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    , O N the bank of the river, in the row of cranes,That one drooped its head,Put its beak under its wing, and with itsagedDim pupils, awaitedIts last black moment.When its comrades wished to depart,It could not join them in their flight.Scarcely could it open its eyes and watch in the airThe path of the little flock that went alongCalling down to those under the roofsThe tidings, the greetings and the tearsEntrusted to them by the exile.Ah, the poor bird In the bleak embraceOf that cold autumnal silence, it is dying.It is vain to dream any Of a distant spring, of cool currents of airUnder strong and soaring wings,Or of passing through cool brooksWith naked feet, of dipping its long neckAmongst the green reeds It is vain to dream any The wings of the Armenian craneAre tired of traveling It was trueTo its heart depressing calling It has transported so many tears How many young wives have put among its soft feathersTheir hearts, ardently beating How many separated mothers and sonsHave loaded its wings with kisses Now, with a tremor on its dying day,It shakes from its shouldersThe vast sorrow of an exiled race.The vows committed to it, the hidden sighsOf a betrothed bride who saw at lengthHer last rose wither unkissed A mother s sad blessing Loves, desires, longings,It shakes at last from its shoulders.And on the misty river bankIts weary wings, spread for the last time,Point straight towardThe Armenian hills, the half ruined villages.With the voice of its dying dayIt curses immigration,And falls, in silence, upon the coarse sand of the river bank.It chooses its grave,And, thrusting its purple beakUnder a rock, the dwelling place of a lizard,Stretching out its curving neck.Among the songs of the waves,With a noble tremor it expires A serpent there, which had watched that death agonySilently for a long time with staring pupils,Crawls up from the river bank,And, to revenge a grudge of olden days,With an evil and swift springCoils around its dead neck.Daniel Varoujan

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