any other way The Two Kings is the second book in the Afterlife Saga which to my understanding, will consist of 7 books In The Two Kings, Kiera, the heroine, is with Dominic Draven who is half Demon, Half Angel Keira struggles as she continues to have dreams that consume her and is hunted by a powerful being, Lucius, who wants to take her away from Draven.Now there is that happens in this book than Keira and her dreams We are introduced to characters Plus we get a better insight to Draven and Keira s past and hings are constantly happening I was not bored Keira, did get on my nerves First, it was her her constant insecurities on whether someone as stunning as Draven would ever want her Draven, the poor guy , constantly reassures her of his love for her and how beautiful she is, but she questions it to no end, which got very annoying Keira is The Chosen yet she acts so immature when it comes to their relationship She is this strong woman who fights against these evil creatures, yet can t get it through her thick skull that this guy loves her However, when she wasn t questioning their love, the sex scenes were steamy hot Draven is the overly jealous boyfriend, but I still love him.There were parts that the author could have cut back on the descriptions and verbiage, but in all the book was 1,087 pages and I enjoyed 99% of it This is why I almost gave it 4 stars, but I changed it after much thought because in all the book is awesome, wonderful and a great read I think this is only the author s second book and for a new and upcoming author, she is doing a great job and I want people to read her books Unlike many other authors, I think this author is going to get better and better I know I love a book when 1 I rarely skim I skimmed a little and I mean maybe a paragraph here and there because as I mentioned, the descriptions got of of control and information was being said than once 2 I did not want the book to end I was sad last night when I finished it and 3 I am thinking about the book the next day I just got home from lunch with friends and was telling them all about the book Yes, even after reading all 1, 087 pages, I was very upset that the book ended I want the third book in my hands yesterday I think the author mentioned on Facebook the third book will come out early 2013 That is too long for me to wait.To the author I would have liked a bonus chapter at the end of this book The bonus chapter would be Vincent s Draven s twin brother POV of the time he walked in on Keira when she was lying on the bed waiting for Draven.Ms Hudson, do you think as a bonus on your website or on Facebook, you can give that to your readers mostly me It doesn t hurt to ask

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    This is the continuation of the exact day that Afterlife ended, and now The Two Kings begins I didn t really have much hope for this novel because I was so disappointed with the first one And in the beginning there really isn t much difference from the first one when it comes to the writing style However I do not like the fact that Keira has changed so much, it s like her personality did a complete one eighty, and not in a good way I really thought she was a lot less shy than the was she acts in this one And again like I ve said before the romance just went way to quickly, and now it seems to go even quickly But at least in this one you have conversations between Keira and Dominic than in the first one and that is a good thing There were a few things that happened in this book that I really felt held no meaning to the story line Like some of the stuff that happened between Keira and Vincent, just didn t make a lot of sense to me, and I thought really didn t need to be in the book it just took up time, and held no meaning I was seriously frustrated with this book because Keira and Dominic just kept going back and forth, constantly arguing it was driving me crazy And the ending has a cliffhanger I really just didn t like this book at all, it seemed too long and drawn out with different things that had no meaning to the actual story I will not be continuing this series, because I just ended up not liking it at all

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    Why did I do this to myself I picked up the second book in the series because I was sure that the main character Kiera was going to get better, that she was going to stop being a whiny b ch But no, nope, absolutely not If you though that Kiera was stupid on the first book please do not read any further, this is so much worse.All she does is cry and be scared of everything, even Draven STILL SCARED OF DRAVEN Kiera does not evolve at all, her character does not grow out of this self pity that she always falls into.Oh, and everyone has the hots for Kiera I can count 5 so far This drives me absolutely insane.The Author still keeps us in the dark for as to why Kiera, and many many things is left unexplained I have also at this point given up on Draven as he is too overprotective and come off as a father figure sometimes because he is constantly coddling Kiera, and this is a big no no The Author is amazing with the visual details of the world around these characters, but the story lacks a a lot The Author fills the page with pointless things that don t add anything to the story itself Again.I did not finish this book because when Kiera started to sob and cry for the millionth time, I could not go on And a warning to the ones that are thinking about the audio book DON T do it JUST DON T The narrator is nasally and makes Kiera and Draven sound like kids Annoying Horrible Painful.

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    So, yes, I read on still trying to figure out what all these 5 star reviews are about.I still don t know I mean really, I don t care whether she washes her hair or not, what she s wearing or how long it takes her to pick out her outfit that is then described as dull, how often she uses the bathroom, what she eats etc etc etc There are just so many really long dull descriptive passages in this book and some bad spelling and grammatical errors.But I kept going, it must get better, it must, but it didn t Had this been a real book rather than on my Kindle I think I might have ceremoniously burnt it, or at least thrown it very hard at the wall It was the same unhealthy relationship with two people who talk talk talk but can t seem to understand each other and so little real action that when it does come your brain is too fried to actually care.I still have two of this series on my Kindle but I have no idea whether I will actually read them.

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