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Party Games (Simon Romantic Comedies) chapter 1 Party Games (Simon Romantic Comedies), meaning Party Games (Simon Romantic Comedies), genre Party Games (Simon Romantic Comedies), book cover Party Games (Simon Romantic Comedies), flies Party Games (Simon Romantic Comedies), Party Games (Simon Romantic Comedies) 4cd0f8c6c427c If Only Life Were One Big Party Sara Would Be Looking Forward To Her Sixteenth Birthday, But Thanks To Her Mom S Party Planning Business, She S Way Too Wrapped Up In Someone Else S Spoiled Socialite Dakota London S Sara Would Much Rather Spend Her Summer Hanging Out With Ian, An Up And Coming Guitar Player And Her New Crush But Sara Is So Busy Catering To Dakota S Every Wacky Whim, She S Got No Time To Spend With HimAnd Then, The Icing On The Cake Dakota Wants Ian To Be Her Date For The Big Bash, And She Wants Sara To Play Matchmaker Sara S Not Sure She S Game For This Task, Especially Because She Thinks She S Falling For Ian Will This Birthday End Up Bitter Than Sweet

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    this was the first simon pulse rom com that i read and oh gosh am i glad i did it was such a cute story and it made me smile

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    It was cute, but kinda basic I think a teenager would appreciate this story , but it didn t really translate for adults There weren t enough or frequent enough interactions between the hero and heroine to justify the drama between the characters shrugs

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    The cover tells all Pretty girl likes hot boy Hot boy is dancing with other pretty girl who is oblivious to the hot boy s staring at the other girl Party Games is not any other teen story There are imes when you seem far from reality and then there are are times when you think of your time as teenager.Sara is 15 going on 16 year old who works for her mom Sara s mother runs her own party planning business and Sara is sorta her mother s assitnat Wehn Sara s mother tells Srar she is going to be put in charge of Dakota London s sweet sixtenn, I think that s when Sara s life got turned upside down Okay Sara s love life.Sara struggles with being a good aprty planner and being true to her heart when Dakota tells Sara she wants Ian, Sra s crush to be her dtae for her sweet sixteen Sara is thrown into confusion It was obvous that Ian liked Sara, yet there were times where Sara wondered if Ian also liked Dakota and I thought so too, but in the end He is really into Sara I understand why Sara would be upset over this She likes Ian alot, but knew if Ian wasn t Dakota s date things may have gone horribly bad.If you think the whole Ian issue was something, that was the least of Sra s problems Her mother was spending time with her florist boyfriend Gene, who Sara thought was gay and Dakota was a total diva Dakota reminded me of the girl s from MTV s My Super Sweet Sixteen.

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    The Simon Romantic Comedies have been either a hit or miss for me Some, I ve adored and recommended over and over and others I want to just hide away I ve been wanting to read Whitney Lyles PARTY GAMES ever since hearing that she wrote it You see, I absolutely adored her ALWAYS THE BRIDESMAID, written for adults.I m a bit picky when reading teen romances I want the characters to be three dimensional please no cardboard people I want the story to be sweet and romantic and it MUST have a happy ending PARTY GAMES almost fulfilled all of these requirements Sara is refreshingly smart, funny, and level headed She works for her mom s party planning business, and seems than capable in carrying out many of the job duties Although surrounded by the trappings of the rich, she really doesn t seem obsessed with having everything and being materialistic She is realistic in that she knows she ll have to save up for things she wants, such as a car The love interest is a member of an up and coming band that seems focused on the music than on the attentions of female fans The real reason I m not completely over the top for PARTY GAMES You see, it does have one of those annoyingly spoiled secondary characters who always get what they want She does have some redeeming moments, but I was way over her by then.Overall a fun, light hearted story that will be a hit for romance readers.

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    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comSara helps her mother run a party planning business She s so good at it, her mother decides to give her one account which happens to be the Sweet Sixteen party of the ultra popular Dakota London Soon, Dakota is calling her 24 7 with demands She even wants Sara to convince a boy to be her date for the party, but not just any boy she wants the one that Sara s crushing over Torn, Sara doesn t know what to do She doesn t want to see Ian with Dakota, but she doesn t want to be fired, either Sara s stuck between a rock and a hard place and agonizes over her decision PARTY GAMES takes responsibility to a new level, with a twist of fun and a dash of romance.

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    I really liked this book because the main character is a party planner actually assistant to her mom the party planner I think that it would be cool to be a party planner and to get to see the final result turn out great and to get to see so may people celebrating milestones in their life It was ironic that in the book Sara put the client before herself and her feelings because that s what she learned from her mom, but her mom almost always put her feelings before the client.

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    Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies are always a fun read These books are not necessarily the best written novels but the stories are always fun and you know you will get a happy ending I think some adult romances could take a note from these books b c they are characterized well which is much of the battle in writing any novel since you want your characters, for the most part, to be endearing and relatable.

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    I knew this would be all sugar and bubble gum pop when I read it, but I couldn t resist as the plot was centered around a girl who spent so much time working as an event planner in her mom s business that it usurped her chances at having her own social life In a way, it s a Cinderella type story.

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    This book was really good I loved the way that it was written so it appealed to a target audience I also loved the way that the author weaved kind of like a Romeo and Juliet twist throughout the book and created charactors with unique personalities It was really captivating and I couldn t tear myself away from it.

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    A cute story between a guy and a girl Something to be taken away from the book is that you do not owe anyone anything if you work for them As well as that you have to let down your hair sometimes and do somethings for yourself.

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