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A Little Bit Rock & Roll summary A Little Bit Rock & Roll , series A Little Bit Rock & Roll , book A Little Bit Rock & Roll , pdf A Little Bit Rock & Roll , A Little Bit Rock & Roll cd3c29fc55 Kyle Thought He Had It All That Was Until His Band S Tour Bus Becomes Stranded In Wyoming During An Epic Snowstorm When Rancher Colt Billings Offers Assistance, Everything Kyle Thought He Knew Is Tested And He Is Forced To Face Emotions And Truths That He Has Managed To Hide Most His LifeThe Last Thing Colt Needs Is An Attraction To A Young Rock Star, But Ever Since He Opened His Home To The Band To Wait Out The Storm, Kyle Consumes His Mind Keeping His Distance From The Long Haired Singer Is Just Not An OptionWhen Their Two Worlds Clash, They Must Work Through Their Feeling As Their Passion Grows, And Secrets Threaten To End It All Just When Things Look Like They Might Work Out, Tragedy Strikes, Adding New Insecurities And Issues The Two Must Overcome, Making Them Wonder If Love Really Is Enough

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    DNF 30%Sweeeeet.A 28 year old gay virgin waiting for the right man to take him snort I would recommend it to m f readers who want a taste of the forbidden fruit apart from both MCs having the same equipment they won t get spooked too much.

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    This author slowly becomes my favorite mm author The story is an emotional roller coaster, but apart from a difficult phase resulting from a shocking event the characters behave rationally.Colt was a rancher in Wyoming Kyle was a rock singer touring in a bus with his band When their bus was trapped in Wyoming blizzard close to Colt s ranch, they had to take up his offer to stay for a day or two Soon enough, Kyle and Colt discovered each other.From then, the story evolved into two phases, both dealt with Kyle s feelings view spoiler The first one was his dealing with coming out, first to his band members, then to their fans Kyle was so stubborn that sometimes it s hard to read.The second one dealt with Kyle s depression after something major happened to them He pushed everybody away, included Colt Would they be able to go through this one intact hide spoiler

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    I liked this book I gave it three stars because it was bit unbelievable I mean unbelievable things happen everyday but a rock star whose 28 and a virgin I mean damn I enjoyed however the idea and the book and the message It was inspirational and of course has a hea.

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    Insta love, sex, can t come out because I m a martyr and a victim, sex, bit of a break, sex, personal tragedy, can t love him because I m a martyr and a victim, sex, insta fix for everything, THE ENDAs hot as sex scenes can be, I hate when they are used as fillers for a very thin plot It was also obvious the author didn t even do a minnimum of research before writing about amputations the idea that someone would be able to go from surgery to a temporary prosthesis and then a permanent one in 3 months is ludicrous, specially considering the amputee wasn t having any kind of therapy Overdramatized characters, fabricated angst, soap opera dialogue, a thin plot, too many sex scenes, and insta love beginning insta fix ending made this book pretty MEH

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    The second part hurt comfort subplot is much better than the first part insta love coming out subplot I find the plot really good, the characters are interesting too, and I ve always liked the rock star cowboy pairing I think the story would have been captivating if it had been tighter, shorter, especially the first part The second part is perfect as it is Good read Recommended if you can stomach the silliness of the first part view spoiler 28 yrs old virgin, rock star on the rise, leader of his band, gas known his bandmates since primary school and they are like bros than friends, their driver and kind of father figure is gay and it does not bother any of his bandmates And guess what The 28 yrs old gay virgin still does not want to come out to them Thus is the tupical fake conflict I canno understand hide spoiler

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    picked this up because I just wanted something different, and I was really pleasantly surprised I thought this would be a cowboy rocker love story and I was A OK with that but it was complex, and I right when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the story switched it up on me I really liked these two guys, and their bandmates friends I thought they both handled the situations realistically and believably This was a great story and just what I was looking for for something different, entertaining, and engaging The sex was hot, the characters were great, and the setting was interesting.Give it a try Definitely recommended Review posted on and Goodreads.

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    DNF Couldn t finish Too many on my TBR list to pick this up again.I ve read a lot of Harlequin type romances I even have some on my keeper shelf This was a beginner m m harlequin romance.

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    PLEASE READ FIRST MY RATING SYSTEM To my ratings for all people, who wonder, why I say a 3 book is a good book and should be readed 5 very very good and rare it would be a Blow Away book like Liberty from Seth King or Save the kids series from EM Leya it s like an A 4 very good and will be often reread and is a WOW book with interesting plot and surprises like most of Andrew Grey books It s like an A3 a really good book, which will be reread a few times most romances where you can enjoy for relaxing and during waiting times in hospitals I can recommend them definitively It s like an A B2 it was ok to read, but it s a one time reader I wouldn t recommend it heartly, but it was ok It s like an C D1 sorry, but that isn t really a book for me maybe too many mistakes, not a nice plot, or unlogical story, so a NO GO It s like failure in the whole line, dismissed, repeat the class

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    Really enjoyed Kyle and Colts story They were so good together and the band mates were great too Colt was such a strength for Kyle throughout Loads of heat and a bit of angst loved it.

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    Definitely not my favorite book by this author It had heaps of potential but the execution wasn t that great.

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