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Tongue-Tied With Stomach Knots pdf Tongue-Tied With Stomach Knots , ebook Tongue-Tied With Stomach Knots , epub Tongue-Tied With Stomach Knots , doc Tongue-Tied With Stomach Knots , e-pub Tongue-Tied With Stomach Knots , Tongue-Tied With Stomach Knots 85ac6fa2cea In A World Wherein So Much Appears To Be Bizarre, Insane, And Beyond Rational Explanation, Secret Agent Reginald Dipwipple Knows The Insider Truth The World Is Incredibly Incompetent This Is The World He Operates In, Fighting The Good Fight Against Terrorists Struggling To Make A Living Through Mass Intimidation It Is A World Wherein Words Are Weapons When They Contain Too Many Syllables A World Wherein Computers Have Personality, Geeks Are Cosmopolitan, And Blondes Are Smart Enough To Deceive A World Of Acronyms Utterly Indecipherable To The Uninitiated HUMINT, MASINT, GUTTER, USSR A World Where Crises Cause Comedy And Dipwipple Delivers Join Him At A Spy School In Rural Virginia Where Poachers Encounter Cute Cuddly Animals Who Shoot Back Dare To Accompany Him To Washington, DC S Fashionable Neighborhood Of Georgetown, To The High Fashions Of New York City, To The Funky Fashions Of Greenwich Village, To The Italian Fashions Of Rome, To The Frumpy Fashions Of American Tourists It Is A Journey Intertwined With Biblical Espionage, Ancient Roman Postal Workers, Prostitutes And Politicians, Nazis And Communists, Philosophers And Phonies, Comedy Writers And Other Political Appointees From Spies Full Of Hot Air Ballooning To Spies Of The Underworld, Tunneling Into East Berlin From The Sexy Spies Of The Civil War To The Sexy Spy Planes Of The Cold War, Dipwipple Delivers From The United Nations To Divided States, From The Science Of Humor To The Art Of The Bad Joke, Dipwipple Delivers From The Great Questions Of Theology To The Questionable Greatness Of Bureaucracy, Dipwipple Delivers Dipwipple Not Only Delivers, He Takes It Back This Is His Story

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    Well, being the author himself, I m kinda biased towards this book So I ll just quote from some other readersFrom the .com description In a world wherein so much appears to be bizarre, insane, and beyond rational explanation, Secret Agent Reginald Dipwipple knows the insider truth the world is incredibly incompetent This is the world he operates in, fighting the good fight against terrorists struggling to make a living through mass intimidation It is a world wherein words are weapons when they contain too many syllables A world wherein computers have personality, geeks are cosmopolitan, and blondes are smart enough to deceive A world of acronyms utterly indecipherable to the uninitiated HUMINT, MASINT, GUTTER, USSR A world where crises cause comedy And Dipwipple delivers Join him at a spy school in rural Virginia where poachers encounter cute cuddly animals who shoot back Dare to accompany him to Washington, D.C s fashionable neighborhood of Georgetown, to the high fashions of New York City, to the funky fashions of Greenwich Village, to the Italian fashions of Rome, to the frumpy fashions of American tourists It is a journey intertwined with Biblical espionage, ancient Roman postal workers, prostitutes and politicians, Nazis and Communists, philosophers and phonies, comedy writers and other political appointees From spies full of hot air ballooning to spies of the underworld, tunneling into East Berlin From the sexy spies of the Civil War to the sexy spy planes of the Cold War, Dipwipple delivers From the United Nations to divided states, from the science of humor to the art of the bad joke, Dipwipple delivers From the great questions of theology to the questionable greatness of bureaucracy, Dipwipple delivers Dipwipple not only delivers, he takes it back This is his story Excerpts from an .com reviewer FIVE stars It s hard to compare Tongue Tied With Stomach Knots to anything readily available Reginald Dipwipple s first novel is a mix of goofy spy adventure, well educated travelogue, and digressive covert intelligence historyThis book had me laughing out loud at several points at several others, I put the book down to do fact checking curiosity satiating on some of the interesting asides For example, did you know that a laughing outbreak in 1960 s Africa that was so severe that schools had to be shut down At its best, Tongue Tied is a brilliant work of comedy Many of the laughs in the book comes from an old fashioned sense of humor the Who s on First routine even makes a cameo in one situation and carefully worded phrasesIt s all light hearted though, and there s never a joke made in bad taste or at the expense of othersI would recommend Tongue Tied With Stomach Knots to anyone looking for a sharply written and smart comedy novel Excerpts from an .com reviewer FIVE stars First off, this is a very funny book if nothing else After reading for a while, I also realized it s very cleverly organized and conceived, almost like the non cartoon version of anything that Scott Adams has published It s one of those humor rides that you might have had with an old English teacher, or simply from bouncing off friends from classic lines from movies such as Airplane It s not serious, it is fun, and definitely suits anyone looking for clever humor which is a category dying in the bookstore these days Excerpts from KIRKUS REVIEWS Punch lines abound in this lighthearted spy comedy. In a literary landscape full of serious spy thrillers, this romp sticks out like a 7 foot clown in a police lineup Indeed, you d be hard pressed to find a spy novel that so steadily delivers page after page of one liners and a plethora of comedic setups and knockdowns The novel follows Reggie Dipwipple through a Police Academy esque crash course in spy know how and history of the SNACKS program, a.k.a Sublime Nemesis Against Cabal Knaves Supreme sworn enemies of GUTTER Gouging Ulterior for Terror, Trafficking and Egomaniacal Rancor Through his course work and on his first assignment, Dipwipple and the reader learn a great deal of trivia and true spy historyThere are a few cringe worthy puns and jokes you ve heard before, but a healthy serving of intelligent comedy and longer setups usually keep the reader s attention on trackNo one here is who they seem even Dipwipple the author has an alias , so character development would seem difficult Yet the author accomplishes plenty with the goofy material, providing the reader with flawed but fun characters and real bones beneath the comic exterior Available at

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    can t finish this one right now there isn t enough of a story line The writing style is great, very funny, but it s like a lot of random history facts all related by the main character, strung together with just enough plot to make it flow

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