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The Late Gatsby files The Late Gatsby , read online The Late Gatsby , free The Late Gatsby , free The Late Gatsby , The Late Gatsby 64b06ac02 The Late Gatsby Reveals The True Depravity And Horror Lying Just Beneath The Surface Of The Roaring Twenties The Mysterious Arrival Of The Fabulously Wealthy Jay Gatsby Coincides With A Series Of Strange Disappearances, Sparking Rumors And Rekindling Superstitions What Is Hiding In Gatsby S Gothic Mansion How Does It Relate To The Alluring Daisy Buchanan Is There An Impending Vampire Apocalypse, Or Has Everyone Just Had Too Much To Drink And What S The Deal With All The Mosquitoes Recently Discovered Among F Scott Fitzgerald S Papers, This Early And Uncensored Version Of The Great Gatsby, Written In Collaboration With S A Klipspringer, Was Suppressed For Almost Years Fitzgerald S Editor Encouraged Him To Publish A Fictionalized And Sanitized Version, Claiming That Humanity Just Isn T Ready To Face This Shocking Truth Fitzgerald S Collaborator Refused To Cooperate And Removed His Name From The Published Work He Planned To Publish His Own Version Of The Events But Soon Disappeared Under Unexplained Circumstances Now, For The First Time, You May Read The Complete, Horrific, And True Story Of Jay Gatsby

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    First off I have to say this book was clever, funny, knowledgeable, and even insightful A fun and rewarding read for any fan of Fitzgerald s original book or classy not sparkly vampire fiction.I was a little skeptical when I first saw this book there have been too many unsuccessful mashups of classics and vampires zombies werewolves trying to ride the wave of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies most of them written quickly and without much thought of the final product This book, however, is very different.The combination of The Great Gatsby and a vampire narrative works beautifully you could even argue that the original text of Gatsby is hiding the fact that he is actually a vampire and that this book could have been written like Pale Fire keeping the complete original text and only pointing out in footnotes where the truth about Gatsby is revealed this also made me think of The New Annotated Dracula, where the footnotes imply that the author was under the influence of Dracula himself, who made him change details to protect his true identity But I digress.The book itself does a great job of fitting each character into the classic vampire structure, and has tons of winks at classic vampires For example the list of Gatsby s guests at the start of chapter 4 includes many names from classic vampire novels and movies Varney the Vampire, Renfield, Carmilla, and Arabellagosi a reference to Bella Lugosi it s fun to try and figure out where they re all from.The plot, as in the original, is pretty gripping, with added scenes of suspense and a lot of humor All in all, it s a fun quick read and I hope the note on regarding books from Fitzgerald Klipspringer isn t just a joke Tender is the Flesh sound like a great book.

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    Unfortunately what could have been a good mash up novel is reduced pitifully by the diabolical editing A travesty of a good novel.

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