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    This is another enjoyable Mary Stewart suspense novel sorry, I m never going to stop talking about her books They re just so much fun Airs Above the Ground, written in 1965, may not be her best novel, but it s set in Austria, a lovely country and one of my favorite places in the world, so between the wonderful setting and the pivotal role in the plot played by Lippizaners, who are based in Austria, I have a massive soft spot for this novel.Vanessa March, who s been married for two years, has had a rousing and bitter argument with her husband Lewis, who was inconsiderate enough to go on yet another out of the country trip for his work, cancelling a long planned vacation with Vanessa to southern Italy He heads off to Stockholm, or at least he tells Vanessa that s where he s going, but then she sees him in a newsreel about a mysterious circus fire in Austria that caused two deaths And Lewis arm is around a pretty, blond Austrian girl Vanessa is not one to take this sort of thing lying down So, using the excuse of escorting a divorced friend s 17 year old son Timothy to his father in Vienna, she takes off to Austria to hunt down the circus and her husband And from there the plot goes in some interesting directions that I wouldn t have expected when I first read this book This book is unusual for Mary Stewart in that the main characters are already married, so it lacks the developing romance plotline that s so charming in most of her other novels, but you do get some pretty funny light sexy banter between Vanessa and Lewis, so it s a fair trade off Plus, no insta love Timothy, Vanessa s teenage friend, is a charming addition to the cast Timothy is a little older than the boys that show up in several of Mary Stewart s other novels, but he s just as delightful as Philippe, David and William Extra points to any Stewart fans who can name all of the novels those three boys are in The airs above the ground are the beautiful, traditional dance moves that the trained Lippizaner stallions do, including the levade, where the horse rears up and holds his pose Stewart circles back around to the airs above the ground theme in a couple of interesting ways, including a terrifying chase across the rooftops and battlements of an old Austrian castle.There are a few slow spots and a few unlikely turns in the plot especially at the end, when view spoiler Lewis agrees to take Vanessa and Timothy along with him to confront the bad guys Who are killers, with guns hide spoiler

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    Airs Above the Ground is a stimulating adventure through the Austrian landscape of the 1960s If you are looking for a quick and entertaining diversion from some of your demanding literary reads, then this book may be just the ticket I became a devoted fan of Mary Stewart this year when I discovered her Merlin and King Arthur series and am determined to read everything she ever wrote no matter how long that may take This book is completely different from that treasured series, but was gratifying in its own way Vanessa March and husband Lewis have been married for just two short years when it seems perhaps the honeymoon is over Vanessa and Lewis have had a bit of a row Lewis leaves for Stockholm on business while Vanessa stays behind in London to lament the fact that they have had to postpone a much needed vacation to the shores of Italy Shortly thereafter, however, Vanessa discovers that perhaps his leaving was much reprehensible than she had believed a glimpse of a newsreel clearly reveals Lewis with another woman at the scene of a circus fire in Vienna Vanessa is determined to uncover just why Lewis is nowhere near the city of Stockholm It just so happens that Timothy, a young family friend in search of his father, needs a chaperone to accompany him to Austria Vanessa and Timothy pack their bags and off they go on a somewhat reckless jaunt This pair quickly find themselves smack dab in the middle of a mystery The circus, the famous Lipizzaner horses, an ancient castle set in the middle of a rugged terrain, and some dramatic tension and a chase with the baddies add to the appeal of this book Possibly the very fairytale atmosphere of the castle the lonely valley, the turrets, the moonlight, the battlements, this door with the griffin handle the trappings of childhood s dreams and of romance, once become actual, were seen to be no longer dreams but nightmare I didn t know much about the Lipizzaner horses prior to reading this, but the bit of history regarding this graceful creature provided here was very interesting There are some lovely passages illustrating the beauty and majesty of this horse, and specifically the airs above the ground For one superb moment he was poised there, high in the air, caught and lit dazzlingly white by the great lights, all four legs tucked neatly under him, all his jewels flashing and glancing with a million colours, but not, it seemed, brilliant than the gleam of the muscles under the white skin or the luster of the steady dark eye One looked for his wings I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys the writing of Mary Stewart, those that want an entertaining mystery free from gruesome descriptions, and readers interested in a crash course on the background of the legendary Lipizzan stallions.

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    Upping this to four stars on re reading How could I have forgotten how much fun this is A classic Mary Stewart blend of action, adventure, travel and a dash of romance Plus this one has all of my favorite things.Gorgeous Austrian scenery.Horses And not just any horses.The noble, ancient Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna are part of the story.There are all sorts of wonderful details about the school, the horses, their well documented lineages and the way they are trained This horse lover was in ecstasy I could practically smell the manure very mild and delightful in a well run stable the oats and warm horses hay and saddle soap I re learned so much about the art of dressage, which dates back to Xenophon Many of the movements horses are taught in dressage were used in war time cavalry maneuvers The Haute Ecole airs above the ground might have been originally designed both as defensive and offensive cavalry techniques and are familiar to anyone who has ever admired statues and paintings of great warriors from the Greeks and Persians to Napoleon.This is the Levade, which in theory puts the horse s body between the hapless foot soldier and the noble and ever so valuable cavalry rider Then there are the offensive moves like the capriole, croupade and ballotade I m not sure which this is about to become but it gives you a sense of how high these horses can leap.And if you think horses don t do this sort of thing naturally you have not spent enough time with the beasties.Oh Uh oh.I m supposed to be reviewing the book Hana takes deep breath Yes, the book is really fun There is a proto feminist female vet who s really charming and hot, especially in nylon nighties and a neglected teenager who wants to join the Spanish Riding School and a missing hubbie who might or might not be a bad guy There s a circus with HORSES There are amazing chase scenes across mountaintop castle roofsAwesome and scary moments with a cog railwayAnd a very satisfying denouement.Buddy read summer 2015 thanks for sharing the fun

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    I have read this book a gazillion times over the years, and I never get tired of it I like the fast pace, the horses, the circus, the mystery even though that part is admittedly not all that mysterious , the horses, the relationship between Vanessa and her husband, the way young Timothy becomes of who he is supposed to be, and the horses The chase across the top of the castle never fails to leave me breathless, but I must admit that I can never picture things like the northwest corner or the southern turret Left, right, forwards, backwards..these words make sense to me, but compass directions in such situations leave me lost and confused.But oh, those horses

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    Airs Above the Ground has every single element that is needed to make a marvelous Mary Stewart novel work an enchanting and somewhat exotic setting, a plucky heroine navigating dangers under her own steam, a handsome and strong man just when you need him, an evil antagonist and one of Stewart s charming boys Add to that the charm of a traveling circus and a glimpse into the beauty and elegance of the Lipizzaner stallions, and what could you do but settle back and enjoy the ride.I always feel as if I am there with Stewart s characters, in an exact place not a general place, a specific one Sacher s Hotel was all that I had imagined, with its brilliantly lit scarlet and gold drawing rooms, the Turkey carpets, the oils in their heavy frames, the mahogany and flowers and spacious last century atmosphere of comfortable leisure The Blue Bar, where we were to meet Graham Lacy and his lady, was a smallish, intimate cave lined with blue brocade and lit with such discretion that one almost needed a flashlight to find one s drink.I swear if I close my eyes, I can smell the slightly musty, ancient upholstery, see the heavy, masculine woods in the bar, smell the richness of the clientele And, in the following quote, I can see this woman s constant scowl and look of disdain Which of us has not known someone of exactly the personality she describes This, it seemed, was one of those angry natures that feeds on grievance nothing would madden her than to know that what she complained of had been put right There are such people, unfortunates who have to be angry before they can feel alive I had sometimes wondered if there were some old relic of pagan superstition, the fear of risking the jealousy and anger of the gods, that made such people afraid of even small happinesses.There is a sense of adventure that one envies, and a sense of danger that one obviously does not, that permeates the story from beginning to end There are multiple mysteries to keep you guessing and a few red herrings that have to be dealt with I would go anywhere with Mary Stewart, but I m so glad she took me to Vienna in the springtime this round Airs Above the Ground is a marvelous romp and a delicious read, as every Mary Stewart novel is I m sure I shall dream tonight of strong men rescuing me from imminent danger with panache and wit just as I must have done when I was a teenager and this novel was new I hope I do not call Lewis name in my sleep that would take some explaining.

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    This is the first adventure thriller of Mary Stewart that I read The milieu is the Alps, woods and castles of Austria in the 1960s The main subject is a horse, and the history of the Lipizzaner horses I found this part of the story really interesting Around the mystery and beauty of these magnificent horses and their traditional dressage training at the Spanish Riding School, dating back hundreds of years, are a young married veterinary surgeon, her husband Lewis, a family friend, Timothy, and the members of a circus The action is reminiscent of James Bond but thankfully devoid of all the gadgets and toys he charmed the world with The heroine is still a silly girl, so fashionable in the literature of that era The fictional castle, Schloss Zechstein, which becomes the main action arena in the story is based on the Weesenstein Schloss, situated on the borders of Hungary and the Czech Republic The author recreated the beauty of the surroundings in picturesque words and winds a suspenseful, dramatic story around the ancient landscapes of the area A really enjoyable read, but a little bit too concentrated on action packed events, stretching out the ending over too many pages But for a book written in the 1960, it is working well.Not the most exciting book I have ever read, but certainly not a bad one either It was a good introduction to this author s work.I have ordered several of her books and look forward to read them, simply because it celebrates the old fashioned decency and grace of the Sixties women s literature Yes, this author is part of the golden oldies I have chosen to read.

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    I hadn t read Mary Stewart since she was contemporary fiction a couple of titles maybe, of which the only one I dimly remember at, urk, 50 years distance was Madame, Will You Walk Later Talk, not Walk Remembered it even less well than I thought Interesting to revisit both the writer and the times.I d call this thriller lite perhaps, rather than romantic suspense as such there wasn t much romance, as our heroine 1st person narrator is two years married at the start, to a man whom she turns out to know less well than she d thought Or perhaps the extreme emotional restraint is due to the protags or the writer being British Major points for the heroine being a veterinary surgeon, and respected as such, a skill set she gets to deploy to good effect in the plot Good horse values.A while back I read a couple of the Dorothy Dunnett then contemporary romantic suspense mystery titles these two echo each other in some subtle stylistic fashion, though I like Stewart s voice better In both cases, the writers spend a lot of time painting word pictures of their exotic locales, being of an era when their readers weren t expected to be able to obtain such visuals in any other way.This was originally published in the midst of the original James Bond craze, and it plays consciously with some of those tropes, not very reverently For one thing, the female characters end the book still alive I liked that aspect.Enjoyable and intelligent.Ta, L.

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    3.5 Set in a favourite country Austria a favourite time period the sixties but even so this for me wasn t one of Stewart s best I don t think Stewart felt completely comfortable with the whole espionage thing The story worked best for me at the times the hero Lewis wasn t present Vanessa the engaging Tim managed very well Part of the story felt a bit confused I had to go back for a reread.The trademark heroine in peril bit was thrilling I was on the edge of my seat as always, Stewart captures the locale very well.Also a lot less smoking thank heavens but also a lot chauvinism a dated term for some dated attitudes.For example Something about his voice as he spoke made me shoot a glance at him Not quite authority, not quite patronage, certainly not self importance but just the unmistakable echo of that man to woman way that even the nicest men adopt when they are letting a woman catch a glimpse of the edges of the Man s World This is a teen boy the woman is a veterinarian Blech I prefer Stewart s self reliant heroines But at least this one wasn t smoking like a train.

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    Airs Above the Ground was a good read once it got going Unfortunately or the first 200 pages it was a rather dull story with no real mystery or suspense The prospect of a woman seeing her missing husband on a newsreel and setting out to find him is what I found interesting about this book and it was probably the main draw, other than the fact that it s written by Mary Stewart and I generally like her writing However the book s description isn t very accurate The book s description makes it sound like Vanessa s husband is missing, but he really isn t He s just seen somewhere other than where he told her he was, or at least someone that looks like him, and Vanessa sets out to Austria to find out if it s really him As always Mary Stewart s descriptions are wonderful and there is a lot about the Lipizzaner horses in the book as well which is interesting up to a point I found myself skimming through the description after a while The main reason for that is I wanted to get to the meat of the story Once we finally got there it wasn t hard to figure out what was going on or who the bad guy was and that was disappointing to me The best part of the book by far was the chase across the castle rooftop Other than that this one fell flat for me.Review also posted at Writings of a Reader

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    When I saw that the 100th anniversary of Mary Stewart s birth fell last weekend I knew that it was time for me to read another of her books.I had always liked the look of Airs Above the Ground , and so off the shelf it came.The story is set up beautifully.Vanessa March is shocked to see her husband on a newsreel item about a circus fire in Austria, because she had believed him to be in Sweden on business An old family friend saw the same newsreel and called Vanessa, asking her to escort her young relation Timothy Lacey to Vienna to visit his father Vanessa hadn t quite decided what to do, she was a little annoyed by the lady s assumptions, but she seized the opportunity because she really did want to find her husband and understand what was going on.In Austria, seventeen year old Tim admitted that his father wasn t expecting him that was only a story for his grandmother and that what he really wanted was to see the country and to visit The Spanish Riding School in Vienna And so he and Vanessa formed a plan to find the circus, to reunite Vanessa and her husband, and then to have a wonderful holiday.Things don t go entirely to plan.They are caught in a web of intrigue that has been spun around the circus And in particular around an old piebald horse.This is a classic Mary Stewart story of romance and suspense with all of the elements you might expect and with enough to make it feel a little different to her other books.Vanessa was bright, capable and resourceful young woman, and I found it very easy to like her and to understand her feelings and her actions I was sorry though that she had put her career as a vet which was integral to the story to one side to be a housewife, and that when her husband appeared she was rather too ready to put all of her trust in him It was a nice change, having a married leading lady, and I liked her relationship with her husband, but I didn t see enough of him to understand why she had married him.Her relationship with Tim was much interesting an initial wariness grew into friendship, and they became a wonderful team I suspected that they were only children who were discovering that it would be rather nice to have a sibling.The settings were beautifully evoked and described I loved visiting the countryside, the circus, the mountains, the villages and a wonderful gothic castle.There were some wonderful moments My favourites were the time in a meadow when Vanessa made a wonderful discovery about that old piebald house and a dramatic chase around the battlements of the castle.But I have to say that I don t think this is Mary Stewart s best book, and that this story didn t hold me as it should have.Some of that was down to me.This might not have been the right book at the right time, and I might have enjoyed this book when I was younger.But some of it was down to the book.Having a married heroine was a lovely variation on a theme, but it diminished the romance and the suspense, and there wasn t enough in the rest of the story to make up for that.The pacing was uneven, with the story slow to start and over filled with action in the later stages there was one sequence in particular where Vanessa and Tim did not belong I can t say than that without revealing too much of the plot.And, though the story of the old piebald house was very well done, there was much less of horses and of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna that I had expected.None of these flaws were fatal though I found much to enjoy, and I was always going to follow the story to the end.Mary Stewart is still a favourite author and I m hoping that this was a wobble rather that a sign that I ve outgrown her books.

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Airs Above the Ground summary pdf Airs Above the Ground, summary chapter 2 Airs Above the Ground, sparknotes Airs Above the Ground, Airs Above the Ground 69bdcb2 Lovely Vanessa March, Two Years Married And Very Much In Love, Did Not Think It Was A Strange For Her Husband To Take A Business Trip To Stockholm What Was Strange Was The Silence That Followed She Never Thought To Look For Her Missing Husband In Vienna Until She Saw Him In A Newsreel Shot There At The Scene Of A Deadly Fire Then She Caught A Glimpse Of Him In A Newsreel Shot Of A Crowd Near A Mysterious Circus Fire And Knew It Was Than Strange It Was Downright SinisterVanessa Is Propelled To Vienna By The Shocking Discovery In Her Charge Is Young Timothy Lacy, Who Also Has Urgent Problems To Solve But Her Hunt For Answers Only Leads To Sinister Questions In A Mysterious World Of White Stallions Of Vienna But What Promises To Be No Than A Delicate Personal Mission Turns Out To Involve The Security Forces Of Three Countries, Two Dead Men, A Circus And Its Colourful Personnel And What Waits For Vanessa In The Shadows Is Terrifying Than Anything She Has Ever Encountered

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