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Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey, #6) chapter 1 Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey, #6) , meaning Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey, #6) , genre Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey, #6) , book cover Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey, #6) , flies Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey, #6) , Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey, #6) 6a6bb5bbb75c4 While Growing Up, Zimon Always Lived In His Older Brother S Shadow While His Sibling Went On To Join The Military And Become A War Hero, Things Grew Even Worse When Zimon S Life Spiraled Out Of Control And He Found Himself In A Dark Place Where He Almost Lost His LifeThen Zimon S Brother Fell In Love And Changed All The Rules In Their Once, Nice, Neat Life And Now Zimon Finds Himself In The Role Of Supporting His Brother In His Newest Dream, Opening And Running The Biggest Hockey Rink In The Metro Detroit Area While Zimon Had Never Envisioned His Future Being The Manager Of A Front Service Desk Of A Rink, It Beats Working As A Shot Boy At The Gay Club, So He Jumps At The Chance For The New JobBryce Never Imagined That, While At The Height Of His NHL Career, He D Find Himself Becoming Part Owner Of A Rundown Hockey Rink Yet, That S Exactly What Happens When A Group Of His Friends Get It In Their Crazy Heads To Start The New Business One Day, When He S In Town, He Decides To Check The Place Out When He Clashes With The Bratty, Yet Cute Man Running The Front Desk, Bryce Is Both Annoyed And IntriguedWill Zimon And Bryce Ever Be Able To Get Over Their Differences Or Will The Final Buzzer Sound Before They Find A Way To Happiness

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    Started out great I was absolutely loving Zimon and knew he was going to end up sick with something Unfortunately, the author did a terrible job with the diagnosis of HIV and as an HIV Case Manager I was thrown off that this was thrown in four pages from the ending with an unrealistic ending Even the discussion between Zimon and Nobel was rushed and awful It just didn t work for me.

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    2.5 StarsWhat a shame about the illness in the last part of the book, that upset the whole story for me, the unrealistic finale was so bad that I was rolling my eyes How can you fall in love with someone in couples days that you will also accept his illness so easily You will support the person your love unconditionally , but someone you met for a few dayssilly, very silly.

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    I wanted to give this story a higher rating, but the sudden introduction of a life altering illness like 10 pages from the conclusion was rather irksome and didn t sit well with me Ultimately I did enjoy the story mostly , I just wish some of the plot could ve been executed a little differently.

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    Same general feeling about this story as all the previous ones I like this series and I ve generally liked all the characters so far.At first, Zimon what a name, huh and Bryce really got on my nerves, just because they snip at each other so much While their enemies to lovers theme served to keep the dialogue fresh throughout the story, I did sometimes get a little fed up with them But that is personal preference Also, the story is short, so there really isn t time to not like them, or have them really grate on my nerves.I did wonder about the hospital staff and gloves and attitude near the end Whether that was fact or Zimon s perception of how he felt among strangers in a clinical setting among his already self depreciating emotions, makes a big difference, but I wasn t quite sure how to sort it out It did bother me a bit, feeling like that must not be how things were done But, I also can t say for sure that that doesn t happen, as I don t know or have any part of the medical profession Still, it made me wonder, and not in a good way.Still, I enjoyed this story, just as I have all the others It was a nice, quick read.

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    Started out really good but then it seemed to move really fast Their connection happened really fast Their seemed to be alot going on for the 87 pages of story And I agree with another review about the life illness that popped up at the last 10 pages just didn t sit well, to really do that change in the story justice it needed time.

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    Dear God, I want to give this a higher rating I love what there is of it but, as the author has done in every other book in this series, it s not enough The characters aren t explored quite enough to make me invested in their story, their interactions aren t quite involved enough to be satisfying, the plot threads aren t quite developed enough to be meaty and something you can sink your teeth into And it s extra frustrating with this book because there were some fantastic opportunities to really explore the MCs relationships both with each other and the people around them, to get into the difficulty of coming out at the top of your career, how a newly discovered HIV status effects the MCs relationship as well as well as how Zimon copes with the revelation and the fact his secrets are now no longer secrets.This is the not quite book for me It was so close to being perfect, but just didn t get there.

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    I skipped this story at first, because I didn t want to deal with such sad topics as HIV and I mostly seek rather light and escapist mm reading But I enjoy these series, so I decided to read it anyway For the most part the story s the same as the others likeable characters, quick developing relationship, lots of familiar characters from previous books As for the ending I do agree that Zimon s illness was kind of sort of glossed over, but I loved the optimistic speeches from his friends and Bryce s unconditional support, so I wasn t disappointed.

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    The Blue Line Hockey series is absolutely entertaining from page one to the very end Every story is unique and I couldn t help falling in love with this cast of characters If you haven t checked out the Blue Line Hockey Series from Ms Hecht you are definitely missing out.Playing the Point is a fun light hearted read that carries a message within its pages It starts off with Zimon, the younger brother to Nobel who was introduced in the previous book The poor guy has taken on so much responsibility to help lighten the load for his brother His world gets taken for a spin when he meets Bryce.Bryce at first was a character I wanted to hate because of his cocky attitude but as I read I found out about him He s dealing with being a gay man and the fear of rejection if he were to come out to the public But sometimes all you need is love to gain that extra courage you need and Zimon gives that to Bryce.The ending to this story was quite the shock but made it just that much better Ms Hecht should be commended for touching on a subject that still to this very day is taboo This is a must read Love, happiness and struggles are all a part of life but it s how we handle those situations that make us who we are And everyone deserves to have love and happiness in their lives.You have hit another one out of the ice rink Ms Hecht

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    This is the story of the relationship between Zimon and Bryce Zimon is viewed by his brother and others as irresponsible and only out to have fun But Bryce sees underneath Zimon s exterior and realises there is much to the man.This story takes a very unexpected turn It is great to see the subject view spoiler HIV hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this next story in the Blue Line Hockey Series The only complaint I have about it is that it was way too short I loved Zimon in the earlier books and was very excited to see him get his story I feel that there is so much we could know about Zimon and his struggles and I wish it could have continued a bit I loved how Zimon s attitude was not really who he is and it was great to see Bryce recognize and appreciate how special Zimon really is.

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