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    I am in love with this series Clearly political thrillers are my secret love that I never acknowledged until now I do find it amusing I m reading the series backwards I started with the most recent, discovered this was the first to the Daria Gibron series, and found out that Crashers also mentions Daria Onwards to the origin

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    Dana Haynes is the author of two previous mystery thrillers about an NTSB team investigating suspicious plane crashes I very enjoyed both well written, fast paced adventures so I was intrigued when Haynes changed gears by writing a thriller about Daria Gibron, a female former Israeli Shin Bet operative in exile in the US think the Jeremy Renner version of Jason Bourne meets Daniel Craig s James Bond She s decidedly deadly and foxy with personality, wit, charm What a combination The book is a high energy thrill ride with sub plots within sub plots of a terrorist attack Haynes NTSB teams were excellent reads but I like the Daria Gibron very unique character better and plan to read the sequel shortly

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    In Ice Cold Kill , Daria Gibron, who first surfaced in Dana Haynes NTSB thriller Breaking Point has a full length book of her own Daria Gibron is a one woman wrecking crew A spitfire in a pretty dress A group of terrorists, with the high goals of causing a bio weapon disaster in order to foster an environment beneficial to their cause, is in the process of stealing a deadly influenza virus, and delivers a tip to the CIA that Daria Gibron is meeting with a known Syrian terrorist in New York City to supply him with a gun to be used to kill the President of the United States The terrorists then send Daria a message to meet a friend in New York City Its a big trap The CIA scrambles a hit squad to take out Daria and the Syrian in New York City, but both the CIA and the terrorists have made a big mistake Daria is just too good an operative to fall for this trap and immediately throws a monkey wrench in the plan.When the bodies stop hitting the floor, Daria and the Syrian are in Paris hunting down the terrorists, while John Broom, a retiring CIA agent, is in Washington D.C figuring out the plot.The action is nonstop Daria and the Syrian soon discover the real villains and try to thwart their plans, while John Broom pieces together the real bio weapon plot.This is a great introduction to Daria Gibron.

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    I loved the fast paced and intriguing plot, the moral and ethical questions that were explored, the characters and they way they were developed over the course of the novel, the sharp dialog as well as the occasional unexpected humor A thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying read.

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    I liked the storyline and characters in the book in inverse proportion to its cover The cover was cheesy, and I actually placed a sticky note over the picture of the woman, so I wouldn t be embarrassed when reading it in public The content of the book was great I didn t want to put it down, and I can t wait to read the next in the series.

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    Action packed and fast paced Reminded me of the Modesty Blaise series, which I also enjoyed I have the second installment ready to read.

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    what a great yarn i hopr there are in the series

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    A book with a lot to say and if you pay close enough attention, you might just find something pretty darn enjoyable.In Ice Cold Kill we are meet Daria Gibron, a woman with many talents and a deadly past Daria is an adrenaline junkie, a former Shin Bet agent who now live in the U.S and is under the protection of the F.B.I., working as an interpreter She has left in her wake a very long list of high powered, dangerous enemies who will stop at nothing to get revenge.On her way to a meeting with an old contact and friend, she gets a tip that she is about to walk into an ambush which sets off a series of events that carry the book to the end She has no idea who to trust or even who is after her She is being set up as a distraction so a group of terrorists can hijack a very dangerous, highly guarded shipment Now, she is the only one that can stop them, as long as she doesn t get herself killed in the process.If you are a fan of the Jack Reacher series, or even the Jason Bourne series, you will probably really enjoy Ice Cold Kill There are several points that will leave your head spinning with the amount of information being thrown at you This was a little excessive at times and had a tendency to pull me out of the story, which is never a good thing Daria, the main character was all over the place First she trust no one, and on the next page, she is in bed with them Not sure I liked this aspect of Haynes writingI love a good thriller, but this one fell short for me The action seemed forced and that wasn t good, considering most of the book tried to be one action scene after another There was a lot telling the scene than showing the scene I would have preferred to see a little character development to make the story and the characters believable Overall a good read but not one I will be dying to read again.

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    There are two things that you need to remember when you are reading this book First, this is not the latest installment of the Crasher series second, put all other books away and focus one hundred percent on this book or you are going to miss something important.When Dana Haynes introduced Daria Gibron in his previous books, you knew that she was a character to be reckoned with She has a past and very little of whom she is was revealed That is until this book The layers of Daria are slowly unfolded and the reader is taken on a roller coast ride.Daria has been working under the protection of the FBI, but when a person contacts her from her Israeli Secret Service days, she has no idea what she is walking into Her whole world is about to explode and she is trying to keep the collateral damage to a minimum Unfortunately, she has no idea who she can trust.Not a person with long term well thought out plans, Daria is literally in a fight for her life when she is being set up as a fall guy and apparently the only person that can prevent a holocaust when a highly specialized virus is stolen and is now in the hands of a sociopath Unfortunately, this is not just any sociopath, this is a person that protected Daria s young life and now she must choose the past or the present.As the FBI and the CIA, plus a couple of other international acronyms and agencies, find the players and figure out the endgame, the world is on the brink of the annihilation of an ethnic group in a way that I did not even know was possible.This is a phenomenal book The pace is steady, the subject matter timely and even though you should not be laughing, the dry humor kicks in at just the right moments.Dana Haynes is an author to keep an eye out for and add to you must read list.

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    PROTAGONIST Daria Gibron, FBI interpreterSETTING US FranceRATING 3.5Daria Gibron is a former Shin Bet agent who is now in exile in the United States Currently, she is working with the FBI as an interpreter with Ray Calabrese serving as her handler Gibron is way too much of an adrenaline junkie to be tied to a desk and is prone to taking freelance jobs as an operative She s about to meet with a former contact in France when she is alerted by an anonymous source that she s been set up All hell breaks loose when she becomes associated with a Syrian agent, Khalid Belhadj It appears that she is joining forces with a known terrorist and that they are planning to murder the President of the United States Most of the intelligence community readily believes this scenario, although Calabrese insists that she is not a threat Gibron and Belhadj are involved in a high stakes game of hide and seek Initially distrustful of one another, they work together to overcome the threats against them Most of the chaos is attributable to a Massad agent named Eli Schullman who has come up with an ingenious plan to hijack a lethal shipment Only CIA agent John Broom has concluded that the real danger has to do with this shipment and not an assassination attempt Haynes does a good job of developing the relationship between Gibron and Belhadj, as well as revealing the motivations of their prey The conclusion of the book is a bit over the top when you think about it, but one expects a certain level of implausibility in a thriller of this type ICE COLD KILL is very fast paced, as befits a protagonist who is action personified and just about unstoppable.

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Ice Cold Kill (Daria Gibron #1) download Ice Cold Kill (Daria Gibron #1) , read online Ice Cold Kill (Daria Gibron #1) , kindle ebook Ice Cold Kill (Daria Gibron #1) , Ice Cold Kill (Daria Gibron #1) 62e8e03654e3 Grabs You On Page One And Doesn T Let You Go Until The Final Page Nelson DeMille On CrashersDaria Gibron Is A Woman With A Deadly Past And An Uncertain Future A Former Shin Bet Agent Now In Exile In The US And Under The Protection Of The FBI She Works Primarily As An Interpreter But Daria Is A Thrill Junkie Who Can T Resist The Occasional Freelance Job As An Operative A Habit That Has Left Her With A Trail Of Corpses Behind Her, And A Few Still Living, Very Dangerous, High Powered Enemies Who Would Stop At Nothing To Get RevengeEn Route To An Impromptu Meeting With An Old Contact From Her Days In The Israeli Secret Service, Daria Gets An Unexpected And Anonymous Tipoff That She S About To Walk Into An Ambush Unsure Who Is After Her, Or Why, She Slips Away From Her Followers And Soon Learns That She S Been Set Up And Set Up Good Someone Has Linked Her To A Much Sought After Terrorist, And Now All The Resources Of The US Intelligence Community Are Being Marshaled Against HerAs She Tries To Escape The Ever Tightening Snare Laid Out For Her, Someone Else Is Using The Operation Against Her As A Distraction To Hijack A Very Dangerous, Highly Guarded Shipment Now The Only Person Who Can Keep This Shipment From Falling Into Terrorist Hands Is The One Person They Chose To Set Up As A Diversion Daria Gibron Is Many Things Trigger Happy, Resourceful, Focused, And Extremely Dangerous But The One Thing She Isn T Is Anybody S Fool Ice Cold Kill Is An Espionage Spy Thriller From Dana Haynes