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The Avengers files The Avengers, read online The Avengers, free The Avengers, free The Avengers, The Avengers 9ead3693e The True Story Of A Band Of Jewish Guerrillas, Called The Avengers, In World War II What Happened To These Rebels In The Ghetto And In The Forest, And How, Fighting For The State Of Israel, They Moved Beyond The Violence Of The Holocaust And Made New LivesIn , A Band Of Jewish Guerrillas Emerged From The Baltic Forest To Join The Russian Army In Its Attack On Vilna, The Capital Of Lithuania The Band, Called The Avengers, Was Led By Abba Kovner, A Charismatic Young Poet In The Ghetto, Abba Had Built Bombs, Sneaking Out Through The City S Sewer Tunnels To Sabotage German Outposts Abba S Chief Lieutenants Were Two Teenage Girls, Vitka Kempner And Ruzka Korczak At Seventeen, Vitka And Ruzka Were Perhaps The Most Daring Partisans In The East, The First To Blow Up A Nazi Train In Occupied Europe Each Night, The Girls Shared A Bed With Abba, Raising Gossip In The Ghetto But What They Found Was Than Temporary Solace It Was A Great Love Affair After The Liquidation Of The Ghetto, The Avengers Escaped Through The City S Sewage Tunnels To The Forest, Where They Lived For Than A Year In A Dugout Beside A Swamp, Fighting Alongside Other Partisan Groups, And Ultimately Bombing The City They Loved, Destroying Vilna S Waterworks And Its Powerplant In Order To Pave The Way For Its LiberationLeaving A Devastated Poland Behind Them, They Set Off For The Cities Of Europe Vitka And Abba To The West, Where They Would Be Instrumental In Orchestrating The Massive Jewish Exodus To The Biblical Homeland, And Ruzka To Palestine, Where She Would Be Literally The First Person To Bring A First Hand Account Of The Holocaust To Jewish Leaders It Was In These Last Terrifying Days With Travel In Europe Still Unsafe For Jews And The Extent Of The Holocaust Still Not Widely Known That The Avengers Hatched Their Plan For Revenge Before It Was Over, The Group Would Have Smuggled Enough Poison Into Nuremberg To Kill Ten Thousand Nazis The Avengers Is The Story Of What Happened To These Rebels In The Ghetto And In The Forest, And How, Fighting For The State Of Israel, They Moved Beyond The Violence Of The Holocaust And Made New LivesFrom Rich Cohen, One Of The Preeminent Journalists Of His Generation And Author Of The Highly Praised Tough Jews, A Powerful Exploration Of Vindication And Revenge, Of Dignity And Rebellion, Painstakingly Recreated Through His Exclusive Access To The Avengers Themselves Written With Insight, Sensitivity, And The Moral Force Of One Of The Last Great Struggles Of The Second World War, Here Is An Unforgettable Story For Our Time

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    A story of resistance, revenge, and reconsideration that everyone should read Straightforward, super dramatic, moving, vivid, semi inspiring retelling of the Nazi occupation of Vilna which I ve always known as Vilnius, the largest city of Lithuania , establishment of the Jewish ghetto 80K Jews crammed into a tight medieval labyrinth, with houses often having three stories of cellars in part to hide from persecution throughout history , relocation of thousands to work camps to the east, discovery that families and friends are being relocated to a firing squad and mass grave pit in Ponar, the conflict between the call to arms and other ideas for survival as the ghetto population drops to 15K, escape to the forests through the sewer system and teaming up with partisans undermining the Nazi war effort, the Soviet surge to the west that liberates the ghetto once it s down to a few thousand, the very interesting post WWII after life of our heroes Abba, Vikta, Ruzka , particularly Abba s crusade to poison the drinking water of major German cities and anonymously and without warning take revenge and kill six million Germans the plan didn t come off of course but they did manage to hospitalize a few thousand former SS prisoners of war , and then their relocation and participation in the nascent Jewish nation of Israel, including the 1948 war against Egypt and pretty much all surrounding Arab nations Makes me wanna become one of those aging guys who only reads fat WWII histories Audacity, oomph, and heft delivered by basic facts of the story authority and execution delivered by the storyteller But also it made me see how the perma Israel Palestine conflict emerges from the Holocaust and makes me want to read about the history of Israel, especially of an Arab take Moral complexity up the wazoo when it comes to the surviving Jews ransacking Polish peasants for food and arms and often flat out killing them and then these super badass survivors escaping centuries of hatred in the Euro diaspora for an ancient island of their own in the middle of a roiling ocean of not so welcoming Arabs Read this thanks to one of those you may also like recommendations on the side of the Goodreads screen good job, GR, I really did like this Also read because my totally assimilated father s Jewish side of the family came from Lithuania and my mother s Catholic side from nearby Poland, so throughout I could imagine myself or relatives in similar circumstances as Jewish partisans blowing up trains or anti Semitic Polish peasants ratting them out had relatives not had the good sense to move to New Jersey about fifty years before the Nazis came to power Anyway, a great relevant read.

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    This was one tough book to read it took me months Some of it was so horrific I could only read a page or two, then I had to put it down.At the center are Abba Kovner, Vitka Kempner, Ruzka Korczak, three young Jews when the war broke out who ended up as fighting partisans As their families, neighbors, and cities were systematically obliterated around them, they determined to fight back, not march passively to death as millions did.After the war, Abba and Vitka bent their experience and skills toward revenge Not satisfied with hunting down hiding SS officers and killing them one by one, they wanted to kill Germans indiscriminately, in massive numbers, the way the Jews had been killed This horrific plan was actually carried out, not against German at large, but against the camp of SS officers and death camp guards kept at Auschwitz for judgment After their bread was poisoned, 2300 of them were reported sick The media kept silent on whether or not they survived or died But after that, Abba decided to shift the effort to insuring the emerging nation of Israel s survival, and so the book describes out the core group of fighters in the 1948 war, when the Jews were totally outnumbered, came at the battle with all their PTSD honed skills.The book is vividly, I would even say shatteringly described Cohen traveled to all the spots he depicts, and it shows in the narrative He interviewed many survivors and their families It is quite clear through this book that the shadow of that experience 1939 1945 stretched out for decades afterward.

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    Rich Cohen did an excellent job of transcribing the story of other people in history in an unbiased, loving fashion He presents a different Holocaust story, without disparaging what happened before, during and after the war He does a great job of making known his subject s opinions without forcing them down the reader s throat, showing positive and negative sides of each internal and external struggle WIth his simplistic writing style, he conveys the unobscured fighting and decisions that took place amongst each character Many had very little gray area of worry in making the right choice, and new what was best for them and those around them I think that when everything you know gets taken away, your line of sight must become much clear whether it is to fight or not, stay with family or fall in love I would recommend this book to just about anyone The social history is astounding, and Cohen presents the landscape and backdrop in an understated fashion so as to not take away from the personal aspects of the story I really admired the beginning and end of the book, where he shares his own part in the story Towards the end of this book, when the focus shifts to post WWII dramas, I started thinking about how little Middle Eastern history was shared with us in K 12, and I wonder , nay, HOPE, EXPECT that there is of it in newer textbooks Hell, ours didn t even mention Japanese Internment WITHIN the US anyway, that s not really part of the book review, just a thought.

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    I know it s going to take me a long time to read this book Not because it s not well written, or because it s not a gripping tale It is both well written and gripping.It will take me a long time simply because I find reading or watching anything Holocaust related draining and enervating A few pages a day is as much as I can manage I know these stories need to be told, particularly those about the few who were able to make the leap and find the courage and the means to fight back.Why do I find it so emotionally draining I guess because we all know how the story ends, at least the big picture The numbers don t change for the better If anything, they get worse our shorthand notation about the six million may be inaccurate According to one Holocaust researcher I heard lecture, the real number is probably closer to seven million.Anyway, I hope people like Rich Cohen carry on telling these stories about resistance and partisans even if all it does is help us change the way we view the Holocaust.

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    What an incredible book As the grandchild of survivors the only ones in their extended families , I grew up with stories of the Holocaust But I had little knowledge of the heroic efforts in the Vilna ghetto and of the partisans We hear so much about tragedy and inhumanity but rarely do we hear of out and out fighting, resistance, saying no in the face of no choices This book really touched me and I loved how it carries the reader from the beginning of the atrocities, through the worst and then to the beginnings of Israel and the struggle once again for freedom I seriously cannot believe this has not yet been made into a movie It should be.I d recommend this to anyone with an interest in the untold stories of history, certainly any Jewish person, but much wider than that Anyone who loves heroes and stories of survival will love this book.

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    Onvan The Avengers A Jewish War Story Nevisande Rich Cohen ISBN 375705295 ISBN13 9780375705298 Dar 276 Safhe Saal e Chap 2000

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    It s our duty to fight for our people, she said It does not mean we ve forgotten about Israel We do it because we love Israel Every people has its stories of heroism It is these stories that give you the strength to go on But these stories cannot remain only in the past, a part of our ancient history They must be a part of our real life as well What will the coming generations learn from us How good will they be if their entire history is one of slaughter and extermination Our history must not contain only tragedy We cannot allow that It must also have heroic struggles, self defense, war, even death with honor I used so many post it tabs on this book I used so many that I can run my hand over them like an instrument and make music I tabbed the damn afterword than once.There s a pervasively singular narrative surrounding the Holocaust of Jews being led to their deaths by the Germans and of the Allies as their liberators This is true but as with most truth, it s nuanced than that Cohen writes in the afterword, Yes This is an important story maybe the most important It is what happened to the majority of Jews in the War And yet It is not the only story The Avengers shifts the narrative onto the Jews who resisted Since the back of the book isn t on Goodreads I ll quote it here, since I wouldn t be able to write a better synopsis This true story of World War II starts in the Lithuanian ghetto of Vilna, where a small band of underground Jews fight with unending cunning and courage At the heart of this resistance are Abba Kovner, a fiery poet and leader, and two fearless teenage girls, Vitka Kempner and Ruzka Korczak When the ghetto is liquidated, these three flee to the forest and fight alongside Russian and Polish partisan groups dynamiting bridges, derailing trains, and destroying power plants and waterworks Their actions eventually lead them down a winding path to Palestine, where a struggle for independence awaits the weary yet fiercely indomitable avengers It is a side of the war not often seen Jews fighting the Nazis on their own terms It is also the story of three remarkable people able to call themselves comrades, lovers, friends. Cohen was related to Ruzka, and much of this story was told to him firsthand since his childhood the three of them, with their complicated personal history though Cohen doesn t label it as such it s clear the three were involved in a poly relationship remained close in relationship and proximity until their deaths , with clear due diligence when in pursuit of writing this book as an adult As such his admiration for them is hard to miss, but he also doesn t shy away from telling and examining some of the complicated decisions they made I d go so far as to say this is a strength of the book it s a fascinating and relevant look at the paths that war and persecution push people down The fighters themselves didn t tell all of the history here until they reached old age and their stories and their fight were in danger of dying with them It doesn t aim to be a comfortable narrative, just to reframe it, and it s incredibly effective at doing this The author was born and raised in America, but the first time any American soldiers are mentioned in the book is not towards the end, and by then the story so thoroughly belongs in the hands of the fighting Jews at the center of the book that the soldiers importance seems incidental Their part exists outside of this narrative.All three of them were remarkable, eloquent people, but Abba was the wordsmith Cohen may not have been Abba s descendant, but he certainly inherited his talent for insight and poetry, which just makes this an incredibly smart, engaging, moving read I ll leave you with one quote to demonstrate this and then leave it at that, because hopefully if you have any interest in the history and relevance of World War II I ve managed to impress upon you that this one is essential reading Some of the Jewish refugees walked out to visit the camp Abba never made the trip Perhaps he did not have the strength to go, perhaps he did not need to Though Abba had never seen Majdanek, he already understood it he understood it the way Einstein understood the black hole as a theory, as something the numbers suggested His calculations, rhetoric and fears had long told him such a place must exist, that somewhere, on the edge of the universe, a hole must have opened, a void that swallowed up all energy, even light The trains had to be going somewhere right

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    Fascinating, unsettling story of three young Jewish partisans two women and a man who escaped the destruction of the Vilna ghetto and fought the Nazis from their forest hiding place Vilna is where my family is from Had my ancestors not fled earlier anti Semitic persecution, that s where I would have been during WWII About 40,000 Jews were forced into the Vilna ghetto a couple hundred survived The heroism of women and Jews is often ignored or disbelieved, so I particularly appreciated this extensive documentation of jaw dropping acts of courage performed as a matter of course, over a course of years, by a gentle looking Jewish scholar and two tiny teenage Jewish girls.While much of what the partisans did during the war was completely justified, and falls into the who am I to judge category, the book continues past the war, as Abba and his allies plot what I can only describe as a horrific act of terrorism view spoiler They come very close to a mass poisoning of the entire population of several German cities According to the author, and this book seems well researched and documented, the only reason it didn t happen was that the Israeli government found out and squelched it They did not prevent some or possibly lots of actual Nazis getting poisoned in a separate plot, but those guys were in no way innocent hide spoiler

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    The Avengers tells a vital story The facts of the Jewish resistance born in the Vilna ghetto in Lithuania and led by Abba Kovner are grim, moving, inspiring While most of the Vilna Jewish community allowed itself to be both divided and subdued by the Nazis, with the SS appointed Jewish police fostering denial if we comply, some Jews will survive, the community must be preserved at all costs, etc Kovner understood from the beginning even before the Nazis themselves made it official policy that all Jews would be exterminated, and that the only choice was to arm themselves and fight back Together with two extraordinarily courageous women, Ruzka Korczak and Vitka Kempner, Kovner formed the UPO, the United Partisan Organization, which carried out clandestine attacks and acts of sabotage against German forces from within the Vilna ghetto and after the ghetto was liquidated from the nearby forest, where they endured cold, hunger, and malnutrition in order to continue their struggle.The material itself, gathered by Cohen from many sources as well as extensive firsthand conversations, is riveting Unfortunately and despite the glowing praise for Cohen s spare and muscular writing from the NYT reviewer the author s style is so spare it s flat As a consequence, the story itself suffers, the topography of human feeling and emotion blunted in what I felt was a poorly calibrated attempt at objectivity and detachment because of this, many sections and chapters end with a sense of anticlimax and is that it I still highly recommend this book to anynone interested in the holocaust and the principle of fighting against tyranny and oppression, but what could have been a mesmerizing, unputdownable book was for me a rather turgid read had the book been better written, I wouldn t have hesitated to give it five stars.

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    This is the second book of Cohen s that I have read, and I intend to read at least one Tough Jews I tend not to read a lot of full length non fiction I find non fiction tends to drag and become dry after 200 pages Cohen manages mostly to avoid this in his retelling of a select few Jewish partisans during WWII though the narrative does slow down in parts, especially the second act The story is engaging, interesting, and heartening despite its dark subject matter.Obviously, this is not the first or only examination of tough Jews Much has already been written about Jewish warriors ancient and recent and iconoclasts Cohen, however, brings a unique passion to this angle on Jewish history He is unashamedly non objective in his approach to the subject He is unabashed in his goal to present an alternative take on the Holocaust and Jewish history as a whole Cohen does not subscribe to the view of Jews as constant victims and nebbishes He wants people to recognize that there are Jews Israelis, partisans, gangsters, businessmen, etc who are strong, who are fighters, who will not go like sheep to the slaughter Cohen s approach is refreshing Not only is he challenging the prevailing narrative Jews in cattle cars of the Holocaust, but he is thumbing his nose at the self effacing, multi cultural, politically correct, peace love and understanding Jews in America today Cohen s Jews pick up guns They shoot people They seek revenge They are true to themselves They are not ashamed and do not seek the approval and condescension of the goyim In short, Cohen is admonishing that American Jews to have pride, both in themselves and their ancestors.

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