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Wine of Violence pdf Wine of Violence, ebook Wine of Violence, epub Wine of Violence, doc Wine of Violence, e-pub Wine of Violence, Wine of Violence 9ae86da3e25 It Is Late Summer In The Year And England Is As Weary As Its Aging King, Henry III Although The Simon De Montfort Rebellion Is Over, The Smell Of Death Still Hangs Like Smoke Over The Land Even In The Small Priory Of Tyndal On The Remote East Anglian Coast, The Monks And Nuns Of The Order Of Fontevraud Long For A Return To Tranquil Routine Their Hopes Are Dashed, However, When The Young And Inexperienced Eleanor Of Wynethorpe Is Appointed Their New Prioress Over Someone Of Their Own Choosing Nor Are Eleanor S Own Prayers For A Peaceful Transition Answered Only A Day After Her Arrival, A Brutally Murdered Monk Is Found In The Cloister Gardens, And Brother Thomas, A Young Priest With A Troubled Past, Arrives To Bring Her A Personal Grief Now She Must Not Only Struggle To Gain The Respect Of Her Terrified And Resentful Flock But Also Cope With Violence, Lust And Greed In A Place Dedicated To Love And Peace

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    The mystery was well done, with plenty of red herrings, and the historical fiction aspect was not neglected, either This was not a story of medieval characters who were actually modern characters in period dress.I d happily read another in the series.

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    I would have never even known this book existed if it weren t for the recommendation of author extraordinaire, Sharon Kay Penman, and a 99c Kindle sale Wine of Violence is a wonderfully written novel that takes place in the late 13th century Hard feelings remain for the Saxons who were defeated long ago by the Normans, and Henry III has won a victory in the name of monarchial strength when Simon de Montfort was defeated It is not a good time to be a villein But this story isn t about the Norman Conquest or the Baron s Rebellion It is about a quiet little priory on the East Anglican coast.The reader is introduced to Tyndal Priory through the eyes of Eleanor, recently appointed Prioress, and Thomas, a man who has accepted the fate of being a monk because it s better than the alternative As these two struggle to make their way as outsiders in this tight knit community, they are also faced with a murder that takes place upon their arrival.What I loved about this novel wasn t so much the mystery, though I thought it was well written and not too predictable It was the characters that drew me in Each person has a complex, realistic personality with gifts and faults The reader analyzes each nun and monk along with Eleanor and Thomas as they search for a killer and try to make their own way in a place that didn t ask to receive them.The setting was accurately written to transport the reader into medieval times with descriptions of food, clothing, mindsets, and surroundings The cold stones of the church, the struggle to feed the community through winter, concern over whether it was godly to use medicines and hand washing in the hospital, and the rushes on the floors each detail was evidence of the historical research that went into this little mystery.My only complaint, if I must have one, are some surprisingly modern remarks made about homosexuality While the author s note explains her research into this topic and the likely commonness of some homosexual relationships in an all male religious community, I thought that the level of can love ever be sinful attitude was anachronistic After all, this was a time when sodomy was a capital crime and believed to endanger the immortal soul This was a relatively minor issue and the only anachronism I noted.A great read for anyone who enjoys medieval fiction.

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    The author clearly knows her historical facts, but what she does not know is how to convey them through a fictional work Once again, we have a new author who lectures the reader rather than telling a story through dialogue and action Over and over, she tells us about conversations that have taken place, rather than staging them, and about what people are thinking and feeling directly, rather than creating scenes which reveal this to us.

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    Short and to the point The mystery occurred and then it was solved Nothing was drawn out and over thought The author did a brilliant job developing characters in a minimal amount of pages.

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    A bit stilted in the opening chapters but improved as it progressed I really liked the characters of the prioress, Brother Thomas, and Sister Anne The mystery wasn t difficult to figure out, but still a good read I will look for the next one in the series.

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    The Wine of Violence by Priscilla RoyalA Garden Carried in the Pocket by jenclair 0min keep unread hide previewWine of Violence While I was looking for medieval mystery titles, I found Priscilla Royal s books listed and decided to try one Wine of Violence is the first in her series featuring young Eleanor of Wynethrop, who has recently been appointed Prioress of Tyndale Priory Eleanor s appointment is a political one, overruling the usual practice of the nuns electing their own prioress A resented interloper by many of the nuns, Eleanor has other problems as well wresting back control from the Prior of the men s house, managing the depleted priory funds, and within a day of her arrival, a murder Tyndale Priory is a double house both nuns and monks serving a hospital Housed separately, both serve the hospital and help support the priory.Below is an image of the Watton Priory it gives an idea of what the Tyndale Priory might have looked like.The year is 1270, after Simon de Montfort s defeat The thirteenth century during Henry III s reign, before or shortly after the de Montfort rebellion, provides a lot of fodder for medieval mysteries Jason Vail s series is set prior to the rebellion Royal s series takes place after the rebellion with an aging Henry III still on the throne.Before the novel opens, Royal makes some interesting comments about double houses and the Order of Fontevraud, founded in France, the inspiration for her Tyndale Priory She also mentions the difficulties of portraying the people, their thoughts and feelings, from an era so distant from our own The fiction author inevitably walks a very narrow line between making the characters sound too modern to be of the period or making them so different that the modern reader feels little in common with them These opening pages have so many things that interested me, including mention that homosexuality and bisexuality were acknowledged, and that although the Church disapproved of many were allowed to live in peace On the other hand, many were tortured and executed Sort of depended on who you were and where you were There is also a discussion of the role of women, the weaker vessels, with emphasis on those women like Matilda, daughter of Henry I, and chosen by her father to succeed him Eleanor of Aquitaine, whose intricate political and sometimes warlike maneuvering over the reigns of three English kings and one French monarch was a success story Machiavelli should have admired and Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III, whose advice was openly and often soughtin affairs of state Sothe plot Eleanor, the newly appointed Prioress, arrives at Tyndale Priory and is faced with opposition from some of her own nuns and from the Prior of the men s house, or specifically, from the Prior s assistant During Eleanor s first meeting with the Prior, a young monk arrives Thomas has a past that he would like to forget and took vows under pressure only as a means of escape from that past A day later, one of the monks is found brutally murdered Eleanor must try to gain the respect and cooperation of her nuns and determine who is responsible for Brother Rupert s murder Thomas assists as far as he is able, but he has another mission as well he has been sent to discover what is amiss in the financial records of the priory.Priscilla Royal has populated Tyndale Priory and its surrounds with a number of interesting and believable characters They are all well developed with complex personalities and purposes.Can you tell that I really liked this novel I liked it so well that I ordered the next two in the series and read them immediately I will be reviewing them in the next few days Oh, and great bibliographic information at the end.Read in MarchMedieval Mystery 2011 249 pages.

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    First I would like to say that I love Medieval Mysteries and this one was recommended by an author whose books I really enjoy, Jeri Westerson This first book in a series is set in Tyndal on the East Anglian coast in England It is set in an unusual monastery, a double house which has monks and nuns are part of the Order of Fontevraud The really unusual part is that this type of house is headed by a Prioress and not a man.The story starts with as a new prioress, Eleanor, coming to the priory as a political appointment Not that unusual but not welcomed by those who thought that they would have a say in the matter Also, the last prioress was not a strong woman and so the men had gained of a say in the running of the order Thomas, a new monk is also assigned here and he has a past that could have gotten him killed Also included is Anne, a nun who has an eye for detail as well as being a healer There is a murder, hmmm, a medieval mystery with a murder Anyway, besides having to integrate herself into an unfriendly monastic community Eleanor must help solve a crime, figure out who could be an ally to her, how to bring peace to this community and also come to grips with an unexpected emotional crisis that could shatter her certainty of her place in her church.I enjoyed this book and have already read the next book I look forward to reading or Priscilla Royal s books.

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    This is the first book in a medieval mystery series and it is set in a religious foundation in Suffolk which has both monks and nuns A new Prioress has just been appointed following the death of the previous Prioress The body of a monk is found in the nuns enclosure with horrific injuries and Prioress Eleanor feels her first job must be to find out who killed him But Eleanor has to convince the monks and nuns in her charge that she isn t too young to rule them and battle her own inappropriate feelings for the new young monk, Brother Thomas.I found this an interesting read with a complex plot I thought the characters were well drawn and their motivations convincing and I liked the way they interacted The only thing I didn t like were the Americanisms which seemed out of place words such as gotten I m not convinced that for cert is actually a medieval expression though I stand to be corrected on that point But these are minor issues and I found the book held my attention and I have already downloaded the second book in the series.If you like historical mysteries then try this interesting series If you enjoy Peter Tremayne s Sister Fidelma series you may enjoy this series though they are a lighter and easier read than Sister Fidelma.

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    Generally my satisfaction in a whodunit is determined by the quality, complexity, and resolutions of the crime, and when those are poorly, shallowly, or obviously presented I generally have a negative impression of the book While the mystery in this one was fairly obvious from the beginning, and the mystery itself not overly well done, I found myself enjoying this book quite a bit.This novel the first in a series has two strengths for me The first is the attention to medieval life and thought the author pays attention to the ways in which the expectations and standards for those living in the 13th century are different from our own At the same time, she illuminates certain aspects of what it means to be human that are timeless, and puts those in stress against those 13th expectations, or, occasionally, ours And that leads to the book s second strength characterization Those characters she has us spend any significant amount of time with, whether they be good guys or not, are revealed to be complex, layered characters, with both virtues and vices.I look forward to reading by this author fortunately, she has quite a solid list for me to work on

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    I hovered between 2.5 and 3 stars for this historical fiction mystery I liked the setting and the characters were believable for the most part I only skimmed the foreword but the author has clearly taken the time to research the Fontevraud order and the time period of the late 13th century England But some parts of it still struck me as a bit off Eleanor, the daughter of a Norman noble, being taught to read and write in English for example.I also found the plot, while probable, slightly distasteful view spoiler There was a lot about sodomy in the book one of the main characters is a gay man That is fine, probably accurate, and even an interesting perspective on the times But the motive of the murders turned out to be the repeated rape of a boy in the village Good motive but yuck hide spoiler

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