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    Neil Gaiman wasn t involved in writing every every comic included in this anthology he authored six of the fourteen stories , but it was his retelling of a story from the Book of Judges that came close to having a Swedish publisher jailed.As the title states, it unapologetically and very graphically illustrates what s written in the Old Testament it does not interpret, it simply depicts, taking the words and displaying them as images It s all black and white, ranges widely in drawing styles, and yes, it s probably offensive to most, religious or not, for different reasons it raises interesting questions about censorship and why certain things are okay to be published and propagated in scripture, but outrageous in the context of a comic Among many other scenes, it includes a whimsical and cynical retelling of Creation, a recounting of the fall of Man and the expulsion from Eden featuring Gandalf from Lord of the Rings as God, and a gory tongue in cheek adaptation of Leviticus it takes balls to publish something like this, especially at the time of its original publication in 1987, but I can t really say that I enjoyed it much If I had to pick a favorite it would easily be The Prophet Who Came to Dinner, written by Neil and illustrated by Dave McKean, but as a whole, I felt that it relied almost exclusively on shock value, without much substance All my book reviews can be found here

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    One of those things where ya just have to say I m glad it exists, but that doesn t mean I really like it.

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    Yes, we get it The Old testament is pretty brutal, especially in the middle books that no church really talks about any But this selection of stories makes some strange choices for its coverage and approaches Some work the tale of Job is probably the strongest in the collection , others almost work Sodom and Gomorrah doesn t quite pull it off, and the Samson story is a bit garbled in its execution , and others don t work at all the stories out of Judges, probably the least familiar of the collection, get the least clear presentation, making it just sort of a blob of divine misdeeds and bad behavior The collection as a whole doesn t seem to know whether it is just providing the details of these vicious stories, or editorializing on what their inclusion says, so it waffles and loses most of its potency And its opening, with four pages of rhyming lines of wordplay on animal types, is three pages too long Just enjoy the decent art for that one, and start with the next story Or, don t go out of your way to read it at all Gaiman s section isn t anything that really demonstrates his style, and can easily be skipped.

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    That Old Testament Especially Judges.

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    I m pretty sure there were only a handful of things that got me to buy this book Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and irreverencenot necessarily in that order If I d only flipped through it, I probably wouldn t have looked any closer at it, as a bunch of the art is AWFUL who the hell is Julie Hewitt anyway And who told her to pick up a pen professionally There are some sterling turns Gaiman McKean, as always, and Moore with Hunt Emerson is pretty great stuff , but overall this is just too obviously a LOOK HOW DAMNED AWFUL THE BIBLE IS kind of thing, and I already know that.Not something to track down, but worth picking up from a bargain bin if you spot one.

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    A great collection of 1980 s British graphic artists and writers interpretations of some of the weirder tales from the Old Testament Hebrew Bible This comic isn t written as a typical Christian comic book, but is a frank and graphic pardon the pun depiction of the gruesome aspects of the Bible Well worth picking up Some notable artists include Neil Gaiman, Dave Gibbons, Alan Moore, and Dave McKean If I ever get the chance, this will be what I ask Gaiman to autograph.

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    years ago, in 1987, Knockabout Comics produced this adaptation of fourteen Old Testament stories by leading comics artists I got it as part of the Neil Gaiman Humble Bundle a few years back, he being the author of six of the fourteen stories including Jael and Sisera as illustrated by Julie Jewelz Hollings, the only woman artist in the mix, who also illustrates an adaptation of Ecclesiasticus 42 9 11 by Knockabout publisher Carol Bennett There are some truly grim and nasty stories in the Old Testament, and while it would be very easy to just point and laugh, the art and stories here are from creators at the top of their game, taking the Bible at its word and confronting us with what is actually in scripture It was still a bit subversive in 1987 Knockabout were being regularly harassed by UK authorities for importing subversive comics from the USA, and Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament narrowly avoided legal action in Sweden We are being challenged to think about why some forms of expression should be allowed if they are labelled as Scripture, and not otherwise It s a debate that has of course moved on to non Christian religions too since 1987.

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    I got this as part of the 2016 Gaiman Rarities Humble Bundle.While as an avid fan I m happy for every title released in the bundle, this one, like many of the rest, is quite redundant There is nothing new, we all know the Old Testament has rape, murder, blood and gore Reading the text in Hebrew of course gives that impression quite clearly The depiction in comic form adds very little, especially as the quality of the reproduction leaves much to be desired or perhaps the quality was mediocre to begin with Some of the stories provide mildly entertaining editing Delilah as an arm wrestler, Moses as calling God on the phone , but most are quite mundane If it was at least humorous, but it is just boring Maybe this was intended for other audience than me Two stars out of five.

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    The Bible and especially the Old Testament is full of weird and wacky tales, yet few of these are common knowledge in comparison to the small handful of stories we re all familiar with Gaiman and company ply readers with the expected story of Sodom and Gommorah if only because it s one of the righteous yet cruel and unusual stories , before delving into far explicit and shady stories Honestly, most of them aren t worth remembering or repeating , which is probably why they aren t common fodder for Sunday School attendees, but they re still an interesting read It s no wonder, though, that this little book wasn t exactly a riotous success.

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    This was in a humble bundle and I always keep forgetting to read those It s hard to read comics in a kindle app, too.Plus, given the content, the old testament always was pretty weird, it s one for the rarities.2 stars

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