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    This book was written around 50 years ago It may be one of the earlier solid attempts in sociobiology and evolutionary psychology The subject of the book is aggression Aggression, which is between the members of the same species, should not be confused with the predatory behavior towards the members of other species Lorenz, one of founders of ethology, presents a detailed treatment of aggression in animals and the purposes that it serves Then he moves on to humans The implication is that aggression is hard wired in us, and we d better acknowledge this fact and find ways to mitigate it if we want to prevent it from igniting wars The fact that Lorenz was a member of the Nazi party and supported their ideas of racial purity doesn t help when he talks about aggression and human nature From what I read in the book, the man who wrote this book is not the same man who was a member of the Nazi party Regardless of his politics and what he says about human societies, this book is a great read on animal behavior Read it for some really fascinating tales on geese and ganders I never thought these birds were so interesting.

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    Lorenz, a famous ethologist and a somewhat controversial figure for his ideas, proposes that human beings, like most of other vertebrates, are inherently aggressive and this aggression is triggered by a variety of situations Therefore, if we understand the instinctual behavior patterns in animals, we can explain a thing or two about human behavior too Now, this is a wonderful book I learned about the gorgeous and aggressive coral fish, geese, rats and many amazing things about other animals Its not until the last three chapters that he properly presents his thesis, and It wasn t convincing enough I think aggression in humans is slightly a complex phenomenon then in vertebrates Our society, behaviors and drives are intricate and cannot be explained in this context Neuroscience and Behavioral psychology have a better chance of explaining that, but as far as Greylag goose and Cichlid are concerned, Lorenz is very adept at explaining their social hierarchies and their rites and rituals.

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    Behavior is not excused or justified but can be explained Human behavior is no different Auschwitz is not a German problem, any than Wounded Knee or the Little Big Horn white or Indian problems Until we learn to accept the fact that these are human problems we will continue to rationalize the fact that we are dangerous predators and unlike a shark are fully aware of that fact, and choose to ignore it.

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    I ve know about Lorenz since I was a little boy I remember that when he died, in 1989, the portuguese TV reminded his name in a TV documentary of some episodes about the life of the man that could made little goslings walk beside him and everyone feel fascinated by those pictures.I ve heard about is ideas on human behaviour some years after that and I reminded curious about the observations he have made about them, some like the intraspecific competition and the way the aggression first appeared on evolution as a way to set the places in which each member of a species has its own vital place or territory, as you prefer to call it From that, he starts to develop his thesis, giving examples about animals starting with the fish the coral reefs , never forgetting to retouch here and there the human species Lorenz make some paragraphs in the middle of its descriptions about animal behaviour examples just to compare the last example with some special case with the human race that looks very similar I don t know if some examples he gives could be applied immediately to our species I don t know.You can read this book as a species of manifesto or a sermon I don t forget the way he finishes the chapter four As we shall hear later , this expedients often resorted to in nature to prevent the injurious effects of aggression But the human being without insight has been known to kill his friend The title of the chapter six The Great Parliament of Instincts is another slogan that I won t forget too Of course the best of all chapters is the chapter eleven The bond where he describes goose life stories almost as they were human beings which is very curious because Lorenz sometimes says that the anthropomorphizing reader should took care in order to not interpret in a human way the examples done.Some people will feel that only the three final chapters matter the ones in which he describes the risks posed by the human race He specially gives special attention into the militant manifest I heard about the potential connections between Lorenz and the Nazism that the could a initial supporter of this ideology, giving up later Try to make your own conclusions knowing that and the condemnation of the so called millitant manifest Strange, don t you think Anyway, Lorenz never confirmed he supported Nazism in any period of his life Just vilification Anyway, I recommend the book for anyone that would like to know about Lorenz work, the greylag goose life and just for the literary style, it deserves a read P.S just to know that I owned geese for some years ago now I don t have any and after I read this book I felt nostalgic and started to remember all of special episodes I had about that experience I wish one day I would own geese again

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    The author was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for this book It looks at the functional nature of aggression as it is found in nature in animal populations and explains much of human behavior in the context of its natural root in any society or group It is fairly easy to read in the first few chapters, and then I experienced some interest doldrums which I am currently stuck in However, it has so much applicable information in the first few chapters that regardless of what is left for me to read, I highly recommend it I feel that much of our society is hell bent on turning our society into a bunch of gutless, passive wimps What I have read in this book explains that aggression is a naturally occurring phenomenon and that it even has some functionality Obviously aggression can be overdone and be inappropriate in a systemic or individual basis, but it does have a role in establishing order For me, than anything it has been a thought provoking read.

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    Konrad Lorenz proposed in On Aggression the theory that the violence is something good and necessary for all the animals Self defense would be the reason why species have developed this mechanism of behavior over the centuries Unfortunately, Lorenz had a big knowledge about animals, but he did not understand this matter in all its complexity Erich Fromm, in his book The anatomy of Human Destructiveness , made a total critique of the theories that Lorenz proposed in On Aggression And, it seems clear that Fromm was right.Fromm realized that Lorenz didn t see that in the humans and in other species there are other types of aggression, in addition to the defensive When soldiers of an army, with imperialist intentions, invade a country that is not their country, they do not use a defensive violence The aggressiveness of a serial killer is criminal and evil Policemen and mercenaries on the pay of a political dictator, do not use violence for defensive purposes, but to terrorize and dominate the citizens of a country The aggressiveness of animals is much complex than Lorenz thought It is very difficult to understand this subject by studying only ducks and rats To understand it, it is necessary to study, in addition, history, psychology and religion.Richard Dawkins is another writer who, in his book The Selfish Gene , has made critics to Lorenz s positive vision of violence postulated in On Aggression.

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    Great book I started it two years ago, I felt it a bit slow, so I moved on to something else A few weeks ago It caught my attention again, I want to think it s me who has changed a lot in that time, because somehow the book was now incredibly interesting Konrad Lorenz s sense of humor and witty jokes make this book very enjoyable The few final chapters were my favorite.

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    Un libro interesant simo y muy instructivo que sirve para conocernos mejor a nosotros mismos, al resto del reino animal, y hasta qu grado nos parecemos entre nosotros Sobre los instintos, sobre el origen y la finalidad del comportamiento m s intr nseco, qu nos mueve a hacer sto o aquello, de d nde surge la agresi n y el amor, qu funciones tienen en la vida social, las consecuencias, los beneficios, etc Es bastante ameno, aunque hay trozos que para un lego en la materia como yo puede costar entender, pero en general, mantiene un lenguaje est ndar f cil de entender por cualquier persona m nimamente versada en los libros de divulgaci n y ciencia Tiene momentos realmente bonitos, como el cap tulo dedicado a la vida de los patos Y ahora un poquito de agresi n contra la Editorial Siglo XXI me he encontrado m s de CINCUENTA fallos de tipograf a a lo largo de 280 p ginas, y una traducci n que por momentos se convierte en puro galimat as Es una verg enza que esto sea tan corriente hoy en d a No hay libro actual que no abra sin encontrarme con cagadas varias Un libro es el s mbolo m ximo de la cultura y la divulgaci n, de la difusi n de las buenas normas de la lengua y de escritura Una falta de ortograf a y de tipograf a en un libro es el insulto m ximo Eso me ofende m s que el hecho de estar pagando un precio por adquirir un producto en buenas condiciones S que no leer n esto, pero tengo que reorientar mi rabia de alguna manera.

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    Sentir , pelo contr rio, uma nova forma de respeito perante os xitos da raz o e da moral respons vel que s entraram nesse mundo com o homem e que podem muito bem dar lhe o poder de o dominar, desde que no seu orgulho cego, ele n o negue a exist ncia da sua heran ca animal p gina 253 Por outras palavras, a necessidade de controlar por uma s bia responsabilidade moral todas as nossas ades es sentimentais t o grande, sen o maior, como necessidade de anular as nossas outras puls es Nenhuma delas pode produzir efeitos t o devastadores como o entusiasmo militante n o jugulado quando contaminou as multid es e domina qualquer outra considera o, devido sua estreiteza de vistas e s suas pretens es de nobreza Porque n o o entusiasmo em si que nobre nobres s o os grandes fins da humanidade que ele pode ser levado a defender essa dupla face de Janus que o homem tem nico ser capaz de se consagrar aos mais altos valores morais e ticos, para atingir os seus fins de um mecanismo de comportamento filogeneticamente adaptado mas as propriedades animais desse mecanismo trazem em si o perigo de que ele mate o seu irm o convencido a agir assim no interesse desses mesmos altos valores Ecce homo p gina 301

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