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The United States of Air quotes The United States of Air , litcharts The United States of Air , symbolism The United States of Air , summary shmoop The United States of Air , The United States of Air c7ec19da The National Sewer Agency Is Spying On People S Toilets, Looking For Food TerroristsFood Enforcement Agent Jason Frolick Believes In America He Believes In Eating Air He Struggles To Get The Food Monkey Off His Back As Part Of The Global War On Fat, His Job Is To Put Food Terrorists In Fat CampWhen A Pizza Dealer Gets Whacked In The Park Across The Street From The Thin House, The Prophet Jones Himself Asks Frolick To Investigate For The First Time Ever, Frolick Solves A Murder But What He Finds Out Shakes His FaithWill He Ever Be Able To Eat Air Again

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    I won this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaways First of all, I would very much like to point out that this is the very first book I ve read that fascinated me with its chapter and a half, five eights and ninety eight one hundreths Fun to see So one point for originality See the change you wish to be Just the starting message of the book will make you want to root for the naive main character, The United States of Air s only hope, Agent Frolick The thing about this story is it wants you to change for the better Some situations are taken to great extents and some will just make you feel for the other characters especially with the main character s investigation partner, Agent Green.Airitarians is what I would call avid fans of this book You may as well know that the author has a way with his humor and quirks There may be some criticisms with too much crude descriptions But if you get past that, you ll truly enjoy this book The author is also really good at convincing and giving instructions that will make you want to continue and read what he has to say in which he has conveyed very well through the protagonist s narration I can almost find myself doing the same thing while Agent Frolick is demonstrating the air eating technique Which is fun J.M Porup may or may not be very well aware of the fact on what is going on with some government in today s generation But of course, in the Thin House for sure, he does If imagined, this book might be a breath of fresh air with a little dust on the side far than usual of what was expected with a taste of reality and irony The author s creativity and quirkiness will surprise you with its ingenuity and will make you burst with laughter with its hilarious wits and absurdity during unexpected times Very well reckoned with the objects designation concordant to the story.Cheers to the author for giving a wonderful acknowledgement This is a book for people with a sense of humor and for people with excessive imagination Satirical at its best.

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    After reading the first chapter of J.M Porup s new satire, The United States of Air, I thought, this is going to be wacky A global war on fat Waged by America Destroy all food Live by eating air alone By the second chapter I was hooked.The Prophet takes America by storm Announces if elected he would begin a worldwide war on food, and that eating is the basic source of all America s woes It doesn t take very many pages for the reader to understand how skilled Porup is, and how easily he constructs and maintains a fictional, parallel America that highlights the absurdity of our modern day United States.The US of Air is tightly written Slowly, but satisfyingly, the hypocrisy of the Global War on Fat is revealed The double standard for the military, for the NSA, and for the Prophet s own security forces While the 99 percent if you will in America suffers, the elite forces carry on with their duplicity.Despite the humor, the book is bleak While Porup s satire is funny and written almost lightheartedly, it is clear at once the author follows and has a profound understanding of America s political system, their wars on drugs and terror, the country s inflated military presence throughout the world, the illogical propaganda on television, and just how oblivious an entire country of people can be.Porup seamlessly addresses indefinite detention Internment camps The overrun surveillance state The fake War on Drugs The never ending War on Terror The bin Laden styled bogeyman responsible for all of America s hardships and failures The impoverished American masses And a frightening and ubiquitous NSA surveillance state that wiretaps your toilet instead of your phones.I like the absurdity of it all The absolute silliness of not eating food, but learning to eat air, and living with faith that it is sustaining The book s protagonist, Special Agent Frolick, describes the Prophet s endeavor, And by eliminating the source of all these evils, and enforcing a zero calorie air only diet, we turn our country into a city on a hill, a light in the darkness, a beacon that other nations may follow on their own journeys down the Superhighway of Purity and Air 8.Of course, that is very much what we do in this country Pick the most absurd belief systems, and pretend that the world hates us for them, and that we must persevere despite what all logic tells us, and then change the world by force to follow As the book s byline reads The War on Drugs The War on Terror The War on Fat Wars only America can win That s always the point, isn t it The most intelligent thing a player can do is redesign the game and rewrite the rules in a way in which only he can thrive, and then enforce those rules until all the competition has dried up.Meanwhile, the entire country and its population withers, while the fat cats on top live by a double standard and profit off the corruption and tyranny.But don t think Porup is all politics and absurdity he greatly capitalizes on his lavish descriptions of various foods and feasts contraband in the US of Air , which is fitting since most Americans, in this world, would literally kill to have a meal.

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    Originally published on my blog won this book thanks to Goodreads First Reads Giveaways Unfortunately, I couldn t enjoy it at all.I wasn t even the slightest bit amused by the jokes in this book It was way too exaggerated for my taste and as much as I hate not finishing books, I was so annoyed after 100 pages that I had to drop it I honestly don t know how I managed to get that far I thought it might get better, but instead it only got worse and worse.I am grateful for receiving the book, don t get me wrong, but that can t make me suddenly ignore all the bad things about it, from the shit jokes literally and figuratively to the impossible plot It is so much different from what the book description makes you believe it is

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    I received this book as a LibraryThing give away in return for a review.Don t believe the blub that the book is a satire on the so called War on Terror, it goes much further than that I like my satire subtle and pointed whereas The United States Of Air is in your face, lampooning everything which smacks of zealous, centralised, control and the willingness of a populace to suck up fear and propoganda on the basis that it must be good for them and that dissenters must therefore be an enemy Where the book wins is that it makes one appreciate that so many aspects of what we may loosely refer to as Western life are touched by the madness we perceive only to exist in alien cultures or dictatorial regimes The author delivers his punches with outrageous exaggeration, which can be ridiculous but then you remember it is after all satire not intended to be realistic in detail only in principle.So exaggerated in fact that it can be easy to miss the subtleties which abound and exist on almost every page, and one can only wonder at the author s tendency to labour a joke repeatedly, not least in an obsessive use of scatological humour bordering on the obscene at times which drowns out the enjoyable and wry prose.The climax of the book leaves the reader open mouthed at the almost casual revelation of the hideous, familiar, consequences of evangelical zeal and centralised power in a democratic society yielding division, hatred and dehumanising of your enemy, in the pursuit of some higher ideal, even as the evangelists themselves manipulate the populace while wildly abusing their own sacred principles.The final sentiment is that the author uses absurdity to prove that the unimaginable is actually happening right here, right now, and that the ultimate consequences can be precisely what we believe we are fighting to protect.The United States Of Air is an easy read with the subtle satire well buried beneath the absurd lampooning and overuse of the ridiculous yet whilst the characters fade quickly from the mind after after the reading is done, the messages stay vividly imprinted.The book would benefit from being shorter, and from being less reliant on scatology the author clearly has it in him to do better so it will be worth keeping an eye out for J.M Porup.

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    Do you have a copromania Then this book is definitely for you The United States of Air is a satire about the way people look at food, defecation and the government A combination that s not seldom used in literature but it works for me.The message this book tells is definitely delivered in a farce Some moments are just plain ridiculous but it serves its purpose to show the, contradicting, intuitive message it wants to convey the right way to eat food and the dynamics in political matters.WARNING SPOILERS IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH I want to talk about the protagonist, Agent Jason Frolick At first, I ve thought that his best friend Harry Green will make a suitable protagonist I mean, how funny will it be if Green, which in my opinion is the most normal in the whole story, is the one narrating I can just imagine how he will always complain on how crazy and stupid are those people who think they can eat air Funny But then, as the story progresses, I ve understood why someone so innocent and gullible hmm, naive is the protagonist of this satire It s because of his faith and Green dies at the middle of the story.Another thing I like to discuss is how definitive this book is J.M Porup can really spice up your imagination The way he describes the food in the book will really make your mouth water However, when you read about those paragraph about poop, then, I advise you to not use your imagination and to not read this while or after eating I nearly vomitted And one last thing, the ending I understand how most people who read this will not like how this ends The progression of the story is very climactic and action packed that one can t just help but feel a little a very little disappointment when he gets to the end The ending is just anti climactic But we have to understand that this is a satire Many issues have been addressed Now, it s for us to choose what side it will be It s not suppose to have that concrete ending we, readers, are looking for when reading a novel So, I believe that J.M Purop is one bold writer to write something like this My rate in this book is 3.5 stars I ll just round it off.

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    I won this book through Goodreads giveaways Many thanks to the author or his publisher for putting many many books up for grabs than other authors I actually really liked this book It is told from the limited first person point of view of Jason Frolick, a government agent, whose picture you would find if you looked up naive in the dictionary I liked how this restricted source of information really drew you into the absurdity of the whole system, while also allowing you to read between the lines and see the truth Frolick is an utterly dedicated follower of the Prophet, but at the same time so utterly naive that you can t help feeling a bit sorry for him, instead of hating him for what he does Well, at least until his epiphany, he becomes quite a bit dangerous after that view spoiler It gets relatively clear, between the lines, that Frolick must be pretty much the only one who takes the Prophet s words totally seriously and doesn t eat Well, except for being raped by Twinkies, but that s hardly his fault hide spoiler

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    Pulling no punches Porup takes aim directly at the heart of America s Policemen of the World mentality, and in doing so, exposes some of what America doesn t understand about itself He does it in a satirical, backhanded and often hilarious way Watch for the little things that remind you of the other things Yes it s over the top Yes, you will groan sometimes Yes, it takes a dirty nailed finger and pokes America s bruised ego But in all great satire there is truth, and it s here.

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    Oh dear.This book showed really great promise, a wacky idea where America has abandoned its pursuit of food and abolished eating calories.The whole faux redneckisms like the misspelling of terrorist and foreign and foreigner Funny at first, annoying as hell after seeing it than 10 times.The whole concept of Fat Camps that are at first places like Guantanamo but later like Auschwitz.The story has a decent enough plot, an agent investigating a murder that the secret service seem to be determined to cover up It s obvious who it leads to this is given away very early in the book and you wonder how the author will sustain the remaining 3 4 s of the piece and it is set up well but the ending or rather non ending just pisses away everything the author had established up to that point in the plot.Almost as if he had an ending and was afraid to commit to it Or changed his mind, and not just once but at least half a dozen times as the non ending appears to drag itself in several directions that aren t what the plot had been setting itself up for.It s not a bad read apart from the bloody terrible ending.

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    Great book It s a fast paced story which crams in lots of points but doesn t overwhelm you Just too much poo, in my opinion It is obvious that the author really knows what he is talking about, and fully capable of presenting it in a humorous manner.

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    I received this book on Goodreads give away and was totally astonished to read the kind of concept being introduced in this book This is my first satire read and I must say it is really out of the box thinking I really appreciate the way Mr Porup has really gone broken all boundaries of experimentation with literature and created such an amazing concept The United States of Air is based on a global war against FAT, surviving on air alone and being proud of it Oh well, now one doesn t have to worry about being fat any I really appreciate that the author picked up such a sensitive topic about the democratic representation of the country and the political influence on its people He showed the courage to give voice to the problems faced by the people either citizens or the army The blind faith on the rules made by the government and few influential people is what we are really facing all over the worldOther than that what disappointed me was that this books is really very abrupt at certain stages I believe it would have been really great if the flow of the story was in a concise way At certain stages the story is really elaborate and descriptive whereas at parts there is no description at all I would have really appreciated if there was a description about the scientific way of surviving on air, that is a part i believe the story really felt very vague.I believe it is really important to even convince your reader that it is possible to survive on air alone and provide descriptive reasons for it i.e, why we should survive on air how is it possible how is it good for the country s development etc The story didn t really convince me though Frolick would call me a food terrist.The character of Frolick was really very distressing At one point he is a strong airitian whereas he himself faces those twinkie attacks and keeps stuffing his face with it but refuses to feed the most special people in his life, family and friend Green , even if that resulted in loosing everything he had.I was somehow really expecting that Frolick would manage to bring food eating back into the lives of the American people And that s where I went wrong, and so did all the other people who sacrificed their lives for him.The book really needed to clarify the reason behind why exactly is the Prophet wanting to introduce the concept of eating air instead of food With that major concept being missing from the story, it was not really very convincing for me to believe in the fact that why we should really be living on air Also, I felt that the book was really rushed towards the end But then again these are all my thoughts about the book Then again, I would like to thank the author and goodreads for the give away and I really enjoyed the concept It was really amazing and very fresh idea a country to believe in eating air and surviving on it Never thought of anything like this before Very interesting

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