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    Fractured fairy taleThe story starts off with some onery boys going to find an old neighbor guy to bother and to steal his food because they were so cranky their own mamas sent them away The neighbor sees them coming and offers to make a special soup, in this version they use a hunk of meat After the boys are finished eating they are still dirty and lanky and cranky and scrawny and naughty, but never hungry and quite so bad again.

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    Personal Reaction I enjoyed this book I got this recommendation from Lana and she said it was similar to the tale, Stone Soup I am not familiar with Stone Soup but I can understand how there could be versions and variants of it The boys in this story are very rude and disrespectful in the beginning Luckily, their behaviors turn around once they meet Billy Que and help him with his stew I particularly enjoyed this part of the story because it shows the possibility of change from disrespectful attitudes to respectful attitudes.Purposes Use in Classroomread aloud enrichment This story would aid in enrichment because the boys transformations in behavior could show students both sides of the situation Sure, kids understand what being disrespectful looks like, but I think that if they are given the opportunity to see it from an outside perspective, the lesson will be far valuable read aloud for curriculum For curriculum purposes, I also think this story would be useful I would suggest anywhere from 1st 3rd grade for this story because the behaviors and attitudes exhibited in this story are very relatable to children of this age group as they are learning how their behaviors affect others Additionally, I think this could be used with some sort of cooking unit Although the measurements aren t specific, there are some quantities mentioned i.e pint that are useful in the real world However, the ingredients mentioned i.e turnip, onion, carrot are familiar items that students would be able to associate prior experiences with independent reading I think this story would be a fine independent read, but I think that it is better suited as a read aloud book so there can be discussion along the way.

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    Personal Reflection I chose to read this book because it offered a unique retelling of the traditional French Folk Tale, Stone Soup I ve enjoyed reading Stone Soup to my children for years and thought it would be fun to compare the two stories My first reaction was to feel disgusted and a bit disappointed by the behavior of the five very rude, obnoxious, and ridiculously hungry boys in the opening of the story They showed no respect for their mothers or their elders and I specifically remember thinking, I don t want to expose my children to this Thankfully, these boys began to change after meeting old Billy Que and taking part in helping him make his famous Burgoo Stew They learned a lesson or two in showing respect and were forever changed by their experience with Billy Que and his famous stew I grew to enjoy the story and would read it to my children Purpose This would be a good read aloud book for 1st to 3rd graders Several lessons could coincide with this story Some examples include lessons in folk literature styles, to compare and contrast similar stories within a culture such as, Stone Soup , to teach a lesson is showing respect, kindness, and how great sharing can be, even in pint sized measures Other comments There were some good uses of literary devices and strong vocabulary words.

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    Don t be fooled by the comical, somewhat madcap though certainly also very skillful illustrating style of Mike Shenon Burgoo Stew has some timeless life lessons to impart to the thoughtful and observant reader, which is what I ve come to expect from the work of author Susan Patron In this her first published story, five boys with negative attitudes toward the adults in their lives are given a positive, painless object lesson in how to treat others, and learn also about the rewards that one reaps simply from offering respect where it is deserved Old Billy Que may not be a physical match for five angry kids who storm onto his property one day and demand that he feed them, but his quick thinking is plenty enough to even the score When Billy sends the five boys off on an assortment of errands involved in the making of a delicious dish that he calls Burgoo Stew, he may be able to quell the imminent threat that they had posed to him while at the same time subtly and gently reforming their character The underlying feel of Burgoo Stew is different from that of Susan Patron s beloved Hard Pan trilogy, but the story is no less wise in its own way, and definitely deserves to still be in print I might give it two and a half stars.

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    An alternate take on Stone Soup I read it because it s Susan Patron and she wrote the Newbery Award winner I liked it I loved the simile use That s strong It really is a good model.

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    A different rendition of Stone Sou A very funny read aloud book for ages 3 6.

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    I read it because it s Susan Patron and she wrote the Newbery Award winner I liked it I loved the simile use That s strong It really is a good model.

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