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Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead summary Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead, series Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead, book Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead, pdf Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead, Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead 4d65c15b37 The Most Comprehensive Collection Of Vampire Lore, With Entries On Everything From African Vampires To Yama, The God Of DeathThis Unique Encyclopedia Satisfies Your Thirst For Vampire Lore And Legends From Around The World It Provides Unprecedented Coverage Of The Historical, Literary, Mythological And Popular Aspects Of One Of The World S Most Mesmerizing Subjects

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    This is a great book to have Watching vampire shows and reading vampire books is great but actually knowing a little history about where vampires came from or should I say when was the first time anyone noted a vampire within history can give you a little insight about them.In short, here is a few interesting facts that I found interesting.1 Vampire and Blood relationship We know that vampires are bloodsucker creatures since ancient times, humans have been the connection between blood and life Blood is identified with life for example, in Genesis, god tells Noah But you must not eat the flesh with the life, which is the blood Some believe by drinking the blood of a victim would absorb the additional strength of the conquered In the biblical sense, in light of the special sacredness of Christ s blood, the vampire took on added significance and drank blood in a direct definance of the biblical command It defiled the holy and stole that which was reserved for God alone pgs 55 56 2 The first person considered in the role playing of the original vampire is the biblical character Cain according to the story, the farmer Cain made an offering of the fruits of his work to God as did his shepherd brother, Abel God rejected Cain s offering while accepting Abels The resentful Caine murdered his brother in response to which God cursed Cain, and cast him into the outer darkness The role playing suggest that the curse was eternal life and a craving for blood, and that the curse has been passed to all present day vampires.In the darkness he met Lilith the reputed first wife of Cain s father Adam She shared her blood with Caine, which awakened him to his power After wandering in the wilderness for many years, he once again lived among mortals and created a city During his years there he created three vampires who comprised the second generation They in turn created the third generation and as it grew in number, Cain forbade the further creation of additional vampires.The stable situation of Cain s city was disrupted by a great flood Renewing his command not to create vampires, he left his progeny to their own desires, and began wandering again The vampires ignored his admonitions, and created a fourth generation, who rose up and slew most of the elders of the third generation Mean while, over the millennia, a person claiming to be Cain occasionally appeared pg 85 3 The belief in vampires preceded the introduction of Christianity into southern and eastern Europe by the Gypsies who brought the belief in vampires from India that contributed to the development of the myth.There was a divergence between two churches Roman Catholic and Orthodox in the 11th centry of what the theology considered for beliefs in vampires The Orthodox believed if the soft tissue of a body did not decay quickly once placed in the ground, it was generally considered a sign of evil That the body refused to disintegrate meant that the earth would, for some reason, not receive it A noncorrupting body became a candidate for vampirism The Roman Catholic believed that if the body of a dead saint did not experience corruption like that of an ordinary body or decay and it frequently emitted a pleasant oder and did not stink of putrefaction then it was considered a candidate for vampirism pg 117 Vampirism is considered a Pagan myth or a form of witchcraft and there fore the christians associated vampirism with Santan Pg 118 This book has all the information on every writer,movie producer, comic book, and movie that has ever made or recorded anything on vampires.

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    The Vampire Book The Encyclopedia of the Undead is one of the most valuable books I use in the prep work I do I ve been using it for years the version I just got is the third edition, making this the second time that I ll be donating a dog eared previous edition to the Outreach Center Note I don t bother selling used books I donate them Goodwill, Outreach, Library, whatever At the end the year you can write off some amount, and it s not as tiresome as waiting on a small sum in trade at the Half Price Books Just donate them The Vampire Book is over 800 pages of articles on all things related to vampires in folklore, pop art, history and culture There are articles on everything from Dracula, the book, to Dracula, the 1979 movie, to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, to Twilight, with an individual article on Isabella Marie Swan I use this encyclopedia as a survey book to guide me to other sources because it s the most definitive and broad reference and certainly the most up to date that I know of If you re looking for a massive brick of a book as a stocking stuffer for a vampire fan friend, The Vampire Book is the way to go.

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    Extremely thorough and expansive in terms of looking at the vampire as a literary, cinematic, mythological and cultural phenomenon you ll find entries on everything from fan clubs to breakfast cereals, as well as how various cultures Germany, India, China, etc interpret the vampire One drawback since the book was published in 1998, it misses out on internet culture a revised updated edition would be a fun read.

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    What s not to like The title says it all An encyclopedia of vamps.

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    I ve been searching for this book desperately among my books since almost 3 yrs i haven t lost the the hope of finding it somewhere I believe I m gonna find it just when i m not looking for it.i bought this book in July 2003, from Borders Bookstore Washington DC USA I chose that book along with Great short works of Edgar Allan Poe yet, I have bought this Vampire book for to give as a present for my favorite author translator Dr.Ahmed Khaled Tawfick author of Utopia , when I finish reading it, knowing that I keep my books neat and as good as new I ve read it, contacted the publisher of most of his books, but couldn t get to send him the book back then internet wasn t that widely used though I had e mail since the year 1997The book is really good, giving reference to historical stories of vampires, vampire stories in literature,movies and even series and criticism given to these works I remember I ve read Carmella for the first time in that book, then i found it translated by Dr Ahmed Khaled Tawfick in a small booklet so cleverly, avoiding those parts that might clash with our culture, making it suitable for reading for the age targeted by the book yet not ruining the original work..I have no idea where the book is, and whether it is still at my parents home stored under any bed or in the balcony storage closet, or whether it is here in my house after marriage or if i have lost it while moving I really wish I can find it, yet I m not sure if I ll keep it or give it to the one whom i bought the book for I think he would make great use of it I really wish to find the book first. then whatever is meant to be will find its way

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    Awesome I got this book back in the early 90 s so by today s standard it may be considered a bit out dated This does not make this book worth any less though It s a very exhaustive encyclopaedia in terms of history European, Asian, etc , myth legend, movies, boooks, and so forth It would be really, really nice to see a revised up to date edition, that also takes other media into consideration, such as music, games and the internet, in addition to what has been released since its original release But this edition still remains a must have for anyone who is interested in learning of where the vampire myth comes form, what makes it fascinating, and so forth This book is definitely a serious addition to anyone who s interested in all things vampire

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    This book is an excellent resource for serious researchers, fans, and writers who appreciate the realm of horror, the cultural phenomenon of vampires, or culture, in general This reference contains many entries related to cultural works related to the vampire mythology, legends, and lore, but there is a good amount of research on the less fantastic environment in which these myths, legends, and lore have been borne and thriving.

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    This is one of the greatest book of everything you need to know about Vampires Their storie, myths, authors, films and alot of interesting sources All very awesome So I give it 10 stars 2 thumbs up If you re a true vampire fanatic You ll totally love Vampire Book The Encyclopedia of the Undead.

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    Deffs a good book to own if you like vampires It has fun facts, insightful descriptions, and much much about all of your favorite vampire stories To be honest, I have not read thee entire book lol Who would have the time This thing is gargantuan

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    It s of a reference book, so I ve only read parts of it, but he leaves no stone unturned Anything that has any relation to vampire myths, movies, folklore, books, places, and people is in here There are even entries on medieval vampire hunters This is extremely encompassing.

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