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Tethered chapter 1 Tethered , meaning Tethered , genre Tethered , book cover Tethered , flies Tethered , Tethered d88d6dfec7613 BOOK Of The WEDDING FEAST TRILOGY, With A FREE COPY Of BOOK ONE, Abigail Awakes, Naked And Vulnerable, In Pitch Darkness Her Wrists And Ankles Have Been Manacled To The Floor One By One, Her Brutal, Troll Like Captors Come To Visit Her Time Is Short No One Else Can Rescue Her But Can She Save Herself Elsewhere, Three Friends Spring A Young Woman From Her Cage At An Animal Experimentation Centre Can They Stay One Step Ahead Of The Government Agent Who Is Determined To Recapture Her, Whatever The Cost And Was It Wise For Them To Leave Her Alone In A S Caravan Whilst They Went Off For Tea And Biscuits With Two Distinctly Dubious Pensioners Fantasy Horror And Tongue In Cheek British Humour Combine In This Dark And Tragic Sequel To The Wedding Feast A Free Copy Of Which Is IncludedFrom The Author Of SLAVE GIRLS AND S Top In The Contemporary Fantasy Bestsellers Chart In June WARNING Contains Frequent Nudity, Cannibalism, Fantasy Horror, Desecrated Graves, A Naked Cat Fight, Doped Custard Creams And Scenes Of A Sexual Nature

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    I would have rated this higher if it were not for something approaching 30 mistakes in the story I just wish these self publishing authors would use a decent proof reader, it s so grating hitting error after error.Anyway, back to the review The story is set in an alternative world Homo Sapiens is not the sole humanoid species on earth and the tale revolves around the interaction of the two species They like to use us as food and we try to wipe them out of existence It s not a horror story though, or a sexual bondage tale, despite the misleading cover, and there is not a single custard cream to be found It has, however, a well crafted plot, a great twist, excellent characters, some humorous moments and a satisfying ending If you enjoy alternative worlds fiction with a hint of mystery and adventure, give it a go

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    I really enjoyed this and thought it was even better then the first book in the series, The Wedding Feast.Loved the characters and there was plenty of funny moments with a wonderful twist at the end that I did not see coming I highly recommend the book and at 79p, what a bargain Looking forward to the next instalment Mr Pidduck

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    Rough around the edges, but a lovely read nonetheless I have now read the Tethered trilogy.

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    I enjoyed this a lot will be reading the last in the trilogy and checking out authors other books

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