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    I used this textbook to teach a choral arranging college class during the fall of 17 The explanatory prose is concise and worthwhile, but the copious printed examples crucial in such a textbook suffer in the following ways 1 The excerpts are drawn disproportionately from schmaltzy jazz ballad choral arrangements of the 1960s, particularly from the arrangers H Simeone and R Ringwald My own profound distaste for their writing is irrelevant the problem is that Simeone and Ringwald are also irrelevant, and it s nearly impossible to find recordings to aurally reinforce analysis While a very few of these excerpts could conceivably be achieved through class participation, most are simply too complex, and class time would erode quickly into rehearsing the printed examples Ades should have saved Simeone and Ringwald for the chapter on jazz harmonization and favored examples from the standard repertoire instead.2 The excerpts are identified only in the broadest terms by the general title of the piece, without movement name or number, and without measure numbers This is a catastrophic and frustrating omission In virtually every lesson prep I found myself staring at multiple score fragments of 2 5 bars, with a handful of lyrics sometimes only a single word in the choral parts, marked only by, say, Prokofiev, Alexander Nevsky, Handel, The Messiah, Haydn, The Creation, with no further information as to where exactly in these monumental works the excerpt falls This was only complicated by the fact that3 All lyrics are printed in English, not in the original languages Not only does this prevent the students from seeing how composers actually set text to music, it further complicates the business of identifying where a mystery excerpt falls in a multi movement work In some cases, as with the obscure Respighi Primavera, I simply had to give up and move on With others, like the Prokovief Alexander Nevsky, I had to find a side by side English Russian translation, locate the position of the text, and find that text in the score all in order to queue the correct audio files on Naxos so they d be ready to go during class.So it s not an abysmal textbook, but it is at times a highly inconvenient one Perhaps it s the best available but if I teach the course again, I ll spend some time shopping around for something better.

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    Definitely dated 1960s albeit with an update Saturday Night Fever , yet very useful to someone looking at comprehensive set of textures and options for arrangers of traditional choral music usually accompanied An important work.

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Choral Arranging download Choral Arranging , read online Choral Arranging , kindle ebook Choral Arranging , Choral Arranging 03da8062383e Shawnee Press A Unique Book That Authoritatively Discusses How To Create Effective Vocal Arrangements And Techniques In Virtually Every Major Kind Of Vocal Ensemble Sacred, Secular And Baroque To Jazz Contains Than Illustrated Examples, Plus An Index, Study Suggestions And A Comprehensive Bibliography Hawley Ades Had Many Years Experience Arranging For Choral Groups And Is Particularly Known As The Long Time Arranger For Fred Waring And His Pennslyvanians As A Standard Text In The Field, Choral Arranging Is A Must For Home Or Class Study And A Valued Reference Source For Every Music Library