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    aaron cometbus is a punk s punk he scrounges for food in dumpsters, scams his way around the US on greyhound, slips in and out of punkhouses and seems to live off nothing than coffee and cigarettes he has the eye of a sociologist and the soul of a poet and the haircut of a fool inside this book you will find sly analysis of cooperatives, cliques, anarchy, imperialism, political philosophy, and also riotous tales of drunken revelry, crazy scavenger hunts, touring with green day, history of berkeley, hobos, and above all an amazing incendiary PASSION, for exploration and observation and questioning of the status quo if cometbus has meant anything to me over the years it has meant a curiosity about society that stems from true love of people not the people , but people as individuals , the promise of a life that doesn t revolve around wage slavery or greed or a desire for consumer electronics i don t live such a life, nor do you but despite everything proves it is possible if nothing else, the cometbus omnibus will make you want to take a detour the next time you walk past an alley.

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    Reading Cometbus both current issues and this fantastic omnibus collection makes me happy Happy that I found my way to punk rock in my pre teen years, happy that I found my way to this zine in my teen years, happy to be alive in general If you like punk rock, traveling, or personal writing in general, Cometbus should also make you happy.

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    WARNING There is a LOT of text squeezed into these 600 pages I think it reads like 800 pages.I ve read about Cometbus for years in books and other zines but I ve never actually opened an issue of the mag It was nice to see what all the hype has been about, but I can t help feeling like this omnibus is only a fuzzy reflection of what it was like to actually read the zines Oh well, I missed out on the real thing That doesn t mean this isn t a delightful read.It s really neat to see how the bits of East Bay punk history I ve gathered over the years correspond with the stories he was telling in those times Also very interesting to see the rise of East Bay punk into the mainstream from the perspective of an anti racket Yohannanist who was actually friends with all those people who got famous He deliberately avoided any form of fame or even a comfortable living for himself The irony is that Aaron has now achieved legendary status for doing a hand made zine for 20 frickin years Hilights for me include The Straight Outa A Town column written by Lint a young Tim Armstrong the tree fort story written by Cindy I also love all the travel journals Aaron s stories paint such vivid pictures in my head of him traipsing around America, up and down the streets of different towns cities, looking for adventure, living the life us working stiffs wish we had the balls to live Possessions don t matter, money doesn t matter It s about the places you go and the relationships you make Yeah right.Go to hell Aaron Cometbus.

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    after much thought i ve come to realize that aaron is my favorite writer i ve been reading cometbus for like 13 years and i always come away excited about life again i still remember the first issue i got it was about a trip to europe and i remember being totally blown away by reading it he was the first writer who i definitely wanted to be friends with and i feel like i m listening to a friend tell me stories when i read him often, they are really amazing stories this is a compendium of a zine he has been publishing for like thirty years and it always changes and has great contributors alongside his great varied writing his writing can be anything from a travel journal, to interviews although never with bands thankfully , to bridge reviews, anyone with a passing interest in diy, punk rock, traveling, or life in the present needs to read him.

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    Here Aaron Cometbus attempts to condense 20 years of his self published zine into one mammoth volume, called Despite Everything Though Cometbus was not easy to find where I grew up, I did get my hands on a few issues in the late nineties At that time, Aaron s writing really spoke to me about ways to live outside of the usual paths of existence and how life could be a sort of never ending series of adventures, even if you re stuck in a small town with no money So, these many years later, I finally got around to reading this compendium of his work, and it certainly was a major nostalgia trip for me Some of the writing does not hold up as well as I d hoped, and some of the contributers don t seem to have much to say But I can still feel the devotion that went into each hand written and xeroxed page and Aaron s indefatigable lust for living And now and again he will hit just the right note of optimism that will redeem several pages of pedestrian anecdotes Aaron is a relentless traveler, whereas I have always been of a stay put type of person, so I appreciate living vicariously through his travel adventures Cometbus is required reading for those that feel connected to punk culture, and appreciate the DIY ethic the pervades Aaron s efforts If the reality of the writing isn t quite as beautiful as the memory well that s true of a lot of things.

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    It may seem strange, especially for those who didn t grow up fortifying themselves with punk rock, but Aaron Cometbus is one of my favorite writers of all time The material he covers the travelling, the heartbreak, the carefree verve, the quasi destitution has all been done before, but Cometbus approaches it with a matter of factness and a grim levity that prevents his work from coming off like some pretentious nth generation On The Road knockoff One of the best arguments for DIY culture I ve seen.

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    A collection of the first 20 years of Aaron Cometbus s extraordinary zine Imitated by throngs of per zine geeks for the last two decades, this is the original and still the best of the bunch Of course Aaron has been in a bunch of bands through the years Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowder, etc , but the zine rarely focuses on punk music so much as the backdrop of the punk scene itself The artwork and layouts are great, the writing is great, the occasional contributors are occasionally great and nearly always at least pretty good , and the whole package is simply great, great, great

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    Reading this in bed while healing from surgery, I was able to just frickin pretend I was on a greyhound to nowhere after selling everything I owned and cramming the rest into a backpack And I didn t want it to end I always liked Cometbus whenever I could get my hands on it, and I like it even now after reading the whole omnibus I just wish there was I think there s a few newish issues out that I might be able to track down, but for now I just have to re read the good stuff here and try not to get too ookily nostalgic

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    A wonderful collection of Cometbus I still have all of my copies, none of which I will ever lend out For those of you that are late to the game of zines and self publishing Despite Everything is required reading Cometbus is a great example of not only punk rock culture, DIY and self publishing, but folklore This is a great book to have while traveling or on the coffee table.

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    Am I really old enough to remember seeing Aaron s band at 924 Gilman while I was still in high school Apparently, I am The band was so so but the zine was and is a must read for aging bay area punks.

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