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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Last Unicorn: Volume 4
  • Peter B. Gillis
  • English
  • 10 December 2019

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    THE LAST UNICORN Graphic NovelNot having read the novel nor the film adaptation I suspect that this story has an enchanting and endearing legacy with fans.The story seemed to be in six distinct phases, hence, I assume the obvious choice of six separate issues.Clever illustrations in the final two chapters merging several P.O.V.I almost abandoned it after two issues, but I persisted and glad that I did A tale that would not be out of place amongst the Greco Roman legends.The Last Unicorn 4The words leave him like eagles, and he lets them go The emptiness rushes back on him with a thunderclap.

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The Last Unicorn: Volume 4characters The Last Unicorn: Volume 4, audiobook The Last Unicorn: Volume 4, files book The Last Unicorn: Volume 4, today The Last Unicorn: Volume 4, The Last Unicorn: Volume 4 aa59f As The Threat Of The Terrifying And Mysterious Red Bull Looms, So Does The Dark And Foreboding Castle Of King Haggard, The Keeper Of The Bull The Unicorn, The Magician Schmendrick, And Molly Brave Ahead Until They Are Forced To Defend The Unicorn From Certain Death But Schmendrick S Solution May Make Her Wish She Hadn T Survived At Any Cost

About the Author: Peter B. Gillis

Peter B Gillis born December 19, 1952 is an American comic book writer best known for his work at Marvel Comics and First Comics in the mid 1980s, including the series Strikeforce Morituri and the digitally drawn comic series Shatter.